06/18/16 10:51PM

Under the "employ" of her new tamer Ruki Nonaka, Renamon was now in a world foreign to her. Currently residing in a bustling city that was regularly besieged by rogue digimon, the curious fox found herself wanting to study the culture and customs of the humans that occupied it during her free time.

Capable of accessing and manipulate data like most other veteran digimon, Renamon was able to access the wealth of information stored in what the humans called "the internet", conveniently without the need of a computer. While she scoured every web page she could find for anything informative, she eventually stumbled onto a pornographic website.

Fully aware of the humans' "breeding process" due to her thorough research, Renamon spent the next few days on several porn sites in order to observe videos of the numerous ways they mated. The yellow vixen had witnessed voluptuous beauties shamelessly masturbating to the viewing pleasure of their internet "fans", various couples mating in different sexual positions, and eager "orgy" hosts taking their sweet time in satisfying multiple partners.

As the pornographic sites made it increasingly obvious that reproduction was not its only purpose, Renamon started to feel an increasing curiosity towards experiencing their way of mating despite repeatedly telling herself that her constant study was purely for the sake of knowledge.

Soon however, Renamon's growing curiosity overrode her previous desire for human knowledge, and decided to experience the sexual act for herself however she could. Because she was able to apply her data modifying abilities to her genderless body, her lack of genitals was never a hinderance.

Unfortunately, while Renamon was able to shape her body into a more attractive, curvaceous form with a working vagina, she was unable to grow a pair of breasts. For some reason, the most she could do was sprout a pair of sensitive pink nipples, which were hidden under the tuft of white fur on her flat chest.

As Renamon pondered deeply on what else she could do in order to compensate for her lack of breasts, an idea popped into her head as her paws wandered down to her slim hips. She took a firm grip of her well-rounded ass, feeling her digits sink into each supple cheek as their swelled several sizes larger with a generous influx of stockpiled data.

In moments, Renamon had her furry backside inflated to the eye-catching size of basketballs. A toothy grin started to spread across her muzzle as she felt the fattened swells of plump posterior compress under the touch of her squeezing paws, eager from the knowledge that, at the very least, she had something that her soon-to-be mating partner would be unable to keep their eyes off of.


06/18/16 10:55PM
06/18/16 11:02PM
Busty Delphox:

When she was still a Braixen, she was a quiet, shy, and clingy girl that stood at half your height. Whenever she spoke to you telepathically, she sounded squeaky and nervous. When she wasn't battling, she was insistent on staying out of her pokeball and staying as close to you as possible, even wanting to sleep next to you at night.

She would shower you with as much love and affection as she could, always smiling at you with a cute little blush on her face whenever you paid her even the slightest hint of attention.

But ever since your shy little vixen evolved into a Delphox, she had developed a rather voluptuous and busty figure that stood a foot taller than you. Her small breasts and perky rear grew massive and hefty, her slim waist and thighs plumped out, and her hips grew wide and shapely.

In addition to her pyrokinetic and psychic powers growing tremendously, her significant physical changes also came with her personality doing a complete 180, becoming confident, stubborn and flirty.

Delphox still refused to stay in her ball, always followed you around, and insisted on sleeping with you in bed. But now, she would take every opportunity she had to flaunt her alluring body at you, and the smug grin on her face showed her enjoyment at seeing you flustered.

The telepathy Delphox used to communicate with you was now used to take her seductive teasing further by planting lewd images of herself in your head. They were of her in erotic poses, spreading her legs and presenting her wet nethers to you. The poses she made seemed familiar at first, but then you immediately recognized them from the porn you had on your laptop.

Could your new Delphox read your mind too? Or did she get her paws on your laptop when you weren't looking? Whatever she did, she used what she learned to keep your attention on her.

You struggled to resist your Delphox's seduction, even though human/pokemon relations were widely accepted. She knew you found her very attractive, which she frequently reminded you of as she started trying to coerce you into mating with her. She reasoned that, knowing how much you care about her, she should reciprocate by show how much she loves you.

Apparently, through physical intimacy instead of a simple "I love you."

You two were currently resting in a Pokemon Center in South Lumiose City. You finally got tired and frustrated of your Delphox's stubborn insistence on wanting to "love" you, and bluntly demanded that she just drop it, telling her that it was not going to happen.

To your surprise, Delphox complied. Your Delphox apologized for her unruly behavior, she asked if she was still allowed to sleep beside you. You allowed her, but found it strange how she just agreed to stop so easily. As you were too exhausted to put some thought into her yielding easy, you decided to worry about it tomorrow as it was time for bed.

As you laid down on your side, you noticed that Delphox wasn't cuddling you like she usually does when you two go to sleep. She was kneeling right beside you instead, giving you a comforting, almost motherly, look. She was stroking your head with her soft paws and humming a soothing melody as she encouraged you to go to sleep.

You closed your eyes, at least content with the knowledge that, despite her recent behavior, your Delphox loves you and cares about you very much.

(POV Switch)

Delphox's face showed a peaceful calmness as she watched her master sleep, but on the inside, she was fuming.

