01/02/16 06:21AM
My much needed list of words for my Fapfiction/Clopfiction:

Flesh Lower_Body Pelvis Groin Crotch Loins Nethers Genitals Penis Erection Dick Cock Tool Member Stallionhood Length Shaft Rod Pole Mast Pillar Prick Hard Stiff Rigid Turgid Thick Sheath Testicles Testes Balls Orbs Sack Nuts

Orifice Hole Entrance Pussy Cunt Cunny Snatch Slit Lips Folds Marehood Passage Tunnel Depths Cavern Canal Poon Cooter Coochie Mare_Bits Womb Uterus Asshole Pucker Ponut

Breasts Boobs Bust Tits Titties Teats Udders Mammaries Milksacks Melons Mounds Juggs Nipples Areola Cleavage
Butt Buttocks Backside Bottom Booty Buns Derriere Posterior Hindquarters Cheeks Cushions Buttcheeks Ass Asscheeks Asscrack Ass_Cleavage Crevice Rear Rear_End Rump Tush Globes Glutes Haunches Flanks Wide_Hips Thick_Thighs

Well-Proportioned Voluptuous Curvaceous Curvy Shapely Rounded Chubby Fat Overweight Obese Heavy Hefty Plump Pudgy Ponderous Flabby Pillowy Plush Stomach Gut Belly Tummy Love_Handles

Big Large Huge Massive Enormous Humongous Immense Gigantic Titanic Mountainous Oversized Ample Bountiful Plentiful Generous Glorious Globular Gelatinous Luscious Expand Enlarged Inflate Distended Swollen Bulging Protrude

Touch Feel Caress Fondle Grope Embrace Wrap Squish Soft Supple Silky Furry Plushy Pliable Jiggle Jostle Wobble Bounce Shake Swaying Sloshed Ripple Clap Quiver Convulse Shudder Shiver Sieze Tremble Tensing Throb Twitch Blush Grunt Moan Scream Pant Whimper Squeak Squeal Sweat Soaking Sopping Tight Firm Taut

Hard Fast Firm Hasty Swift Sharp Constant Roughly Relentlessly Repeated Repetitious Over-and-over-again Violently Vigorous Rigorous Urgently Desperately Frantically Husky Musky Frenzied Slow Gradual Steady Fast Speed Quick Rapid Force

Naked Nude Bare Exposed Attractive Sexy Seductive Sultry Sensual Passionately Erotic Lewd Perverted Carnal Primal Animalistic Bestial Undignified Simple Innocent Eagerly Aching Hunger Longing Yearning Reprociate Immersing Indulging

Mouth Maw Muzzle Snout Tongue Throat Gullet Hum Moan Groan Whimper Squeak Squeal Cry Scream Gasp Pant Whinny Neigh Howl
Sensation Stimulation Good Great Delight Excitement Elation Euphoria Ecstasy Orgasmic Pleasure Bliss Divine Heaven Nirvana Satisfaction Sated

Sex Intercourse Copulation Fornicating Breeding Mating Rutting Ravaging Fucking Spread_Open Poke Prod Push Shove Lunge Plunge Pump Drove Insert Jammed Sink Bury Digging Thrust Pound Rammed Squishing Smushing Slapping Smacking Clapping Slamming Pounding Collision Impact Humping

Oozing Leaking Dripping Dribble Trickling Plopped Orgasm Ejaculation Ejaculate Cum Semen Seed Splooge Spunk Jizz Came Release Spilled Exploded Erupted Rushed Rocketed Squirting Spurting Shooting Firing Blasting String Ribbon Rope Gushing Squeeze Tighten Sucking Milk Caress Coaxing Clench Coiling Triggering
02/26/16 10:48PM
Twilight Velvet x young Zebra stud (Anthro):
02/26/16 11:11PM
Captured Guard x Changelings:

Deep in the bustling underground hive of the dreaded Queen Chrysalis, two female drones were bored out of their minds.

The two drones were in charge of overseeing the sole prisoner contained in a seldom used jail cell, a well-built stallion who found himself abducted from his desert platoon in the royal guard during an unforeseen ambush.

