11/09/15 11:48PM
Greta: Interspecies
11/12/15 07:58AM

Princess Cadence's married life in the Crystal Empire was not going how she had envisioned it.

Due to their time-consuming jobs, it was spent with long hours apart from her husband. She only had little time with him each day before they went about their daily duties.

It wasn't long before Cadence sought the use of "comfort food" to ease her worries, finding herself eating the various types of sweets and snacks the Royal Chefs made for her. Soon, she started stuffing her face with junk food, such as hay fries and hay burgers.

At one point, Cadence even experimented with eating meat. As alicorns were omnivores, it wasn't a big deal to her. Though to this day, she still questioned how she managed to wake up with a mouthful of greasy bacon one morning.

Unfortunately for her, she did not have the high metabolism her aunts had, and all the unhealthy food caused her to gradually gain weight. She did not become overweight per se, but her figure had visibly fattened up.

Her already sizable breasts and ass swelled in size, her shapely hips widened, her slim arms, thighs, and legs thickened, and her toned stomach grew soft and plump. Cadence couldn't help but blush in embarrassment every time she felt the pillowy flesh of her heavy body wobble with every step she took.

Cadence was currently in her Royal Bedroom, sitting in a chair as she gazed upon herself through her vanity mirror. She was running her fingers through her beautiful multicolored hair while listening to the shower running in the bathroom. She was wearing tight and skimpy lingerie that hugged the soft curves of her plump body firmly.

Every now and then, she would anxiously turn her head and look at the pieces of armor lying on her queen-size bed.

Cadence was smiling outwardly at herself through the mirror, trying and failing to dissuade the feelings of deep guilt gripping her heart.

In her shower was not Shining Armor, but a random unicorn Guard she had offered the use of her shower to. Her show of generosity hid her lustful intentions towards him as a "stand-in" for her absent husband, and his genuine gratitude for her seemingly innocent offer only exacerbated her feelings of shame and regret.

As they walked to her bedroom, Cadence asked the naive Guard what he thought of her pudgy body. His earnest compliments and reassurances about her "indescribable" beauty were sweet honey to her ears, every flattering word making her want him more and more.

Unbeknownst to the oblivious Guard, Cadence had addled his mind with potent love magic during their walk, and falsely claimed that it was merely to help him loosen up and relax. The magic was designed to gradually wear away at his inhibitions and draw out his baser instincts, allowing the desperate alicorn to seduce him without a problem.

When she heard the shower shut off, Cadence took a deep breath, stood up, and walked towards the bathroom door. She opened it slightly and peeked her head inside, seeing the Guard drying his muscular body with her pink towel.

Cadence bit her lip as she glanced at the clueless Guard's flaccid stallionhood and heavy sack dangling between his legs. The growing warmth in her nethers demanded that she throw caution to the wind and take him now, but she managed to keep herself level-headed. Instead, she calmly entered the bathroom and carefully approached him as she closed the door behind her.

The Guard turned and looked at her in suprise, and blushed deeply as he laid his eyes on the pudgy Princess in her sexy apparel. Before he could say anything, Cadence had wrapped her arms around his naked body, and squished her hefty silk-covered breasts into his broad chest. She proceeded to press her plush lips against his and lock him into a deep kiss.

Cadence felt the surprised Guard stiffen slightly from the sudden embrace, then relax as he reprociated the lust-driven hug. She moaned into his mouth as she felt something stiff and hard poke into her plump tummy.

Cadence broke the kiss and looked downward, feeling her arousal spike at the sight of the aroused Guard's twitching cock standing at attention. She could see that its blunt tip was already oozing precum like a faucet.

Cadence hastily got on her knees, simultaneously grabbing his hips and angling his rigid shaft at her drooling muzzle. The Guard instinctively bucked his hips forward in response, grinding the swollen head of his throbbing pole into her nose.

The smell of his salty musk flooded Cadence's senses and drove her crazy with need, compelling her to take a long, wet lick of the Guard's stiff length. The sensation of her thick tongue brushing the underside of his pulsing dick coaxed more globs of pre from the tip, which she lapped up greedily.

Cadence removed her hands and grabbed her heavy breasts, wrapping them tight around his throbbing shaft. While the base was smothered by the soft warmth of the hefty pink pillows, her mouth was wrapped around the swollen tip, eagerly sucking on the leaking head like a lollipop.

The Guard was unable to last very long under the intense pleasure she was giving him, and felt his sack tighten as his orgasm quickly approached. Sensing this, Cadence removed her muzzle and pulled her head back and pointed the swollen tip at her blushing face. She squeezed her huge udders even tighter, and the intensified stimulation to his saliva-covered length caused him to erupt seconds later.

Cadence moaned in approval as spurt after satisfying spurt of his hot seed splattered across her muzzle, chin, and neck, and dripped down into the soft cleavage of her bountiful globes. As the grunting Guard coated her upper body with his sticky warmth, Cadence could feel her own sweet juices dripping from her needy pussy, and start to trickle down her thick thighs.

The carnal urges in her pudgy body demanded that she take the Guard then and there, and she could barely resist. Cadence wanted to mate with him somewhere away from her bedroom, and would have to wait a few hours for the opportunity as she had her duties to attend to.

After a few more generous bursts of his white spunk, the Guard was completely spent. Cadence removed her squeezing breasts and gave his softening length several gentle kisses, coaxing out a few more drops of seed before going completely flaccid.

After using her magic to gather up the entire mess of thick cream on her plump body and swallowing every last drop in one sitting, Cadence looked into the exhausted Guard's face with a sultry passion. Having easily corrupted him into complete obedience, he should be fully compliant and willing for another "private session" later.

"Do you want more?"

The Guard nodded lazily. Cadence smiled eagerly.


(Later that day)

Cadence was currently in the Crystal Empire's Royal Spa, alone with the Guard in one of their spare rooms. The pudgy Love Goddess was bent over on a massage table with her thick arms supporting her head. A steaming towel was covering the back of her otherwise naked body.

Her ponderous pink posterior was stuck out proudly behind her, and her heavy breasts and flabby gut hung below her. All her "assets" wobbled alluringly with the slightest movements she made, silently beckoning any stallion who laid eyes on her naked body to "service" her to their heart's content.

The Guard was right behind Cadence with his face buried in between the hefty cheeks of her sweaty backside. His wet tongue insistently lapped up the musky juices dripping from her wet pussy, and repeatedly brushed against her tight pucker. His shameful worship of Cadence's plump ass sent shudders through her pudgy body and left her wanting more and more.