She desperately wanted to express her love for him, but he wouldn't allow that. Maybe it was wrong of her to tease him so much, but she wanted him to know, and feel, how much he meant to her.

But as he berated her earlier for her behavior, Delphox had an idea. A very naughty idea that she waited until bedtime to implement.

She would use her psychic powers to lower his inhibitions towards her as he slept. When he wakes up, he'll be much more open to the idea of mating with her.

Her paw glowed with psychic energy that seeped into her sleeping master's head, and deep into his subconscious mind. She carefully manipulated his thought processes, making him see her in a more romantic light.

For a second, she briefly entertained the idea of making him see her as his wife. Her heart fluttered at the thought of starting a loving family with him.

She envisioned herself and her master sleeping on a breathtaking queen-size bed together. He was hugging her tight, careful not to wake her as her swollen belly showed the fruits of their sweet lovemaking. The impending birth of their beautiful pups would promise a much livelier household.

The slight possibility of her vision happening in real life had her her giggling with mirth as she put the finishing touches on her work.

Taking one last look at her master before she went to sleep, she kissed his cheek and laid right beside him. She wrapped her arms around him and nuzzled into his neck, closing her eyes and following him into the land of dreams.

The Next Morning:

Her plan had worked better than she had hoped! All it took was a simple morning hug and kiss to encourage him. He gave her the most loving smile as he kissed her right back. She hummed with glee as she felt his lustful hands roam her body, feeling them grope and squeeze her ample breasts and soft tush.

It was not long before Delphox was lying on the bed, presenting her moist cunt to her horny master. She eagerly spread her plump lips for him, all soaking wet with her sour juices in anticipation for their imminent copulation. His naked body was positioned right above hers, and his throbbing erection was prodding into her gaping entrance.

With one light thrust, only the leaking head had been engulfed in her squeezing snatch at first. He gradually sunk the rest deeper and deeper into her awaiting body, allowing her dripping pussy to swallow inch after pulsing inch of his turgid rod until she could feel their groins connect with a wet slap.

Delphox could feel him shudder into her heaving chest, with his head buried firmly into her warm bosom as her scorching hot tunnel caressed every inch of his stiff pole.
06/18/16 11:03PM
Jirachi: Huge Cooter

Normally, the mythical wish-granting pokemon would awaken every one thousand years. But due to a certain trainer happening to possess a fragment of the Millennium Comet, her slumber ended prematurely.

Unfortunately for the poor Jirachi, the trainer in question was a very perverted man, who used his wishes to make her into his loyal sex slave. She would use her enlarged pussy, made "perfect" by one of the trainer's wishes, to satisfy him whenever he requested, and was always left an exhausted mess in the end.

Today was another one of such days. The trainer had taken shelter in an abandoned shrine during a heavy rainstorm, and decided to use Jirachi to help pass the time.

Once called out of her ball, Jirachi looked around the rundown building, confused as to why she was called out. It wasn't until she laid her eyes on the huge bulge in her trainer's pants that she realized in horror what her master wanted.

A quick shake of the trainer's hips freed his throbbing erection from the tight confines of his trousers and underwear, putting the turgid tool in full display to Jirachi. While she couldn't help but tear up at the thought of being ravaged once more by her horny trainer, her enormous cunt had swollen up further in reluctant anticipation.

Because Jirachi's cooter was so large, she was forced to use a set of silken panties in order to keep her sensitive pussy lips from brushing against the ground. Of course, with what she wore resembling a makeshift sling bikini due to her size, her trainer found her appearance all the more arousing.

Jirachi barely had time to take the panties off, shuddering from the feeling of her oversized lips squishing against the cold floor before her trainer impatiently grabbed her and hoisted her up and directly above the oozing tip his stiff erection.

Jirachi's tear-stained eyes shut tight as she felt the leaking tip of her trainer's member gently prod her cushion-like outer lips, then slowly push past her swollen labia, and sink into her moistening pussy. The grip his hands had on her trembling body tightened with every inch swallowed into her tight cavern, and the small flow of sticky precum leaking out of his pulsing rod grew more and more generous with each passing second. Even with their hips finally connecting with a collective shudder from both partners, the pure bliss surging through his entire length never ceased.

While Jirachi was silently simmering in a conflicting mix of deep shame and carnal pleasure, her trainer loved every second. He loved the oversized cunt he got to fuck silly whenever he wanted, likening the intense milking sensation it already subjected his rigid pole to "getting sucked off by a Smoochum".

As her engorged cooter was "perfect", Jirachi had always managed to bring her trainer to orgasm without having to move since the intense suction on his throbbing stiffness was almost always more than enough for him. This time was no different, as the trainer was already grinding his pelvis into her tiny backside, and she could already feel his hairy sack contracting in preparation to release his brimming ejaculate into her womb.

Serperior: Busty

Florges: Big Booty

Mienshao: Big lips

Roserade: Voluptuous Shortstack

Sceptile: Milf

Blaziken: BBW
06/18/16 11:03PM

Virizion was currently hidden within a vast forest, mating with a wandering human traveler she had found during her travels through Unova.