Aside from the constant demands for release from his cell, which were quickly and easily quelled with a little changeling magic addling the stallion's mind and rendering him much more compliant, the assignment the two drones had was rather uneventful.
02/29/16 02:29AM
Queen Chrysalis x Subdued Princesses:

Queen Chrysalis couldn't help but bite her lip at the site before her.

Not only were all four Equestrian Princesses were kneeling before her in utter submission and brainwashed into full compliance, all of Canterlot had been subdued and captured after a lengthy second invasion that ended in a complete success. As monumental as her victory was for her and her hive, Chrysalis found her attention focused on something else.

Her slitted green eyes found themselves glued to the tantalizing princess plots shamelessly thrust up into the open air as an unintentional result of said kneeling. With their shapely haunches on display to the world behind them, and their attractive owners' minds addled into complete obedience, it was hard not to consider the new possibilities in front of her.

Chrysalis had spent a good twenty minutes debating on whether or not she should take advantage of her newly obtained alicorn slaves, while her drones eyed the four with a look that showed a mix of physical and carnal hunger, and slight envy of their Queen.
03/19/16 11:16PM
Big Macintosh x Fat Scootaloo:

Scootaloo had spent the entirety of last week of gorging herself silly on various foods, all because she and her other filly friends had attempted sumo wrestling for their current CMC goal. Big Mac didn't think he could be any more baffled, at least until the underage pegasus turned around and presented her fattened hindquarters to him.

Big Mac was unable to tear his eyes away from the massive cushions of pliable assfat that Scootaloo showed him, insistent on hearing his opinion of her new pudgy form. While the underage pegasus hadn't noticed it yet, his true feelings about her obese form were being fully expressed in the form of the turgid stallionhood protruding from his sheath.

Big Mac was struggling to control himself, as his rational side and breeding instincts were fighting for dominance in his head. On one hoof, he would surely get in deep trouble for lusting after an underage filly, and one of his little sister's friends no less. On the other hoof, the big, blubbery ass was more massive than any that he had seen on a fully grown mare, and it was practically calling out for him to just mount and rut them with every ounce of stamina he had.
03/20/16 07:42PM
Oppai Loli Apple Bloom x Barn Worker "Boyfriend": (Anthro)
03/21/16 02:26PM
03/23/16 09:53PM
Barn Worker x Underage CMC: Anthro
03/24/16 05:59PM
Shining Armor x Queen Umbra (Anthro):

For the second time in his life, not only had Shining Armor found himself under the control of one of Equestria's most dangerous villains, but also found his bare body gazed upon by a millennia-old villainess with a deep craving for virile studs like him.

Queen Umbra, the long-banished tyrant of the Crystal Empire, had laid claim to the married Royal Guard Captain after a futile initial attempt to subdue her upon her grand reappearance outside of the Crystal Palace.

Not only was Shining Armor and his personal squadron of trained soldiers utterly defeated, but Shining himself was abducted after her last attack had not only rendered him unconscious, but tore asunder his enchanted armor and the miscellaneous clothing lying underneath. His lean and muscular body was briefly laid bare to Princess Cadance and several frightened onlookers before being absconded to parts unknown.

A light pinch from it's busty owner immediately caused a jet of warm breast milk to squirt free from Umbra's erect nipple in surprisingly high velocity, flying through the air in an arc that landed near Shining's feet.

The sultry dance Umbra shamelessly preformed for the horny Guard Captain caused her engorged breasts to sway and shake along with its owner, subsequently filling the chill winter air with the audible sloshing of breast milk and the lewd clapping of ponderous underboob flesh and pudgy stomach.

Shining could not stop his thrusting. With the Umbran Queen succeeding in reducing him into a lust-driven wreck, rapidly driving his painfully turgid stallionhood into her bent over form. As Umbra's leaking nethers received the desperate pounding she had gone without for a long millennia, her milk-laden mammaries continuously spilled forth their white nectar as they swung pendulously from her heaving chest mere inches from the dirt-covered ground.

Now, the sound of Umbra's breast milk splattering onto the ground intermingled with the sounds of her ample buttocks being impacted into by the married stud behind her.
04/05/16 05:03AM
Semi-Anthro Gamer Luna:

Your new job as Princess Luna's new "personal guard" started shortly after she had overheard a discussion you had with some of her Lunar Guard about hobbies. While they bluntly considered your sole preference for video games a waste of time, Luna swiftly interjected with her approval and understanding.