Cadence took a brief glance behind her and saw the horny Guard's erect cock, standing at full mast and ready to erupt. Her breathing quickened as she saw the swollen head gushing precum, very eager to feel his throbbing tool release inside her needy marehood.

Cadence signaled for the Guard to back up a few steps, and re-positioned her chubby body behind the massage table. Her towel fell off her back as she presented her fat ass to him, feeling her soft belly squish against the side of said table.

The Guard wrapped his arms around Cadence's chubby waist and proceeded to sink his hands into her plump belly, kneading and squeezing the soft pliable flab to both their enjoyment as he began to push his stiff member into the squishy crevice of her jiggling posterior.

The Guard was struggling not to peak too soon, feeling his sack hug tight against his groin as his throbbing shaft began its plunge into Cadence's pillowy cheeks. Inch after inch of his length was smothered within her pillowy assfat until the leaking head finally made contact with her dripping pussy, smearing precum all over her swollen lips.

It was not long before the Guard began to penetrate her, slowly inserting his rigid tool into her welcoming entrance and savoring every pulsing inch being swallowed into her squeezing depths. He hilted inside her completely, feeling his pelvis squish against the plush globes of her enormous backside.

The Guard couldn't last much longer.

"I know you're close. Don't you dare pull out."

In seconds, the Guard's cocktip swelled up, then began to erupt his second payload of thick semen into Cadence's moist depths. He felt the chubby alicorn quiver in place with every ribbon of hot seed released deep inside her welcoming snatch.

The Guard took great pleasure in listening to her meek squeals of orgasmic glee as his sticky warmth flooded her insides. Her gushing marehood clenched and squeezed his spurting shaft tight, intent on milking every last drop of his sticky essence out of his heavy sack.
11/15/15 04:59AM
ErosThanatos said: Chrysalis could sense the human’s elation and ecstasy heighten as he fucked her. The heavenly feeling of her soft jiggling globes and squeezing marehood soaking his crotch steadily inched him closer and closer to orgasm.

ErosThanatos said:
The slutty twerking motions filled her bedroom with perverted clapping noises, and she was so engrossed with the undignified action that she didn't notice the human walk in on her.

Pretty much my favorite clopfics here (I also liked the one about Chrysalis taking over the kingdom). I singled out these parts cause I enjoyed your choice of words. Most people's stories have trouble describing sex scenes in full detail. But you seem to have no problem at all doing it. I especially love how u refer to butts/boobs as globes. :3
11/24/15 11:46PM

Princess Cadence and her husband were struggling to have a foal. In their desperation, Cadence started taking experimental fertility drugs courtesy of the Canterlot scientists to increase their chances of conceiving.

While Cadence had yet to become pregnant, the drug's side effects were quickly made apparent.

Cadence's teats had grown to massive sizes as they became engorged with gallons of milk, and the lips of her marehood had plumped out, becoming like moist pillows.

The most significant change was her steadily growing libido brought on by hormones, which caused her head to fill with lewd thoughts towards any stallion she found herself gazing at. The "private times" with her husband could only alleviate her lust for so long.

Her increased milk production, swollen labia, and heightened sex drive were immediately explained as her body prepping itself for conception, birthing and motherhood. However, it left the issue of what to do with all the excess milk her body was producing.

To deal with this, a unicorn stallion who excelled at inventing handy tools and machines for specific purposes was recently hired to invent a milking machine designed specifically for soothing and relieving her aching teats. As her new "Royal Milker", he was to stay at the castle and personally assist her in using it.

The two were currently in one of Canterlot's spare guest rooms, where the stallion was staying. It had been re-purposed to house the stallion's milking machine and several empty containers. With every session, Cadence had self-consciously ordered for some "privacy" while she was being milked, leaving just her and the stallion in the room.

To her displeasure, Cadence found herself overwhelmed with the need to be bred as her oversized teats were milked dry. The first time, she hastily resorted to using potent lust-based magic on the poor stallion in order to be rid of his inhibitions and easily coax him into rutting her until he passed out from exhaustion.

Cadence tearfully apologized to him afterward, and promised to increase his already large payment if he swore to keep what happened secret. Soon however, she found herself using him whenever the burning in her loins grew too strong, and meekly apologized every time.

Memories of the previous sessions ran through the stallion's mind, making him hesitate for a brief second before proceeding to power on his milking machine. Low whirs and hums could be heard from the machine as it came to life. He grabbed the nearby teat cups with his magic, taking a moment to make sure their suction was working properly.

After taking a deep breath, Cadence turned around, bent over, and lifted her tail out of the way, presenting her hefty udders to him. She blushed deeply, knowing full well her swollen cunt was on full display as well. The stallion already felt an erection form from the deeply arousing sight, but tried to ignore it as he levitated the cups to her leaking udders.

Cadence gasped at the sudden feeling of the cups attaching to her nipples, then bit her lip at the sensation of the machine sucking the milk from her engorged teats. The sweet cream flowed through the transparent plastic tubes connecting the teat cups to the machine, and into the containers that were hooked up to it.

Cadence's sweet moans filled the stallion's ears as pleasure surged through her. The feeling of sweet relief given to her aching teats caused her shaking body to show its appreciation for the stallion and his machine through her visibly winking clit, and the pussy juices trailing down her shaking legs.

As Cadence's body was wracked with euphoric delight, she could feel another ache growing between her sweaty haunches. Her soaking wet nethers once again demanded another generous offering of potent seed from the tech-savvy stallion.

Cadence turned her head and looked into the his eyes with a lustful gaze that silently demanded another session of mindless rutting. The stallion slowly backed away, trying in vain to hide his erect stallionhood from the horny love goddess. Cadence quickly noticed his reluctance, and her horn glowed with a light blue aura.

"I'm sorry, but I need you again! Please don't fight it!"

His growing unease towards the pink alicorn quickly gave way to dread as he felt her magic wrap around his limbs. In a flash, the stallion was on his back with his legs pinned to the floor, and his stiff member was pointing at the ceiling.

Her horn glowed once more, and the teat cups attached to her heavy udders popped off her leaking nipples, causing the hefty milksacks to jiggle slightly.

Now that he was restrained, Cadence turned around and slowly backed up towards him. She was shamelessly shaking her sweaty ass as she did so, making her desire for his twitching length clear through the erotic display. The stallion's eyes were glued to her engorged teats as they jiggled enticingly from her seductive movements, and repeatedly smacked into each other with lewd clapping sounds.

