06/21/21 08:34PM
Your type
What type of furry is your favorite that turn you on? Me canine girls.
06/23/21 07:58PM
I don't think I have a proper type, but I do like either the cute, lovely ones or well toned ones. Tall also gets bonus points, taller than me even more so.
09/04/21 12:55AM
Damn. So much variety…
Maybe avian and canine males.
01/04/22 08:29AM
Don't like equines at all. and birds are cool, sometimes cute but rarely sexy... so I prefer them strictly as bottoms.

Low-class, low-trust, 'earthy' and degenerate types of anthro males get me hard as diamonds. Hyenas, Coyotes, Raccoons, African wild dogs etc. Fucking dudes are spicy af... bonus points if they REEK of body odor and are sadists and/or masochistic.
01/10/22 05:35AM
I’ll have to say furrys with big tits

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