Desiring a friend and kindred spirit who shared her passion for video games, you found yourself appointed for a new Guard position that Princess Luna had quickly come up with on the spot. When Princess Celestia and some of the more skeptical guards inquired, she used the threat of "sudden bedroom invasion" to justify your presence in her bedroom.

Within her chambers was a very messy bedroom littered with stuff like empty coffee cups and half-full potato chip bags, befitting a lazy gamer with no social life. Of course, you would never even think of telling Princess Luna (or just Luna, as she insisted upon) of what you thought of her living space, and she began with a video game marathon as soon as she replaced her stunning blue dress with a more casual set of clothing consisting of tight fitting red sweats.

Before you knew it, you were allowed to stay over on the first day, with the adorkable Moon Goddess giving you permission to sleep with her before proceeding to fall asleep. Despite being awake several hours longer than you usually did, you were still wide awake.

You briefly considered playing Halo 5 until fatigue finally set in, but the sight of Luna's sleeping form caught your attention. In contrast to Celestia's beauty, you had always considered her to be the much cuter sibling, but a closer inspection of her prone body started to change your perception of her.

Luna's large breasts were visible through the tight sweats she wore, bulging against the stretchy fabric enough to be seen by a close observer. Below, the fat accumulated from countless days of junk food and mindless video games was showing through her exposed belly. A quick poke to the squishy stomach enlightened you of how soft and pliable it was, as well as eliciting an adorable giggle out from her drooling maw.

You didn't know why, but the sight of Luna's out-of-shape laying sprawled out on the messy floor started to induce a growing lust inside you, slowly manifesting as the growing tent in your pants. The ramifications of violating the sleeping princess only crossed your mind after you moved in between her legs, kneeling on the ground as you pulled down your pants and freed your erection from its tight confines.

Despite the risk, you settled for masturbating in front of Luna, using the strangely arousing sight of her snoring visage to see you through the sudden pang of lust she had stricken you with. However, as you were vigorously stroking your length, her left hoof had made its way to the inside of her underwear in order to tend to an itch in her crotch, and the sight of the out-of-shape alicorn lazily scratching herself in such an undignified manner eroded away the little restraint you had.

Your hoof joined Luna's in her underwear, and a swift downward yank revealed a unshaven bushel of glistening pubic hair concealing most of her marehood, whose scent assaulted your senses with the musky smell of her unwashed nethers. What would'e repulsed any other stallion instead made your arousal spike immensely, to the point where your stallionhood was throbbing almost painfully with a desperate need to breed.

You draped yourself over Luna's chubby body, and shuddered with anticipation as you felt your stiff rod push through the musky forest of hairy bush. The sensation of her bushy hairs caressing your turgid length caused the swollen tip to squirt a glob of pre onto her concealed lips as you prepared to penetrate her.

One straight thrust was all it took for you to sink balls deep in Luna's unshaven cunt, whose welcoming insides squeezed tight around your intruding length in immediate response. Her plump belly gave a slight wobble as your pelvis finally impacted against her groin, and rippled constantly as you began thrusting in and out of her contracting pussy.

You briefly thanked Faust that Luna was such a heavy sleeper. The wet smacking her pudgy midsection was producing from the frantic collision was almost deafening in volume. Fortunately for you, the lovely Moon Goddess was still soundly asleep despite the clumsy ravishing of her sweat soaked body.
04/07/16 09:20PM
Sweetie Do Well:
04/12/16 12:03AM
Sonata Dusk x Gym Coach:

Her coach always tried his hardest to resist her almost-passive seduction, but simply couldn't in the end. He knew it was wrong, as he was her gym coach, and she was just another teenage student at the school he worked at, as well as the the noticable age gap going without mentioning as well.

The coach couldn't even remember how it all started, as it was just him and Sonata alone in the empty gymnasium one day. As he was discussing her recent abscences from his class, he simply couldn't take his eyes off the large bust showing through the gap in her shirt. For a ditzy young teenager of just 16 years, Sonata had an unusually large pair of breasts that put most adult women to shame, and she seemed to constantly have an eyeful of alluring cleavage visible.