Cadence positioned her pink flanks right above the stallion's lower body, and bit her lip as the underside of his rigid pole briefly brushed against her soft udders. After giving his swollen cockhead a wet kiss with her bloated labia, she finally slammed her sweaty haunches down on his groin, squealing in satisfaction as her meaty cunt swallowed his throbbing pole down to the hilt.

"Oh yes! Yes, yes, YES!"

Cadence hummed in elation as she began her sexual assault on the restrained unicorn, repeatedly smacking her sweaty ass down on his pelvis and rapidly engulfing his erect member in her soaking depths with every hasty movement. Her supple pink cheeks rippled into his pelvis with every single collision, and her swollen mounds slapped into his thighs and splashed their white cream all over his hindlegs.

Cadence's hungry pussy squeezed and milked the stallion's twitching cock tight with every downward thrust she made, urgently demanding for the heat in her loins to be doused with his sticky spunk. She felt excitement rush through her body when she felt her captive stud start to shudder uncontrollably, knowing her insistent need for his cum will be granted shortly.

Cadence slammed her hips down on him one last time, and firmly ground her oversized pussy lips into his damp crotch. The overwhelming sensation of the moist pillows squishing into his groin was too much, quickly making him reach his peak.

The stallion uttered a long, low groan as the blunt tip of his pulsing stallionhood swelled up, and began to ejaculate his warm essence deep inside her wet lovehole. Cadence shuddered in pleasure as her womb was pelted with countless ropes of his thick seed.

His hefty sack contracted with every rapid burst of sticky cum spurting into the horny Love Goddess, flooding her warm depths to the brim and oozing out her oversized cunt in generous amounts. His lap was quickly drenched with the slimy mix of his hot cum and Cadence's mare juices pouring down on his lower body.

While Cadence was basking in the satisfying afterglow, anxiety and guilt started to replace the intense euphoria coursing through the stallion below her as the latter's climax slowly petered out. As he felt Cadence's plush pink buns pressed firmly into his groin, he desperately hoped that one session was enough to satisfy her.

The sight of Cadence raising her sweaty haunches off of the stallion filled him with relief, only to crush his hopes flat with the sudden slamming of the pink globes into his pelvis. While he dreaded enduring another marathon of her adulterous lust, the softening member still hilt-deep in her swollen cunt showed its enthusiasm by stiffening back up.

Cadence could feel the turgid head of the stallion cock kiss her womb again, and her inner muscles tightened in immediate response. His shaft was given a very eager squeeze for its continued service, which turned into a vigorous milking for another generous helping for the thick seed already starting to ooze out of it's blunt tip.

As with the previous sessions, the forced breeding Cadence subjected the stallion to repeated itself several more times. With every wrenched out climax, increasing amounts of hot ejaculate pooled into her stomach and wound up spilling onto his lap and down on the otherwise clean floor.

While Cadence felt nothing but heavenly pleasure coursing through her entire body, the stallion below her could only pray for her to be done soon despite the share of intense pleasure he was also experiencing. From his exhaustion-induced haze, it seemed as if the pink alicorn riding him silly was some kind of succubus or changeling intent on sucking his balls dry.

Of course, the stallion knew that wasn't true, and the actual truth was slightly more mundane. As debaucherous as the situation was, Princess Cadance needed his sperm to calm herself, and the resulting exhaustion that set in sooner or later tended to fill his delirious mind with crazy ideas.
11/24/15 11:47PM
Lewd Poems

Obese Hooker Chrysalis:

Shining Armor needed sexual relief, and he needed it now. He knew it, and the Changeling Queen-turned-street hooker that was bent over in front of him knew it as well. If his presence in a back alley with an obese Queen Chrysalis of all ponies wasn't a big tip-off of his desperate need for sexual gratification, then the already rigid erection periodically slapping into his stomach with a wet smack was an obvious giveaway.

Ever since her defeat at the hands of Shining Armor and Princess Cadance, the changelings were forced to go into hiding. With all of Equestria now aware of the changelings' existence, the race of insectoid shapeshifters were forced to resort to drastic measures in order to keep themselves fed, and Queen Chrysalis herself was no exception.

Despite seemingly taking her fall from grace with an almost casual indifference, Chrysalis had gone from a feared hive queen to a prostitute on a street corner that didn't even bother disguising herself when it came to seducing potential clients.

Whether it be due to some exotic charm or primal lust-inducing pheromones, Chrysalis had managed to keep herself well-fed to the point where the excess love had manifested in a rather noticeable weight gain. Once having a near-anorexic figure, her entire frame was now hefty with jiggling fat and flab that she was unafraid to show off, especially her greatly bloated haunches.

Shining Armor previously tracked Chrysalis down in order to asses her current status as a potential threat, and stumbled upon her while she was offering her services to a random stallion. He couldn't help but watch in sick fascination as she had her fattened lips wrapped tight around his entire length, suckling off his member like a delicious lollipop until the intense oral stimulation quickly overwhelmed him.

Every last drop of the stallion's spurted load was downed instantly by the ravenous former queen, and it wasn't until she sent the completely spent stallion on his merry way did she acknowledge Shining's presence. Even then, she only responded to her former love slave with a surprisingly casual greeting, and asked how his wife had been doing since the foiled invasion.

While Shining was a exemplary figure of diligence and authority back then, he was now just one of her clients in desperate need of the sweet relief only she can provide.


Why hello, my dear Shining! What brings you to my domain?

How is Cadenza? Is she treating you all the same?

I see. Your marriage is looking rather bleak.

And you came to me all pent-up, seeking sweet relief?

Obese Queen Chrysalis:

Before Shining Armor had even awoken from his nap, his sizable stallionhood was already standing at attention. Even as he struggled to stave off the fatigue he felt as he woke up, his mind was racing with lewd thoughts.

Despite finding himself in Canterlot's throne room, lying on what appeared to be a fuzzy pink mattress that took up a good portion of the room, the latest thing on his mind was more of tending to the raging stiffness that was throbbing painfully between his toned hindlegs.

Shortly after Shining finally stood up and shook himself fully awake, he noticed a strangely alluring pair of black mounds nearby. Despite the sleek appearance of the twin hills invoking a feeling of deja vu, he was more preoccupied with the tingle of arousal surging through his stiff erection as he gawked at them.

Shining's baser instincts told him to plunge his turgid meat within the soft-looking masses if he sought relief, and found himself slowly trotting closer and closer to them, feeling his hooves sink into the pink mattress with every step.


Shining couldn't be happier.

