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Fapfiction based on Pictures

God, you loved magic. Being a magical genius destined for greatness certainly had it's upsides.

You used your magic powers "for the greater good" and gradually amassed a sizable fortune in the process, and you knew a wide variety of useful spells, especially very potent (and probably forbidden) mind altering spells that you were capable of using quickly and subtly.

Shame you were also a scrawny virgin in his late teens aching to get laid. But then again, you DO have magic, and its not like there was anything preventing you from using it to help you lose said virginity. So, yeah.

You had taken a break from your magical studies and visited a small farming community for your small vacation. After resting in a nearby hotel, you decided to visit a local family-owned restaurant for something to eat.

As you stepped inside, a nearby bell chimed, alerting the building's owners of your presence. The smell of baked bread and waffles filled your nostrils as someone quickly came out to greet you.

She was a cow, a cattle beastman who was several feet taller than you. She had chestnut brown hair that was braided into a pigtail, and wore a green apron and bandanna.

"Hello, Welcome! I'm Mrs.Holstein. Please, take a seat." She said with a sweet motherly tone.

You were speechless. You knew most beastmen prefer to dress skimpy, only wearing just enough to cover their privates and not much else. You just didn't expect her to have such a... hefty figure.

As she escorted you to a nearby table, your eyes wandered over her overweight body. You saw that she was only wearing a tight-fitting apron.

Her huge, slightly sagging breasts bulged through her apron, and her enormous ass was shamelessly exposed to the world. Each massive cheek brushed against the other and bounced alluringly with every step.

You couldn't help but feel turned on seeing her plump body jiggle with every movement she made. You could clearly see the wedding ring on her right hand, but the thought of fucking someone's wife only aroused you further.

"So, what would you like?" Mrs.Holstein asked.

Oh, you knew exactly what you wanted. You gazed directly into her eyes, using your magic to plant a hypnotic suggestion into her head. Her eyes dimmed as you made your order.

"Right, one Momma Holstein Special coming right up, free of charge! Please follow me to the kitchen." She said as her eyes lit back up.

You did as she asked. She made sure to lock all the doors in the kitchen, knowing that what you two were about to do must remain private.

You stripped naked once she was done, placing your clothes on a nearby chair. Your stiff erection clearly showed your eagerness to "eat" Mrs.Holstein. Despite your erect pole demanding attention, you wanted to explore her body first.

"Well now, why not start off with some fresh-squeezed milk for an appetizer?" Mrs.Holstein said.

Mrs.Holstein got on her knees and pulled the top part of her apron between her chest, presenting her bare breasts to you. Because of the difference in height between you two, her fat udders were even with your head.

You marveled at how large and soft they looked, but noticed that her nipples seemed to be missing. You remembered that beastmen like her have inverted nipples that have to be coaxed out.

You put both hands on her large teats and squeezed them tight, feeling their immense softness as you thoroughly groped and fondled them. You heard Mrs.Holstein moan under the rough treatment you were giving to her massive mammaries.

Her erect nipples soon exposed themselves from the thorough stimulation, shaped like thick sausages. You grabbed them and began to rhythmically tug and pull them, intent on drawing out the milk in her soft udders.

"That's it dear... Give my teats a good pulling..."

"Good... don't stop... ah, aah...!"

"I can't wait anymore...! Here it comes... get ready to drink!"

You only had a split second before the floodgates opened. She let out a loud "Moo" as warm milk squirted from her thick nipples, drenching your chest and lower body in the white cream.

It lasted almost a minute, but eventually the flood of milk eased down to a trickle. Panting heavily, she looked into your eyes with a rather satisfied smirk on her face.

"Alright, next up is the main course. Let me just take off this apron." Mrs.Holstein said.

Your heart raced as she took it off, proudly presenting the rest of her overweight body to you. She then laid on the wooden floor and spread her legs, exposing her fat bovine pussy.

"Here we go, just for you! Do you know how to eat it? All you gotta do is put your penis in here and bang away!" Mrs.Holstein said.

It was finally going to happen. You were finally going to have sex, and with a hot milf cow too!

"Don't let your meal get cold, now. Go on and dig in. And don't worry about protection. When you're going to cum, I want you to give me everything you've got, right inside me." Mrs.Holstein said.

You knelt down in front of her, planting your hands on her soft pink tummy. You rubbed your stiff pole against her plump pussy lips, the soft wetness nearly causing you to lose it then and there. But no, even if you were going to finish prematurely, you wanted to do it inside her.

You pressed the leaking tip against her moist folds and plunged inside her, feeling her soft depths clench around you. It was much better than you imagined, it felt like your member was melting in a sea of pure pleasure. You only managed to thrust into her a few times before you blew your load.

You pressed your groin into her meaty cunt, firing rope after rope of your cum deep into her moist nethers. You couldn't help it. Her pussy felt too good, and hearing her sweet moans just spurred you on further.