She had used her telepathy to speak to him, play on his hidden sexual desires towards quadrupedal Pokemon like her, and whisper naughty suggestions into his head. It did not take much to seduce him after that.

The naked human tightly gripped Virizion's grass-like back as he thrusted his stiff cock in and out of the panting pokemon's wet snatch. He vigorously pounded his hips into her voluptuous backside with steadily increasing speed and force, causing wet slapping noises to echo through the trees.

Virizion's body was trembling in pleasure at the vigorous pounding the nude human was giving her. Sweet moans and squeaks escaped her panting mouth with every smack into her shapely rear. Every collision between their sweaty bodies sent ripples through the supple globes of her huge rump.

As they mated, Virizion managed to fill the human's head with lustful words of encouragement in her pleasure-fueled haze. It started as perverted comments and compliments, but steadily degenerated into countless pleas to rut her harder.

Suddenly, Virizion's orgasm hit her, and hard. She raised her head to the sky, screaming her own name as her convulsing pussy squirted copious amounts of hot juice onto the human's lower body.

Wanting her mating partner to join her in pure bliss, Virizon clenched her hips together to squeeze his throbbing shaft tighter in a desperate attempt to hasten his impending release.

The human's grunts filled Virizion ears as he pressed his hips into her ample tush, burying every inch of his twitching member inside her. In seconds, she felt his body shudder in pleasure as his gooey warmth flooded her insides in repeated spurts.

Virizion ground the soft cheeks of her squishy backside into his pelvis, intent on savoring the divine sensation of his hot cum erupting into her soaking depths as long as possible.

Eventually their shared orgasms faded, and the human pulled his softening member out of her dripping pussy.

Virizion however, was not satisfied with one round of mating. To her elation and glee, all it took was an offer for another rutting session to get him hard and ready.
10/31/16 09:17PM

John couldn't restrain himself anymore.

He was stranded on Mars, having long integrated into the lifestyle of its green nudist inhabitants. Like him as he first arrived, they all wore little to no clothing on their person, with the more abundant martian females unknowingly showing off their bountiful assets to the open desert world as the proceeded with their jobs and duties.

Whenever they entered John's field of vision, their twin sets of ample chest would be where his eyes settled first. Whenever they bent over to pick something up, their bare green asses and puffy red cooters would greet his sight.

With the daily sight leaving Anon at the brink of sexual frustration despite the glaring physical differences to humans, he nevertheless found himself 'excited' at every lewd sight, and that the masturbation under his warm fur blanket was not enough. If he was to truly alleviate himself, at least for the time being, he needed to mate with one of the martian females.

Despite knowing their view of reproduction being strictly for procreation, John knew that the martian females tending to the prestigious abode he owned in his absence were to be the perfect vents to his frustration.

They were bound to him and his every word upon their employment, and having been preemptively conditioned since birth for such a submissive lifestyle, they would show little to no resistance to their current master's wishes.


Setting his sights on a lone martian female as she was struggling to lift a crate with all four of her arms, John's eyes were affixed to the contrastingly colored prize nestled between her bare green thighs, waiting to be thoroughly explored by his swelling manhood.

In contrast to the frigid nights spent huddled up in warm fur and only tended to in private, John's penis quickly stood as erect as could be as he took in the sight of the martian female's bountiful green ass. Like a compass, his rigid man-meat pointed directly at its intended target, twitching impatiently for its thorough satisfaction.


He was actually doing it.

In one fell swoop, the martian female was caught completely off guard as John's member had met its mark, and was buried to the hilt in an irresistibly hot wetness that consumed his entire being with an irresistible, yet much needed pleasure. At first, the throbbing stiffness was content with marking its previously unexplored territory with spurts of precum, but that had soon gave way to an aggressive and hasty mating that filled the dank room they occupied with grunts, groans and various other lewd noises.

As John rapidly collided his pelvis with the bare green ass that had caught his lewd eye multiple times before, and savored every loud smack and squelch that graced his ears, the martian female could only cling her four arms to the top edges of the heavy crate for dear life as her breeding hole was ruthlessly ravaged by her alien master. Having worked under such a quiet and composed master for quite some time, she had never imagined that the pale-skinned creature would try something so sudden and forceful.

Every single impact jostled her massive mammaries forward, and the occasional feeling of both hefty sets collide into each other resulted in a slight discomfort being mixed into the forced pleasure. Trying to straighten out her comparatively longer body as an attempt to alleviate said discomfort was interpreted as a silent plea for a rougher pounding by the frenetic human, whose groin was squished further into by her rounded rump as a result.

While John eagerly sought to fulfill her supposedly shared needs, what had followed shortly after was the most overwhelming climax in the current life he had, feeling so much pent up sexual lust escape his heaving body in several bursts. Rope after rope of human seed had escaped the throbbing manhood buried so snugly within the bent over martian female's receptive snatch, with every audible splatter along the inside of her squirting hole eliciting a quake or quiver of pleasure throughout her taxed body.
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