Once he sheathed every inch of his needy member into the immense mounds, the intense softness wrapping around the entire length had compelled him to keep pushing his hips forward. He had also felt something else, something hot and wet swallow a good portion of his throbbing length once he sunk deep enough. Immediately reacting to the almost overpowering sensation gripping part of his meat, he instinctively bucked his hips forward, allowing the rest of his shaft to be engulfed and the enormous pillow-like orbs to swallow his entire lower body in a sea of intense pillowy warmth.

While each and every successive thrust his hips made into the gelatinous mounds sent intoxicating jolts of pleasure straight through his entire body, Shining knew the entire time that whatever held his cock in such a passionate grip would demand a generous offering of his warm essence as compensation.

And yet, he didn't care one bit. He would give anything! Anything to reprociate the sweet, sweet heaven that the wobbling orbs had been so generous enough to give him.

With a smile of serene content plastered on his muzzle, Shining felt his testes retract into his groin and allowed the incoming deluge of hot sperm start to surge through his shaft, and soon explode into the wet orifice clamping down tight on his spurting meat.

As Shining shuddered with every thick rope released from his swollen cocktip, he could've sworn he felt the jiggling black mounds holding his lower body captive in its immense softness was quivering along with him...


>My dear sweet Cadenza, you must be so distressed!

>Having to eat mountains of food without respite or rest!

>Just like me, reduced to an obese glutton,

>Consuming nothing but sweet cake and mutton!

>And while I lie comfortably on top of you,

>Your beloved husband is on top of me too!

>Bucking my fat rear until he explodes,

>Filling my wet hole with his thick payload!

>Even when reduced to a mindless slave,

>He never ceases giving me the sweet love that I crave!

>While I feed off his primal desire to mate and breed,

>He's intent on impregnating me with his virile seed!

>With gallons of his seed flooding my womb,

>The idea is not impossible; we do nothing but mate from morning to noon!

>Incessantly mating like a breeding bull with an obese cow,

>He's blowing yet another messy load in me right now!

>Generous helpings of hot cum with each and every peak,

>While he's resting snugly between my thick cushy cheeks!

>The sounds of our lovemaking reaches every single room,

>Alerting everypony to my affair with your beloved groom!

>But do not worry Cadenza; Your turn will come soon,

>As soon as Shining grows tired of my loving poon!

>Even though those chances are next to nothing,

>Because of his addiction to a cunt so welcoming!

Fat Princess Luna:

My guard, you've been giving my rear quite the stare,

...well? What else could you be gawking at over there?

I've caught you eyeing my backside with a gaze so fervid,

And in plain sight is your stallionhood, so stiff and turgid!

Just like many others whose attention I caught,

All laying their eyes on my magnificent plot!

At first, I anguished at the fattening of my now mountainous moons,

But my fears were unfounded; they've proven to be quite the boon!

Ive been gazed at by stallions from morning to noon,

All desiring to plunge into my tight poon!

Which I have allowed... If their stallionhoods could reach!

Many a load has been blown within my massive cheeks!

Smothered by their immense softness; The never last!

Unable to reach the treasure within my fat ass!

Perhaps you are different, my well-trained Guard,

Perhaps your stiffness can withstand these orbs of lard!

Just long enough to reach my needy entrance,

And give me a rutting worthy of remembrance!

Right here in the hallway? Are you sure?

You find my plump posterior that strong an allure?

Very well my Guard, climb upon my back!

Oh my, I already feel your pulsing sack!

My ass has swallowed your stallionhood already?

Well then, just keep your hips steady!
11/25/15 05:07AM
Fat Princesses:

When Shining Armor of all ponies encourages a normally illicit pastime, like the "princess plot pounding" some of his guards like to indulge in, it really says something.

That "something" happened to be the morbid obesity his wife, Princess Cadance, and the other three beloved princesses have succumbed because of their recently increased appetite for sweets and (strangely) meat. Everyone was certain Eris had something to do with their gluttony-induced weight gain somehow, but could not be reached for questioning.
11/29/15 07:47PM

Brann Flakes was alone with Lucky Charm at her dojo. Being fond of the lanky unicorn ever since he had assisted her with milk-related problems while showing an attraction to her and her "assets", she had invited him over for tea.

Currently, Brann Flakes was alone in the the kitchen, eyes tightly shut as he was struggling to control himself. Lucky Charm was watching him from the living room, giggling to herself as she watched the poor unicorn try and fail to calm himself down.

Brann had taken one look at Lucky without her bra, seeing her fat udders hanging freely between her hindlegs and developing a painfully hard erection as a result. He nervously asked to be excused while trying to conceal it, and hastily trotted out to the kitchen room without even waiting for a reply.

Lucky knew why he did, and found it adorable. She had never been very popular with stallions, but knowing that this cute one found her attractive, even sexy, filled her with mirth. She couldn't remember the last time a stallion had paid any kind of attention to her, but this one certainly wasn't going to get away from her.

She had planned this scenario out multiple times in her head. She would "unintentionally" arouse him with her enormous teats, point out his stiff erection with fake surprise, apologize for "unknowingly" causing it and comfort him, and offer to "help" him with it.

Lucky trotted over to him, biting her lip in anticipation as she eyed the throbbing pole between Brann's legs. He flinched with dread as he heard her coming towards him. Before he could move away, she quickly moved right next to him and pressed herself into his side. The momentum from her sudden stop caused her hefty udders to sway and brush lightly against his stiff pole.

Consecutive splattering noises coming from below started filling Lucky's ears as she saw the embarrassed look on Brann's scrunched-up face. A deep blush adorned her face as she noticed that the brief contact between her oversized teats and his erect shaft was too much for poor Brann, and caused him to erupt onto the floor.

Lucky's astonishment turned to concern as she felt Brann shudder and convulse with every load he spurt onto the kitchen floor, hearing barely audible apologies uttered through his clenched teeth. Her ears drooped as she quickly surmised that she may have went too far with teasing the scrawny unicorn.

Lucky didn't bother looking down at the growing sticky puddle she caused him to make, instead deciding to comfort him for what she made him do. She rubbed her chubby body into his side, meekly trying to console him with words of flattery and encouragement.
12/12/15 02:10AM
Cookie Crumbles: Infidelity

For this year's Family Appreciation Day, a special gathering between the families of the Harmony Bearers was organized by the combined efforts of the Princesses and good ol' Pinkie Pie.

While most of the former's parents and siblings were in Canterlot Castle's ballroom mingling with each other, one unicorn husband in particular had his attention focused on the wife of another. Both their spouses happened to be somewhere else in the room, busy conversing with the other guests about recent events.