After your first orgasm faded, you immediately went back to fucking into her plump, sweaty body. You refused to slow down, instead smacking into her heavy body harder and harder with every thrust. Her fat tummy jiggled about with each collision of your sweaty bodies.

"Oooh! Ohhh! Ahh! Please! More! Shove your big fat cock into my womb!!" Mrs.Holstein pleaded.

You couldn't stop. You didn't ever want to stop. Her beefy pussy clung to your member, squeezing it tightly in an attempt to coax more of your thick seed out of your throbbing dick.

Feeling another orgasm well up, you once again buried your stiff rod all the way inside her. Ecstasy flooded your body as you erupted deep inside her, your cock firing spurt after spurt of cum into her uterus. Every twitch and throb yielded another burst of hot cum into her bovine pussy.
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Warning: Mother and son incest!

The snow wolf species is nearing extinction. A special breeding program was put into action to help boost their numbers.

It required a mother to be filled with hormones to induce estrus, and her cub to be administered special chemicals to force his underage body into sexual maturity, enlarging his penis and boosting his sex drive to dizzying heights. Both were set to mate with each other in a carefully sterilized room.

(POV Switch)

The cub stumbled naked into the clear white room with a pained expression on his face. His oversized erection and swollen testicles made it difficult for him to walk right. He couldn't think straight, his thick member twitched painfully with a need for... something.

He didn't know, all he wanted was to find his mother so she could make the strange feeling go away and take him home.

The cub was about to cry out for her when he saw her standing in the middle of the room, completely naked. He didn't care, he ran to her with arms outstretched. She knelt down, spreading her arms wide with the intention of hugging her son back.

They embraced, with the cub's head squished between his mother's soft breasts. He shuddered as he felt his stiff pole brush against her plump belly. He didn't know why, but her hug made him feel even better than usual.

The cub rubbed his lower body against her, feeling his swollen sack tingle as he tried to experience more pleasure. The mother, understanding what her cub wanted, put him down. She turned around, got on her knees and bent over, presenting her fat ass to her needy child.

The cub's heart raced as he laid his eyes on her mother's hefty backside. Guided by lust and need, he placed his hands on her pliable rear, feeling his hands sink into its plush softness. He spread her plump cheeks, his instincts telling him that what she was offering to him was hidden beneath them.

Between his mother's thick thighs was her plump lips, glistening with her musky juices and needing to be filled. An overwhelming surge of lust flooded his body at the sight, compelling him to push his hips forward. The cub mind went blank as he felt every inch of his swollen prick sink into his mother's dripping cunt.

The mother's soft depths contracted tight her cub's member, slicking his entire shaft with her pungent fluids and already milking copious amounts of pre out of the sensitive cockhead. In the pleasure-fueled haze induced by the hot flesh constricting every inch of his cock, he grabbed a handful of soft assfat and immediately started ramming his hips into her globular posterior.

The mother snow wolf licked her lips in elation as her young cub used her body to sate his lust. Whether or not he was conscious of his incestuous feelings towards her, it was clear he had every intention of breeding her as much as his underage body would allow, and she fully welcomed the depraved attention given.

With every powerful thrust given into the mother wolf's enormous backside, the resulting impact sent countless ripples coursing through her gelatinous ass and thick thighs. In minutes, the sweat and musky juices cascading from their colliding bodies stained the floor.

The young cub abruptly ceased his thrusts as he felt a growing pressure in his loins. He pressed his crotch firmly into his mother's massive rump, loving the sensation the soft, pillowy flesh squishing firmly into his chest as the cock lodged deep inside his mother's wet cunt leaked generous amounts of precum into her moist cavern.

The wolf cub could feel the heavy sack dangling between his stubby legs begin to contract against his groin while the foreign sensation building up inside him started to rush into his throbbing member. His hormone-induced instincts told him something was going to come out of him, in copious amounts, and to let it all out into the wet orifice that held his twitching pole in a tight grip.

The mother wolf could feel how close her cub was, and gave him one last eager push past his peak by tightening the muscles in her soaking snatch. The intense stimulation caused by the incredible squeezing was too much for the sensitive member buried within it, and the last nudge towards her cub's peak rewarded the mother wolf with a strong climax that repeatedly splattered her welcoming depths with urgent bursts of incestuous seed.

The cub shivered with every sticky rope of thick spunk released deep inside his mother's pussy, with each involuntary shudder causing the twin white cheeks he was squishing his lower body into to quiver slightly.
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Specimen 8:

"Submit. Be mine."

Those seductive words echoed repeatedly throughout the otherwise quiet surroundings as you wandered aimlessly through the eerily empty forest. You couldn't remember how you got here with only the clothes on your back, or why you were in what was basically Slender's playground, but what you were certain of was your reluctance to encounter the owner of the erotic voice.

"Submit. Be mine."