Of course, Sonata had noticed where the coach's eyes were during the conversation, and had only exacerbated the growing arousal in him by tugging down the front of her thin purple coat and exposing even more tantalizing boobflesh through the pink tank top. A mirthful giggle later escaped Sonata's lips as she caught a glimpse of the noticeable tent in his grey sweatpants, taking it as a sign to press him further.

That same slender hand then made its gradual ascent back to around Sonata's collar, where the ruby on her exotic necklace she always adorned was hanging just above her alluring cleavage. Two fingers made contact with its shimmering surface, and the gym teacher's entire field of vision was then consumed by a bright red glow.

Somehow lost in a deep trance brought on by the blinding light, the coach was gradually brought back to reality by the sudden sensation of something moist engulfing the tip of his penis. His vision fully returned when he felt the sensation on the tip of his member quickly escalate into a wet suction, only to be met with the blushing face of the same ditzy teenager he was trying to converse with seemingly moments ago.

Along with feeling the elastic hem of his sweatpants and underwear hanging precariously above his ankles, he realized that Sonata's plush lips were now wrapped firmly around the head of his exposed erection, sucking out the dollops of salty pre oozing copiously from its urethra. A quick downward glance showed that her large mammaries were now hanging freely from her chest, evidently having broken free from their tight, yet exposing prison with the way part of her pink tank top had torn.

The coach wanted to scream out his sheer disbelief at the delayed realization of what Sonata was doing to him, but a distressed moan escaped his open mouth as soon as he found his voice. With next to no control of his body, his attempt to forcefully push her away only resulted in his hands gripping the back of her head.

Apparently interpreting the subdued coach's action as a sign to keep going, Sonata proceeded to engulf the rest of his erect tool into her mouth despite its length, and suck upon every throbbing inch without a problem. As unexpected as the masterful fellatio given from the young teen, the coach could only writhe in place from the guilty pleasure he was experiencing as he quickly neared his breaking point.

The moment the coach felt Sonata's lips make its intimate contact with his groin, the former felt his restraint slip away as his hips started to piston back and forth in response. With each uncontrolled thrust causing the oozing tip of his cock to hit the back of her throat, her cheeks hollowed out trying to thoroughly milk his entire shaft.
04/25/16 05:20PM
King Sombra x Diamond Tiara: Humanized BBW

In case of a defeat brought about by his enemies managing to aquire and utilize the Crystal Heart, King Sombra had set up a two-part spell designed to cast the illusion of complete bodily destruction, and initiate teleportation into a safehouse that even the most powerful tracking magic would be unable to discern.

Sombra's revenge scheme against the current rulers of the Crystal Empire, Princess Cadance and her husband Shining Armor, had begun by targeting their allies in Ponyville. Once there however, with his presence hidden with the use of his shadow magic allowing him to stealth about, his plans were put on temporary hold as he took a perverse interest in one of the town's residents.

Sombra's eyes were set on an overweight Diamond Tiara, the spoiled daughter of one of the most wealthy and influential ponies in Ponyville. Diamond's hefty pear-shaped body stood out compared to the normal-figured pre-teens exiting the town's school, and the sight of her wide rear straining to break free from her ill-fitting jeans was too enticing for him to resist envisioning laying his depraved hands on her.

Despite the knowledge that Diamond was underage despite the comparatively larger bodily proportions to her classmates, and even some of the adults, it did nothing to deter Sombra's lust-driven desire of claiming her for his own, and he soon followed her straight to her home in the undetectable guise of wispy black smoke.

Tailing Diamond all throughout her stroll from her school to her decorative mansion home, Sombra watched with barely restrained sexual excitement as every step she took made the constrained flab of her pudgy body jiggle and quake like gelatin.

The immense desire to caress and mold such ponderous flesh Diamond shamelessly possessed drove the former tyrant to an almost single-minded drive to claim her at the first opportunity that presented itself, and while his current smoke-like form masked it well, his lower half nevertheless conveyed its arousal with his turgid erection eagerly dribbling its warm essence into empty space.

Said golden opportunity was soon made available to him as he overheard Diamond's insistence of a nice hot bath as soon as she arrived to her home.