Night Light was currently standing next to a nearby punch bowl, watching as Cookie Crumbles stuffed her face with numerous slices of cake. He didn't know why, but he couldn't help but watch as the portly mare devoured those cake slices with a mirthful smile on her frosting-covered muzzle, causing the tight white pants she wore to strain more and more against the enormous haunches contained within them.

While Cookie Crumbles seemed oblivious to her backside swelling rapidly from to the constant intake of sugar, Night Light was unable to take his eyes of of them. Even now, he could already see her twin cheeks bulging out the top of her pants, an obvious sign that the swells of gelatinous flesh were steadily stretching the elastic fabric composing it past it's limits.

It was only a matter of time before it would start to...


Due to the sheer volume of the various voices echoing through the large room, Night Light was the only one to hear Cookie's pants tearing due to the close distance. An almost comical mix of astonishment and embarrassment was plain on her face as she immediately realized what happened.

Fortunately for her (and to Night's slight disappointment), only a few medium-sized tears were visible. Aside from the various bulges of pillowy assfat poking through the tears in her ruined pants, he could also see what appears to be a red thong wedged in-between the deep crevice of her exposed rear.

A lewd image of Cookie's massive pink globes, unobstructed by the torn pants entered his head, rendering him oblivious to the world around him. He was unable to notice the owner of said fat rump approach him until she addressed him directly.


Night Light was brought out of his perverted thoughts by the pudgy mare suddenly standing in front of him. To his displeasure, he also noticed that a certain part of his anatomy had started to unsheath itself, but not enough to be seen clearly.

"If its not too much trouble, do you mind helping me with something in private? I would ask my husband, but im afraid I can't seem to find him."

Night Light nodded wordlessly to Cookie's request, knowing it would most likely involve replacing those torn pants. For some reason, he had no problem with forgetting about his own wife and focusing on another.

"Fantastic! Come with me to the bathroom, I think there was one right outside this room."

Night Light followed Cookie Crumbles out of the ballroom and into the nearest hallway, never taking his eyes off the twin swells of pink posterior she possessed. His stiffening member gradually unsheathed itself as they trotted to the nearest bathroom, and grew to full mast by the time they reached its open door.

Night Light watched her enter the bathroom, finding himself too distracted by the mountainous rump jiggling wildly in Cookie's torn pants to follow her inside. At this point, his erection was standing proudly from his sheath, begging to be smothered by the pillowy flesh of the pudgy unicorn's plump cheeks.

"Well? Don't just stand there! Come!"

The utterance of that word "come" made Night Light's erect stallionhood twitch involuntarily in response, feeling a sizable strand of precum escape his swelling tip as looked at Cookie with a rather flustered expression.

"I said come! Come!"

Night Light followed Cookie inside, noticing that the swollen head of his stiff cock oozing a small trail of sticky pre onto the pristine floor with every powerful throb. With the way she obliviously had him so aroused with her titanic ass, the married stallion wasn't sure he would be able to resist trying to mount her. Thoughts of his beloved wife Velvet weren't helping either, only being drowned out by the enticing sight of the enormous pink rump jiggling in front of him.

"In case of emergencies like this, I tend to have a spare set of pants in my bag. Could you help me get these darn things off first."

Not even bothering to turn around, Night Light made sure to close and lock the door behind him with his magic before attending to Cookie's torn pants. Using his teeth, he took a firm hold of its intact waistband and slowly pulled them downward.

As more and more of Cookie's plump ass was exposed to the open air, his nose briefly found itself wedged between the twin swells of gelatinous flesh. While the chubby mare giggled from the ticklish feeling of his hot breath slipping into her sweaty asscrack, the mild sensation of indescribable softness had aroused the married stallion behind her even further.

"Hee, hee! For a second, I thought these things were gonna pop right off! I don't know how to thank you..."

Night Light strongly contemplated on telling the ditzy unicorn to let him leave before the indecent exposure to her bare ass caused him to blow his load all over her thighs, but managed to restrain himself from doing so. As for his heightened libido on the other hoof, he was at his limits now that the torn pants were finally off her.

Without the torn pants obstructing Night Light's view, Cookie's fat ass was on full display to him. The red thong he saw her wearing earlier was now fully visible within the soft cleavage of her plump pink cheeks, complimenting the already highly arousing display but doing next to nothing to cover her marehood.

As Night Light proceeded to help Cookie put on the spare pants, he found more than his nose buried even deeper into her enormous rump. The pillowy globes engulfed a good portion of his muzzle, prompting him to inhale deeply through his nose in a panic. This would prove to be a fatal mistake, as his nose happened to be pressed against Cookie's plump lips. The irresistible musk filled his senses, destroying any semblance of self-restraint and instinctually compelling him to rear up and mount her.

"Good heavens, my shirt doesn't need taking off... Oh my!"

A deep blush spread across Cookie's open muzzle as she finally caught a glimpse of Night Light's erect member, but it was already too late. His forelegs were wrapped tight around her rotund midsection, and his turgid cocktip was already smearing globs of precum against her moistening lips. One hard shove forward was all it took to bury his entire member deep inside her exposed pussy, grunting in long-awaited satisfaction all the while.

As soon as Night Light hilted every inch of his throbbing meat inside of Cookie's tight cunt, he could already his hefty sack tingle with the promise of sweet release. Right now, he didn't care he was cheating on his wife, or the fact that his stallionhood was buried inside the wet snatch of anothers. He was going to spill his seed, and the married mare that drove him mad with adulterous lust was going to receive every last drop in compensation.

Night Light pressed his hips firmly into Cookie's mountainous posterior, and ground his pelvis into their immense softness as he felt his orgasm crash down upon him. His sack tightened against his groin, and the generous amounts of potent seed building in his loins began to rush out of his twitching cock, and release into the soaking pussy clamping down tightly onto it.

Night Light sighed in euphoria as his testes emptied themselves of the hot cream brimming inside them ever since he first laid eyes on Cookie's enormous flanks. Watching the massive pair of pillowy globes jiggle in those constricting white pants aroused him more and more until he was eventually driven into committing what should be the unthinkable.

As for Cookie herself, she was unable to respond. The sensation of hot seed repeatedly splattering across her soaking depths left her plump body shuddering with carnal bliss. It didn't seem to bother her that it was the sperm of someone else's husband that was pooling inside her, or that there was a good possibility of being impregnated with his foal from all the potent seed flooding into her womb.

Said stallion also had his snout buried in the back of Cookie's head, savoring the strong fragrance of her beehive shaped hair like a shameless pervert. She should be trying to shake Night Light off her back, to escape the tight hold his forelegs had on her pudgy waist, but instead she stood in place and allowed Night to breed her.

