2021 absurd_res anthro anthro_on_anthro anthro_penetrated anthro_penetrating anthro_penetrating_anthro breasts canid canine canon_x_oc clothed clothed/nude clothed_male_nude_female clothing clothing_pull cuckold disney eye_contact eyes_closed facial_piercing female female_penetrated fox greyscale group group_sex hi_res judy_hopps lagomorph leporid looking_at_another male male/female male_penetrating male_penetrating_female mammal monochrome necktie necktie_pull nick_wilde nipples nose_piercing nose_ring nude on_bottom on_top open_clothing open_shirt open_topwear owen_(amadose) pants_down partially_clothed penetration piercing rabbit reverse_cowgirl_position ring sex shirt side_view sketch smile threesome topwear trashtikko trio undressing zootopia

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Anonymous >> #56308
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It's kinda weird to see what's essentially fanart of fanart, but it's still good regardless. I like how expressive Nick, Judy, and Owen are in this piece. The dynamic between the three of them is very nicely portrayed here and really showcases their personalities as well as the roles they play in Amadose's comic series.


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