As soon as its sole occupant turned away from the bathroom door in order to prepare her bath, Sombra's completely nude form fully materialized within its surprisingly spacious area right behind Diamond, who remained unaware as she struggled to remove her undersized panties after she finished filling the tub with hot water.

Unfortunately, Diamond was straining to remove her pink panties from the crack of her enormous ass, which was stretched to their absolute limits trying to accommodate to its wearer's size. Their seeming appearance as a large thong trapped between her mountainous cheeks only served to arouse Sombra even further, with the wet plop of his precum landing on the floor almost giving his presence away.
05/24/16 01:45PM
Prologue 1:

Queen Chrysalis, ruler of the Changelings, was not happy.

Chrysalis and her countless loyal subjects had taken residence within the caves under Canterlot Castle, and had ordered her best infiltrators to scour every one of its libraries for their knowledge soon after. Being trapped in a volcano for countless years had left her almost desperate for information on what happened in her long absence, and a narrow escape from an egocentric, yet ravenous dragon hadn't helped one bit.

Upon the discovery of a long unused magical artifact that was hidden within Celestia's chambers, Chrysalis could not help but feel a little curious in its usage once it was successfully stolen. In her discovery of its unusual power to peer into the future, her curiosity had grown into a full blown eagerness to foresee how her grand invasion plans would play out if left unimpeded.

What she had discovered turned her dearest hopes into an almost crushing disappointment.

Complete and utter defeat not once, but twice! First done by a bookish purple unicorn, her stalwart older brother, and his soon-to-be Alicorn bride, and again by the same purple unicorn and her five other friends.

Where did she go wrong? Wasn't that day supposed to be perfect? Wasn't her revenge against Celestia, and subsequent takeover Equestria supposed to be swift and merciless? How could she...

...oh. That's why.

Chrysalis took one more gaze into the future, and immediately face-hoofed when she finally noticed why she failed. So many careless mistakes, from not even acting like the bride, to singing her plans out loud in an un-soundproofed room. By the time she saw herself turning her back on the two lovebirds, mocking the power of love that they were harnessing in order to blast her and her army far away from Canterlot, she finally snapped.

No! This will not stand! All of Equestria will be hers, and she and her children will never be hungry again! In fact, with the crucial knowledge of the future given to her by the artifact, she will make certain that she comes out on top in the end, and not make the same careless mistakes her future self did.

But first, Chrysalis will have to pay each of the meddlesome trio a visit before she moved on, starting with the two unicorn siblings. Also noting how she also had an opportunity to easily kill two birds with one stone, she readied an assortment of forbidden spells before enacting her debaucherous little plan...

Prologue 2:

In a cold sweat, a teenage Shining Armor had woken up from a rather vivid wet dream.

It was a wet dream that culminated from weeks of futile sexual repression brought on by what seemed to be his sex drive slowly growing out of control, and unable to be mitigated no matter how many times he took his time masturbating in his room. It was as if his hormone-addled body was making a desperate plea for him to get out and get laid, whether it be with his marefriend Cadance, or any other mare he laid his eyes on at school when nobody else was looking.

Speaking of which, Shining's attention was then brought to his damp bedsheets, which were once again sullied by the sticky white mess clinging stubbornly to its white fabric. His mind drifted back to the wet dream as he stared at the mess, and once again found himself remembering what took place within it.

The wet dream took place inside a dimly-lit cavern, where he would travel aimlessly through its hollow tunnels as a manifestation of his ideal adult self. He was searching for the "fair princess" trapped inside its unfamiliar depths, and be wary of the temptations brought on by the "wicked witch" that also resided within it despite never knowing who the latter is.

Each dream was similar in setting, and would eventually reach its climax with a sudden encounter with the mysterious "witch", who possessed a strangely alluring bug-like appearance that was similar to Celestia's when it came to her height and her slender frame. Despite a barely concealed feeling of anxiety and worry, Shining also couldn't help but feel a certain attraction to her despite his supposed obligations, feeling his own heart race in response to merely being in her presence.

With almost blinding speed, the "witch" had quickly closed the distance between the two, locking lips with Shining before he could even react, and subsequently claiming him as her "victim" to her malicious charms. As the feeling of plush softness smushed passionately into his lips, the intense feeling of pent-up sexual need flared back up, and he found himself desperate to relieve himself of the pressure in his swelling sack.