Not a single coherent thought was going through Cookie's pleasure-addled mind, only the feeling of overwhelming ecstasy brought on by the countless ropes of sticky spunk spurting into her. She sighed in relief as the torrent of hot seed started to taper off, and Night Light started to pull his softening stallionhood halfway out of her used entrance, only to squeal in surprise as he suddenly slammed back into her.

The forceful re-entry of Night Light's member, which quickly grew stiff and turgid once more, caused Cookie's forelegs to lose their footing and sent her front half tumbling down to the bathroom floor.

With Cookie's face pressed into the ground, her plump backside was stuck out for the still horny stallion behind her, who had every intention to rut her as much as his arousal-driven body would allow him. With the much needed privacy given by the sound-proof bathroom they were in, it seemed they had all the time in the world.

Every urgent collision Night Light made with his hips pounding into Cookie's fat ass sent ripples through the sea of soft pillowy flesh, which filled both their ears with the enticing smacking noises resulting from the constant impact.

With both partners engulfed by the carnal bliss brought on by their frantic mating, Night Light was compelled to look down and see how Cookie was doing. With his throbbing tool rapidly plunging in and out of her gushing hole, Cookie was desperately gasping for breath against the floor with a strong blush on her face.

With his wandering eyes moving lower, Night Light found himself marveling at the erotic sight of the immense pink globes rippling like gelatin under the repeated pounding. The mesmerizing view wound up spurring him on even further, galvanizing him into giving Cookie an even harder rutting that steadily intensified in force and vigor until it left the sweaty, panting mess under him practically paralyzed from the series of mind-numbing orgasms coursing through her.

Big Mac x Velvet: Infidelity

Velvet could only cry out in a conflicting mix of self-loathing and utter satisfaction as she leaned her front half towards the shimmering castle floor, and allowed the orange-maned stud to worship the shapely grey haunches she shamelessly displayed to him. His tongue glided across both of her quivering asscheeks, silently marveling at the taut yet pillowy feel of each soft buttock while periodically giving her glistening marehood a brief lapping up of its pungent juices.

With an unobstructed view of the massive stallionhood standing fully erect between Big Mac's toned forelegs, Velvet was also compelled to massage his throbbing meat with the magic aura she could barely manifest under the strong stimulation he provided her. A brilliant cerise-colored glow engulfed the entirety of his turgid length, making it lurch and sputter out precum from its swelling head as it was stimulated in turn.

Because of Velvet's otherwise thorough masturbation of his thick pole however, Big Mac could already feel his first orgasm welling up in his loins, ready to release into the nearest orifice he could sink it into. The raw pleasure combined with his impending climax quickly consumed the bulky farmer, and compelled him through overwhelming breeding instinct to plug his leaking shaft into Velvet's dripping hole before it was too late.

The moment Velvet felt Big Mac's face leave her plush backside, she knew what was about to happen. Inwardly, her grief at her infidelity was quashed as she shamelessly stuck her rump out as far as her hips would allow. She immediately felt a strong pair of toned forelegs wrap firmly around her midsection while she felt the oozing tip of his rigid tool make its forceful entrance into her welcoming marehood. A thorough squeeze around his shaft was all it took to milk out his seed by the time he somehow managed to hilt himself all the way into the adulterous unicorn.

Shining Armor x Cup Cake: Infidelity

Unbeknownst to his parents, Shining Armor was also engaging in blatantly adulterous behavior behind his respective spouse's back in order to rut another's.

Unlike Cookie Crumbles, the only form of clothing Mrs Cake had was a yellow apron adorning the front of her pudgy body, which left her massive blue backside put on display to the entire world. While most attendees of the party couldn't help but take notice of such a ponderous plot she possessed as she trotted by, Shining was the only one who found himself too overwhelmed with raw lust to try and ignore it.

From the unobstructed view of Mrs Cake's wide ass, Shining could see how large and full each mountainous cheek was, to the point where her leaking genitalia was completely hidden within its deep crevice. Hanging below such and enormous backside was her equally hefty teats swaying pendulously between her thick hindlegs, constantly sloshing audibly with the sweet milk she fed her twins daily.

Shining could only shudder with nearly excruciating sexual desire in the presence of such a heavily arousing sight that Mrs Cake offered to him, while his painfully stiff member yearning to be nestled inside her dripping cunt with the way it was almost trembling outside its sheath. The baker's wife had an almost fertility goddess-like quality to her out of shape build, and Shining's almost desperate need to claim her was accentuated with how his throbbing arousal was currently leaking its potent essence onto the ground like a broken faucet.

Finally mounted on Mrs Cake's flabby back, the first insistent thrust Shining made with his hips caused his errant stallionhood to find itself squished between her sweaty teats. As his swollen tip poked out the other side of the heavily engorged mammaries squishing around the base of his rigid shaft, a sizable strand of precum had suddenly escaped his quivering sack, only for it to splatter and smear into the fur of her paunchy gut as he pulled it back out.

The second thrust Shining made had managed to make its mark, with his leaking member beginning to make its plunge into the deep crevice of ponderous pillowy assfat Mrs Cake presented so eagerly. Even with only the oozing head swallowed by her slightly loose, yet still enticing marehood, her bountiful backside was already firmly squished into by his hips insistently pressing forward.

By the time Shining's persistence in fully penetrating Mrs Cake's needy cooter had finally won out, his needy cock was swallowed all the way into her moist depths while his pelvis had managed to part the immense blue globes, and their immense softness enraptured the front of his midsection in sultry bliss.

Shining was intent on ensuring that Mrs Cake's ponderous belly grew round and taut with his own foal, so he wasted no time in vigorously smacking his hips into her humongous hindquarters. The sounds of lewd wet slapping produced by his toned, muscular hips repeatedly impacting into the large derriere of the baker's wife below him was music to her ears, as was the squeals of poorly-concealed joy escaping her muzzle.

Carrot Cake x Princess Cadance: Infidelity

Mr Cake could barely even remember what led to his current predicament, only knowing where he was and what he was doing.

His lanky form was mounted on top of Princess Cadance, repeatedly smacking his hips into her pink pillowy rear in the blind rutting frenzy that the two were completely consumed by. His turgid member was rhythmically caressed and squeezed tight as it rapidly sank in and out of her moist lovehole, reprociating the eager milking around his throbbing length with the dollops of pre sputtering across her soaking depths.

Mr Cake wanted to stop, to put his debaucherous behavior with Cadance to a premature end before things escalated, but her wet cunt just felt so young and tight squeezing around his stallionhood compared to his beloved wife's aged marehood, that he just couldn't bring himself to stop thrusting.