Every utterance of those three sultry words sent a jolt of fear down your spine (and a twinge of arousal down to the growing bulge in your pants). While your common sense was screaming at you to avoid the speaker, your lower body tried to convince you to do the opposite.

The intense conflict between your brain and your privates ended abruptly when you stumbled into a small clearing, and spotted a tall, robed figure standing in the middle. Despite being a short distance from you, you could only tell that the robed figure was facing you directly.

"Submit. Be mine."

This time, you heard the erotic voice come straight from the mysterious figure that started walking towards you. As the distance between you and the shady closed, you could slowly make out her appearance unobstructed from the surrounding darkness.

You could see that the strange figure was female, who wore a tightly hugging robe that showed off the soft curves of her voluptuous body and left her massive cleavage visible from the open front.

You managed to tear your eyes from her attractive body, only to be perplexed when you looked up and into her face. You immediately took note of her deer-like facial features, and the twig-shaped antlers jutting from the back her of head.

She gazed at you with a sultry look in her glowing pupil-less eyes, brushing her thick tongue across her plush red lips in an obvious show of lustful desire. As she approached you, the close proximity to the cervine temptress suddenly triggered a full remembrance of the previous day's events.
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As one of the most significant Egyptian Gods in existence, Anubis took his role as protector of the deceased with as much professionalism and diligence as possible. However, there were times where a break was urgently needed, in order to relieve the accumulated stress of so many years working almost tirelessly.

In those cases, Anubis' thorough knowledge of spirits, deities and demonic creatures would come in handy, and his stress-related problems would require the assistance of a denizen of the underworld.

With his near-godlike powers, Anubis was effortlessly able to summon a demon-like entity who feasted upon the strong emotions of others. While beings such as her used to haunt places like occupied soldier barracks, hospital emergency rooms, and DMV buildings unnoticed to nourish on the abundant negative energies accumulated, some of the more "benevolent" had taken up more beneficial professions as "stress-relievers" for clients like Anubis who are all but desperate for relief.

Once conjured, the summoned succubus saw fit to materialize right behind Anubis, smushimg her massive breasts firmly into his back and smothering a good portion of his upper body in soft tantalizing boobflesh. She knew almost immediately that she would be receiving quite a bountiful feast when she not only realized that an Egyptian God was the one in need of her services, but his stiffening member had already entered her field of vision from over his head.

For all his divine powers and immense capabilities, Anubis could only throw his head back in a silent moan as he begun his periodic ritual of stress relief. With one slow, steady forward thrust, he allowed his painfully turgid erection, and shortly after most of his torso, to to be swallowed whole by the mountainous ass of the succubi-like entity while her massive mammaries were squished firmly into the cold stone floor in a bent over position.

While the she-creature in question had no actual orifices to penetrate, the immense softness of her titanic ass-cushions smothering the entirety of Anubis' lower body was more than enough. Even now, she saw fit to devour the feelings of pent up sexual relief as he was inside her, which was practically flowing out of his body as plentifully as the generous fountain of precum that was already leaking into her.

As for Anubis, the pleasure surging through his entire shaft was already intense enough for him without even moving. Despite his quiet demeanor, one glance at his smiling muzzle was a giveaway of how close he was to peaking, and that the slightest nudge would already cause his pent-up stress to start flooding deep into the succubi creature.

However, Anubis' ravenous partner was fully aware of close to the edge he was and, in a mixed lust/hunger induced impulse, tightened the already constricting hold of her enormous buttocks around his throbbing shaft.

Under the greatly intensified stimulation that had already rendered him immobile from sheer pleasure, the ancient jackal could only drive his hips further into the pillowy asscheeks holding his member in its heavenly captivity before his restraint finally gave out, and his load finally came sputtering out of his twitching canine cock and splattering deep inside the succubi creature's welcoming rear.

With every drawn out spurt of Anubis' vital essence firing into the demon-like creature's enormous backside, the immense pillowy softness holding him in its euphoric captivity would subject the rigid flesh to a powerful suction, almost as if suckling off his entire length like a milking mouth in order to draw out as much as possible.

Anubis could not complain one bit, as he received what he desperately wanted. The succubi creature gleefully servicing him, and having all of his pent-up stress and worry rushing out of him, only to be replaced with sweet sexual relief and later pure contentment as his orgasm finally tapered off.
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ErosThanatos said:

Warning: Mother and son incest!

The mother's soft depths milked her cub's member tight, squeezing copious amounts of pre from his sensitive tip.

I love this fapfic the best <3
Son & mother incest stories always make me hard. Are you a fanfic writer? I'm one on but I'm not that good.

p.s. for the love of all things horny, finish the story pls! I'm at full mast here and it hurts to hold it in like this!
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ErosThanatos said:

She was a cow, a cattle beastman who was several feet taller than you. She had chestnut brown hair that was braided into a pigtail, and wore a green apron and bandanna.

made me think of this
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Mm, good boy. I enjoyed reading those, they got me a bit wet~ Hehe.
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