In a flash of emerald green flames, the stalwart stallion before her was reduced back his true self, a half-grown, hormone-addled colt who couldn't help but feel self-conscious due to the inexplicable erection that was now throbbing between his legs.

The "witch" then looked upon Shining's scrawny form with an expression of mock pity before making a rather lewd proposition, offering him a means of "escape" from his fated meeting with the "princess". She promised to "liberate" him from an inevitable life of dull monotony and predictable outcomes he would be otherwise doomed to have with his "princess", but only if he finally chose to give in to his needs and handed her "ownership" of his horny body.

After having to enduring weeks upon weeks having to deal with his growing base urges always remaining neglected and unfulfilled, Shining reluctantly agreed with a desperate look of utter submission on his face, which changed to a look of utter shock as the "witch" abruptly turned around and flashed her taut and supple black backside to him. Upon seeing the leaking genitalia between her legs, with its moist labia engorged like a swollen pair of lips, the teenage stallion felt a jet of pre squirt out of his oozing cockhead from the sudden visual stimulation.

Leaping from where he was standing, Shining allowed his instincts to take over as as he tried to mount the "witch" then and there. Due to the difference in height, the teenage colt found his lower half suspended in midair as he latched onto his taller partner's back, feeling more of his pre leak out of his needy cock as it brushed against her mossy green tail.

Nevertheless, Shining's persistence won out as he managed to align his cock with the "witch's" pillow-like lips. Just the initial contact between their genitalia was enough for Shining's sack to contract against his groin in preparation for ejaculating his seed, but he was able to bury himself into the in her meaty cunt before he finally exploded.

Even if only the swollen tip had managed to enter before Shining achieved his release, he felt as if Elysium itself had ensnared his spurting member in its loving embrace as it squirted its sticky white ropes into the now panting "witch". With an unconscious but gradual push of his hips, the euphoric feeling of sweet sensual bliss began to intensify with every engulfed inch of his rigid cock as it sputtered its semen messily inside the constricting confines of the "witch's" heavenly pussy.

The intense pleasure coursing through Shining's body heightened to an almost mind-blanking crescendo when his pelvis made its unforgettable contact with the "witch's" black rump, feeling its deceptively cushion-like asscheeks squish into his quivering thighs, and her meaty cunt drench his groin in copious amounts of pussy juice.

Struggling to ride out the intense pleasure coursing through him overall, Shining could only hold onto the "witch's" back for dear life as he felt every thick ribbon of seed escape his tightened sack and spray into her waiting womb. In the heavily stimulated state the teenage colt was in, he could only take one last look at his partner's toothy smile before exhaustion had somehow set in, and with a deep breath, he was back in his bedroom.

Shining was now wide awake, having awoken just as the last few spurts of his seed smeared into his now dirtied blanket, intermingling with the strong stench and damp feel of accumulated sweat into its carefully woven silk. With a tired groan, the drained colt exited his bed with several slimy strands of his semen clinging to his thighs in order to assess how messy his bed was. The moment his hindlegs clacked onto the floor, he couldn't help but notice his testes had more than their usual heft, but decided to pay more attention to them later.

After trying to clean up what he could with a stain removing spell his mother taught him, Shining could only lay back into his bed and bask in the afterglow brought on by the intense dream sex he had experienced. With his racing heart leaving him fully awake, and yet exhausted, he could only ponder on two things...

Who was the alluring "witch" that invaded his dreams and offered to take care of his growing libido for him, and how was his mother going to react to the soon crusty stains in his bed?

Teenage Shining x Twilight Velvet: Incest

Shining Armor was still reeling from the scolding he received from his mother, who had discovered his semen-covered bedspread while he was washing up in the bathroom. As punishment for dirtying his sheets, Velvet had made him assist her in her daily chores for the next week, which started with washing all the blankets and bedsheets in the house.

Teenage Shining x Filly Twilight: Incest + Foalcon

Chrysalis: (Good boy, Shiny! Such a dutiful big brother you are, showing your little sister how to mate properly!)

