You can suggest a new alias, but they must be approved by an administrator before they are activated.
An example of how to use this: (Neon_Genesis_Evangelion is the tag and Evangelion is the alias. Evangelion -> Neon_Genesis_Evangelion)

Alias To Reason
udder (2) udders (2083) udder to udders
marblesoda (273) derpah (500) Same artist that changed names
fireheart (14) firestar_(warriors) (37)
fireheart_(warriors) (1) firestar_(warriors) (37)
spottedleaf_(warriors) (10) spottedleaf (2)
warriors_(cats) (149) warrior_cats (60)
dnp (15) do_not_post (6) mean the same, artists tagged like this forbid their works to be posted by 3rd websites. All submissions with dnp/don_not_post tage nystn't be posted or have to instantly deleted if slipped - unless posted by their respetive artist from their official accounts.
lady_(doey) (6) doey_the_doe (0)
(flower)_weasel (5) flower_the_weasel (0) She weasel female
tehsean (121) snao (306) same artist