11/18/19 08:45PM
[ Case Closed ]
Please kindly delete my artwork!

I won't let everyone judge my artwork by rating.
It's too unfair...
11/19/19 03:12AM
So you upload to a site that has public ratings, and because the ratings arn't going the way you want them, you want to have the images removed.
11/19/19 04:36AM
It was my mistake. I forgot this site has public ratings. And I don't want everyone judge my hard effort by rating. For me it's an insult if someone easily rate down it only by look. I think someone who judge me down doesn't truly understand my art style.

If it's possible I want those images get removed immediately. Let's just say it's my DNP request...
11/19/19 05:18AM
I can't edit the Do Not Post list, but I will remove the images.
11/19/19 07:15AM
No problem. I see my artwork has been removed.
You may lock this topic to prevent 'spammer'.
Thank you!

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