03/05/19 05:22PM
DNP my art behind my back and agaisnt my consent!
How to get myself added into the DNP list here?

It's highly disrespectful to submit my (not to metnion PERSONAL) art into some random porn website wihtout and AGAINST my consent - I'm on e621's DNP list for a reason, and you are taking my art from there anyway!
All my art must be posted from my own accounts only, no bots, no other users, etc. and must be accompanied by proper descriptions with full and clear credits and info (not just tags scattered around).

If you don't put me into your website's DNP list, I'll be forced to never post on e621 again (and forget your disrespectful website then) so you won't put your hands onto my art agaisnt my will and use it against my terms. Sorry, but this is NOT how you fill a website with art, you should have asked.
03/05/19 08:11PM
Just an FYI; if the image is uploaded by 'furry', it's a mirror bot of e621.
So someone uploaded your art there and it was mirrored here.

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