Flash Sentry x Fluttershy's Mum:
12/12/15 02:11AM
Chubby Femrover:
12/13/15 09:32PM
Chubby Nightmare Rarity:
Chubby Rarity:

Nightmare Rarity was lounging in her royal study, with her fat body resting contently on her large red cushion. Because she had her current host's tendency to have "comfort food" to deal with every stressful situation she came across, it was not long before she found herself gaining weight as she dealt with the aftermath of confronting and imprisoning the Harmony Bearers and their Princesses.

Fortunately for her, she had other means of reliving stress, and her new personal servant had just entered the room with the intention of assisting her.

Spike had just walked in, carrying a tray full of assorted pastries in his claws and a stiff erection throbbing painfully between his stubby legs.

Nightmare licked her lips hungrily as she stared at the young dragon's erect penis. It was magically altered to resemble a fully grown stallion, standing at 18 inches and leaking precum from its swollen head.
12/25/15 09:42PM
Shining Armor x Queen Chrysalis:

After a tense negotiations between the Equestrian Leaders and the Hive Queen of the Changeling Swarm, the ongoing conflict between the two races had been ended on peaceful terms. As part of the agreement, their leader Queen Chrysalis has taken residence within Canterlot Castle while her changelings were integrated into Equestrian society.

It wasn't long before Chrysalis decided to take advantage of her new Equestrian Princess title in order to spend her free time conversing with Shining Armor during his breaks, much to the ire of his wife Princess Cadence. And despite what she had put him and his wife through, the Royal Guard Captain felt a growing physical attraction towards the flirty Queen.

Of course, Chrysalis was more than capable of sensing the adulterous feelings Shining had towards her, and was not above teasing him when they were all alone...

The two were currently in Cadence's bedroom, with Cadence absent from the Castle due to a much needed appointment with her personal doctor. Chrysalis was on the heart-shaped bed with Shining Armor, nuzzling her muzzle against his reddened cheeks while subtly snacking on the feelings of growing arousal he had.

During their private time, Shining Armor asked Chrysalis why she insisted on being so close to him like this, especially when she knew he was married.

"Why do I like being around you? Well, I happen to enjoy being in the company of a handsome young stallion such as yourself."

The way Chrysalis was whispering seductively into his ear only made the stiffening member he was trying to hide from her under his belly throb more painfully.

"Plus, I think it's cute how you seem to try and shy away from me whenever I get close, like a meek little colt."

"And I find it absolutely adorable how you think I don't notice the erection hiding under your belly."

"Ha ha ha! Did this naughty queen make the ever so noble and virtuous Guard Captain pop a stiffie?"

"I thought so. All the time we shared while I was disguised as Cadence left you with such a strong lust for my beautiful body."

"I can hardly blame you, though. Many a stallion was left craving my tight pussy like a drug after a single night in bed..."

"Come to think of it, I assume thats what comes to your mind whenever I'm close to you isn't it?"

"You think of the heavenly feeling of my marehood enveloping every inch of your turgid member within its velvety softness, all too eager to surrender your gooey essence to its welcoming depths...

"But, I'm getting ahead of myself! Enough about you, I wish to hear what you find attractive about me."

"Never mind Cadenza! Just tell me what you think of me!"

"You feel lost within my emerald green eyes? You can't get enough of my sultry voice? Hmmm..."

"Shining, you must relax. There's nothing with a married stallion giving compliments to another mare."

"In fact, I feel like you deserve a reward for showing such honesty. Let me see if I can do something about that bothersome erection of yours."

"Oh hush, you're not cheating on Cadenza, I'm merely assisting you with a problem, as any other dear friend would do. Now relax..."

"That's it. Let the sweet pleasure course through it."

*Giggle* "It makes such a cute little noise whenever it slaps into your belly like that. And its smearing so much pre all over your coat! You really can't help yourself, can you?"

"You're getting so close now, I can sense it. The way your sack is clenching tightly against your groin makes it oh-so clear."

"...what are you doing, Shiny? You know it's not healthy to hold it in, and leave yourself so pent up, do you?"

"For your sake, you must let it all go. You need to let all that stress and anxiety just spurt right out of you. Please, Shining? Do it for me, for your beloved queen."

It was all too much.

"...There you go! Good boy! Let it out, let it all out! Every single drop!"

"Don't worry yourself over such trivial concerns, just focus on the intoxicating feeling of sweet release! Allow it to consume you."

"Now, didn't that feel better?"

"Hm? Oh, don't worry about the floor, I'm certain the maids will take care of that."

"Oh dear. My dear Shining, it seems that your little soldier is still standing proud after such a thorough milking."

"Do you want me to take care of it again? I'm more than happy to, but exhausting such a stubborn erection would require a much more effective method. A method that, I'm certain you are familiar with already."

"That's right, Shining! I'm talking about good, old-fashioned lovemaking to take care of that pesky stallionhood! In fact, I'm certain that's why it remains so painfully erect."

"Because deep down, you yearn to bury yourself in my sweet cunt once more despite our past greviances."

"And too be honest, I've gone far too long without feeling those strong hooves of yours holding me tight, while that massive member fills my tight little hole with raw pleasure..."

*Mock Gasp* "Oh no, look at what I've done! I had gotten carried away again, and now I've gotten you so tense like before!"

"There's just no getting around it, then. My beautiful body is all yours for tonight. Go on and rut me to your heart's content."
01/02/16 06:21AM

The little zebracorn loved Princess Cadence so much.

The innocent colt had been adopted by Cadence some time ago, as her new foster son and her new "apprentice of love". It did not take long for him to develop a strong attraction towards her, often requesting hugs and kisses from her and enjoying the "funny feelings" that often resulted from them.

One day, Cadence finally noticed the zebracorn's feelings towards her through a twitching erection that poked her stomach during one of their hugs. She brought him to her bedroom, and explained what the "funny feelings" really were.

Cadence told the zebracorn his feelings were perfectly natural, and decided to teach the young colt about mating by allowing him to use her body. For her special lesson, she teleported them both to a lush garden, where she could teach him in privacy.

It did not take long for Cadence and her adoptive son to go over the respective genitals males and females had, and were currently going over breeding.

The zebracorn was really liked his breeding lesson, and Cadence was elated that he was enjoying it. His breeding lesson basically amounted to rutting freely in lush nature without a care in the world.

