07/23/16 07:03AM
Later taking Adagio's already debased plan further, Aria had advised Sonata to join the male students in their gym's locker room. While the former reasoned that it would help with their experiment, she inwardly marveled at her gullibility and eagerly looked forward to the reactions of the showering boys.

Witnessing the impending mess from the peeked open door, the mischievous siren watched as the boys inside exhibited the kind of comical reactions she had predicted in response to a nude Sonata showing up unexpectedly.

Despite their embarrassed reactions, the eyes of the equally naked boys were glued to Sonata's voluptuous figure. Despite Sonata having the body of a young teenager, she possessed the unusually developed breasts and ass of a grown adult.
07/23/16 07:03AM
There's a reason why Chrysalis tends to wear those "backless" dresses all the time, as it's easier to harvest the emotions of others with such an enticing ass constantly exposed to the world behind her.

With no panties or other obscuring undergarments hiding her alluring assets, Chrysalis could also bend over and simply allow the stallion currently "accompanying" her to go to town on her juicy rump whenever she herself needed a quick pick-me-up.

It didn't matter to Chrysalis who she seduced as long as she could get her fun (and fill) from them, whether it would be a random civilian lucky(?) enough to cross her path, or a brave (or foolish) Royal Guard who deliberately crossed her path trying to apprehend her.

Sometimes, the lust-driven stallion would have enough self-control to go for foreplay first. A few felt the need to simultaneously grab a handful of pillowy asscheek as they shoved their panting muzzles deep into the soft crevice of Chrysalis' big beautiful bugbutt, greedily lapping up the sweet nectar dripping from the treasure hidden beyond her bountiful cheeks.

Another few felt the need to spend their first load with their stallionhoods squeezed tight between the pillow-like globes of Chrysalis' taut rear, which tended to leave a messy white streak on her lower back.

The others couldn't even be bothered to wait, as they immediately discarded their pants and underwear in order to hilt their painfully erect stallionhoods into her welcoming entrance. Slamming their hips into her pillowy backside without a care in the world, they'd quickly succumb to the pure ecstacy brought on by the sperm-milking orifice holding their members in willing captivity.

Unable to resist the overwhelming pleasure the Queen has their bodies consumed in, their throbbing meat would release the thick payload of seed brimming in their tightened sack.

With her "feeding habits" undeniable to even herself, Chrysalis oftentimes pondered in trying to remember a day that wasn't ended with her uterus bloated with sperm.
08/11/16 09:03PM
Spike x Cookie Crumbles:

For about half a year, Spike and Rarity's increasingly intimate relationship had been going well. Soon, letters describing their prosperity and well-being concerning each other prompted a visit by Rarity's family and, as Spike hopes, his soon-to-be In-Laws.

During the family visit however, Spike's "dragon side" would resurface for the first time in years, influencing him into get to know about his mother-in-law in a more intimate manner.

It happened while Rarity accompanied her father Hondo Flanks to Sugarcube Corner, as he and Carrot Cake hadn't seen each other since they got married. With Sweetie Belle out with her friends, that left Spike alone with Rarity's mother, Cookie Crumbles.

As per Rarity's request, Spike would assist the cheerfully upbeat housewife with trying on clothes of her design. It wasn't until Mrs Crumbles decided to pull him behind the changing room in order to get his opinion on how she looked in said clothing that his "urges" had started to overwhelm him.

Spike watched as Mrs Crumbles undressed and redressed in front of him, unintentionally(?) showing off her alluring body in the process and giving him a good idea of where Rarity and Sweetie Belle had inherited their shapely figures from.

Struggling to take off a certain article of clothing that was too stubborn to come off would cause Mrs Crumbles to present her ample assets alluringly, such as a shirt stuck mid-removal causing her hefty breasts to sway and jiggle in the tight bra that barely did its job of containing them, or having to bend over in order to remove a tight pair of jeans which gave her sole company a good view of her plump ass in tight fitting panties.

Soon, it became too much for him.

Mrs Crumbles eventually managed to try out all of Rarity's clothes after she had undressed, leaving her wearing only the bra and lacy underwear she wore under her own clothes normally. Nonetheless, the housewife also wanted Spike's opinion on how she looked the way she did then and there, even doing some risqué poses to illustrate the surprisingly lewd nature of her question.

The sight was finally too much for Spike, who at that point succumbed to the primal desires of his "dragon side". The last thing the young dragon could remember was the surprised look on Mrs Crumbles' face as he suddenly lunged at her.

From Spike's perspective, that was when things had gotten too hazy for him to remember properly. But when his brain's higher functions returned to working order, he found himself planted on top of his soon-to-be mother-in-law, who was sporting a look of pure pleasure on her blushing face as he was thoroughly plowing into her.

Even as he realized what he was doing, *who* he was doing, and on Rarity's once unsullied bed no less, Spike's hips refused to obey him. Like a well-oiled piston, his cock continued to plunge itself in and out of Mrs Crumbles's sopping wet nethers, fully intent on breeding her just like the other mares that found themselves in Spike's lust driven clutches years ago.

But this time, Spike was fully aware of what he was doing and just couldn't bring himself to stop. At the very least, judging by how tightly Mrs Crumbles had her legs wound around Spike's waist, she shared his strong desire mate and breed to a similar degree.

While Spike was trying and failing to pull himself away from her, the hypnotizing sight of Mrs Crumbles' large breasts bouncing freely in tune with his vigorous thrusts wasn't doing his rational side any favors either. Having been liberated from her constricting bra beforehand, the soft globes captured his attention as they rubbed against his broad chest whenever a particularly strong thrust jostled their owner.

This was bad, as Spike could already feel a pressure growing in his loins. The mares he "claimed" around Ponyville were one thing, since they were all single at the time and surprisingly held no ill will towards him for his actions.

But in Spike's clutches was the mother of the mare he loved dearly, and felt a tinge of dread mixed in the raw pleasure he was consumed by at the idea of her reaction to finding out she and Sweetie Belle would have a half-dragon half-brother on the way because of her boyfriend.

Time was running out. Spike kept trying to pull out, but his body and Mrs Crumbles' refused to obey. Despite this, a significant part of him wanted to let it happen, with the imminent conception almost seeming set in stone. The pressure started growing unbearable, and his hopes of escaping was quickly wilting in contrast.

Spike suddenly hilted himself fully inside Mrs Crumbles, feeling the tip of his member kiss her womb before the pressure in his groin became too much to contain. A low moan of defeat soon escaped his open maw as he felt the first rope of semen rocket out his throbbing pole and splatter into her uterus.

It's too late.

Resigning to his assumed fate, Spike allowed Mrs Crumbles' snatch to milk his spurting member dry, basking in her moans of pure euphoria as he sprayed copious amounts of dragon seed into the womb that birthed the mare he loved.

Spike suddenly felt a soft hand massage his scaly back as he released inside Mrs Crumbles, the married mare wordlessly encouraging him to empty every last drop of his sticky load into her.
09/29/16 05:13AM
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