Twilight couldn't help but quiver endlessly under her brother and his lust-fueled clutches as he shamelessly plunged his eager colthood in and out of her unsullied fillyhood, barely managing to control herself under the unfamiliar sensations assaulting her young filly body. Despite this, her drawn out mating instincts compelled her to work with the repeated thrusts Shining made into her dripping cunny, unconsciously tightening her inner vaginal muscles every time she felt his pelvis impact against her sweaty rump.

One particularly relentless thrust Shining gave caused Twilight's insides to clamp down as tight as possible, signifying her first orgasm through its insistence on keeping him hilted deep inside her. Meanwhile, the slick velvety flesh caressing her brother's rigid meat also rippled along the entirety of its length, unconsciously trying (and soon succeeding) in milking his member of its brimming payload of hot semen.

Despite being too tight to even move a centimeter, Shining was quickly succumbing to her underage sister desperate coaxing of his own orgasm.

Shining: "Ungh! D-don't do that, Twiley! Im gonna..."

Twilight: "Shiny! Whatever you're going to do, please do it!"

Chrysalis: (Do it, Shiny! Don't you dare pull out, you're little Twiley needs to feel the warm touch of her beloved brother's seed!)

The sultry voice stamped out any lingering form of resistance in him, and with a pained moan, the teenage colt gripped his younger sibling as tightly as he could as he felt the pressure in his loins start to spill over. In seconds, Twilight's moans finally joined her brothers' as she felt the first strand of incestuous seed fly into her tiny uterus, which was quickly joined by several more splattering free from his contracted sack.

The sibling pair remained in their illicit embrace, selflessly giving each other carnal pleasure and allowing their bodily fluids to pool on the floor. By the time their shared orgasms ended, they found themselves panting heavily against each other as they steadly regained control of their sweat-soaked bodies.

Teenage Cadance: Slut Transformation

Chrysalis couldn't help but marvel at the results of her current work while she had hidden herself under a nearby bed, along with a camouflage charm preemptively cast on herself beforehoof for an added reassurance of her continued concealment.

Once her sexual inhibitions had been completely worn away from weeks of subtle, yet more permanent mind alteration, only the pheromone lure spell was needed to influence the sweet and innocent little Princess Cadance into cheating on her precious coltfriend, and with her personal royal tutor no less. Mounted on top of the young Alicorn was said tutor, an adult stallion who not only happened to be more than twice her age, but even had a wife and twin fillies that he cared for dearly.

A smug, toothy grin was present on Chrysalis' unseeable muzzle as she witnessed the depraved spectacle with barely-concealed mirth, watching Cadance and the middle-aged tutor mate so fervently in the middle of the bedroom. With their hooves planted firmly on the sweat-soaked velvet carpet they stood over, the intoxicating scent of their lovemaking filled the room along with the dull thud their colliding hips produced.

Teenage Shining x Princess Celestia:

Shining x Princess Luna:

Shining x Princess Twilight: Incest

Shining x Human Twilight: Incest
05/25/16 02:05PM
A new epidemic has spread across the halls of Canterlot High, drastically affecting the lives of its female students with pinpoint efficiency.

Sudden, rampant teen pregnancy has afflicted the school's population of female minors, indiscriminately turning them into expecting mothers one after the other. To the ones investigating the unexpected pandemic, it seemed that the conceptions just happened spontaneously, without the soon-to-be father known to take responsibility.

Unbeknownst to them however, the perpetrator of the numerous pregnancies was the last person they would expect, someone who was one of the more trusted and seemingly benign employees of Canterlot High considering his occupation...

Human Twilight:

Twilight was the one of the first to fall victim to the epidemic of sudden pregnancies. As a new student that recently transferred from the infamous Crystal Prep, Twilight still had some problem navigating the halls, and one day found herself trying to find the school's lunchroom by herself.

Wandering aimlessly, Twilight soon came across the one of the school's janitorial staff mopping alone near an empty classroom. Despite her short time at the school, she was aware of his popularity with the female students despite not knowing why. She assumed it was because like Principal Celestia and Vice Principal Luna, it was because of his youthful looks despite being in his thirties.

Even Twilight herself had to admit, he did look stunning for a man of his age, and felt a strange heat build in her loins as her eyes started to wander down to the slightly noticeable bulge in his trousers...

A call from the janitor himself snapped Twilight out of her thoughts, and she politely asked him for directions to the lunch room.

Human Rarity:
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