3_toes 5_fingers ambiguous_gender anthro axe battle_axe biped black_fur black_nose black_tail blood cat cheek_tuft claws clothing death decapitation digital_drawing_(artwork) digital_media_(artwork) duo evil_grin featureless_crotch feline fire full-length_portrait fur gloves gogarty gore grass green_fur green_tail guts head_tuft hindpaw holding_object holding_weapon humanoid_hands itchy_(the_simpsons) jacket killing long_tail mammal melee_weapon melting mostly_nude mouse nightmare_fuel on_one_leg open_clothing open_jacket open_mouth open_smile pawpads paws pink_nose pink_pawpads portrait rat_tail red_eyes rodent running scratchy_(the_simpsons) sharp_teeth shirt signature simple_background slit_pupils smile standing teeth the_simpsons toe_claws toes toony tuft weapon white_background white_claws yellow_sclera

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joeynigro >> #18939
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Itchy is the one with the shirt.


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