The zebracorn was thrusting frantically into his adoptive mother's backside, feeling indescribable pleasure course through his body with every plunge into her welcoming marehood. He loved the feeling of his rigid length was repeatedly engulfed by the motherly alicorn's wet pussy.

Cadence looked back at him with a warm smile, giggling as she noticed him wagging his tail like an exited puppy as he rutted her.

"Who's my sweet little colt? Who's my naughty little stud? You are! Yes you are, my little schmoopy poopie!"

Cadence felt the young zebracorn's member twitch inside her from her "encouragement", and squirt strands of precum from its leaking head.

It wasn't long into their "private time" that the zebracorn could feel a pressure steadily growing in his loins. Cadence was able to tell he was close from his blunt cocktip swelling inside her, and eagerly told him to keep it buried inside.

"Ooh, its coming out already? Is mommy gonna make it come out? Let it out inside mommy, dear. Let it all come out."

The zebracorn grinded his crotch into Cadence's soft flanks, and felt something warm and sticky erupt out of the pulsing head of his twitching member. He moaned to the sky as the sticky fluids shot out of him and deep into her welcoming snatch.

Cadence's wet marehood contracted tight around his twitching length, lovingly milking her young little colt's spurting shaft of every last drop of seed.
01/02/16 06:21AM
Balanse Gato:

Ponyville's resident scientist had recently been experimenting with hormone growth using potions she had procured using Zecora's assistance. Unfortunately, the former had underwent an accident due to her disregard for the shamanistic zebra's warnings of handling said potions carefully.

The result was Gato's mare bits being replaced with a new set of fully functioning male genitalia and a greatly heightened libido, the latter of which greatly urged her to find a wet orifice to sink her erect tool into. After exiting her lab and wandering aimlessly through the quiet town in a lust-addled haze, she found herself trotting into Sweet Apple Acres.
01/02/16 06:21AM

Warning: Incest

Ever since Diamond Tiara's recent weight gain, her father was unable to keep himself from thinking perverted thoughts about his pudgy daughter. His eyes would roam the soft curves of her overweight body, and he would find himself with an erection every time.

It did not take long for Diamond Tiara to notice, and she decided to take advantage of it for her own benefit. The naughty filly would start to seduce her father into rutting her, and then blackmail him into giving her what she wanted.

Filthy Rich and his daughter were in the former's study. Diamond Tiara had demanded a visit to Canterlot's Royal Gardens and knew he would object to it, so once again, she seduced him and were currently rutting like wild animals.

Filthy Rich's twitching stallionhood was buried deep inside her daughter's young pussy, furiously fucking her fat filly with his forelegs wrapped tightly around her rotund midsection.

He was repeatedly smashing his hips into her massive ass and sending ripples through her gelatinous thighs. Her massive gut wobbled with every collision, and the squeaks and squeals Diamond Tiara uttered spurred him on further.

Her underage cunt squeezed his throbbing dick tightly, smothering every inch with sweet pleasure and driving her father closer and closer to his impending orgasm.

The steadily growing pressure in his loins finally reached its peak, and with one final thrust, he hilted inside Diamond Tiara's tight snatch and released. His pelvis squished into his daughter's fat buttcheeks as spurt after spurt of his incestuous seed fired deep inside her and flooded her insides.

Diamond Tiara giggled as she felt her father shudder with every burst of hot cum spurting into her. The naughty filly was certain he would want to go again after dinner.

After almost a minute, Filthy Rich's orgasm faded away, and pulled his softening member out of her pudgy daughter with one backwards movement. As his thick semen flooded out of the used orifice, Diamond took a brief look at her father's flaccid member and saw it glistening with their shared fluids.

After removing the evidence of the incestuous act, they proceeded to leave the study. As they descended the stairs to the kitchen room, Diamond Tiara reminded her father about his "promise" and asked if he was going to make her desired vacation happen.

All Filthy Rich could do was nod in confirmation, too ashamed to even speak as his daughter "squeed" in joy.
01/02/16 06:21AM

Warning: Scat

During the last Gala, Eris was (seemingly) kind enough to conjure an entire week's worth of cake and sweets for Celestia. The gluttonous alicorn had eaten it all in one sitting, to the point where her once taught and lean stomach had bloated out. Her now swollen belly was visibly distended, wobbling like gelatin with every step she took.

It was not long before her stomach began to groan with a steadily rising pressure, demanding that she answer nature's call and unload all the quickly digested confections.

She decided to be patient at first, holding it in as she wanted to stay behind and enjoy the royal ball until it ended. However, as the night wore on, Celestia's calm face was replaced with a look of desperate urgency.

Eris was fully aware of her "growing need" and proceeded to make her discomfort worse for her own amusement by tricking her into eating food she claimed was to help settle her stomach, but were actually made with oats and prunes. She was overcome with laughter as she watched Celestia "do the Potty Dance" in her increasing need for relief, and encouraged her little ponies to "dance" the same as she did.

It wasn't long before she hastily excused herself, giving Eris one last glare before she teleported away.

She rushed to her bedroom, only to find that her "royal throne" was being renovated, and so was Luna's. Sweat covered her face as she frantically paced back and forth through her bedroom, trying to think of where to go while straining to withhold the growing pressure in her bloated abdomen from exiting her royal pucker.

In her desperation, she decided to teleport to the Royal Gardens. She decided that even if she must relive herself like an undignified animal, at the very least nobody will have to see her do it.

Celestia was currently trotting through the Gardens, desperate to find a good spot to leave her "droppings". She left her crown and regalia back in her bedroom, as she didn't want them dirtied.

Celestia's backside emitted small squeaks, toots, and the occasional bass note as she trotted deeper into the lush garden, urgently searching for the right area.

She found a nice big bush, and silently begged forgiveness from the poor plant as she pointed her haunches towards it. Her puckered asshole spread open as she bent over, ready to let loose her foul waste onto it. She squeezed, and felt a torrent of excrement erupt out of her backside and splatter onto the oversized shrub.

Celestia blushed deeply, embarrassed at having to defecate in nature like a feral canine, and shamed herself when she realized that she was deriving pleasure from the shameless act. She felt her musky juices dripping down her hindlegs, showing her sexual excitement from using the Royal Gardens as her personal toilet.

What would her little ponies think of her if they saw her now, their crown princess and Goddess of the Sun, defecating onto a bush like a simple beast and even deriving pleasure from it?

For a brief moment, she envisioned several perverted stallions surrounding her. They were watching her, their faces showing not disgust, but sick arousal as they masturbated to the depraved sight of their Solar Princess shamelessly defecating in nature. Their grunts and groans filled her ears as their erect members squirted ropes of their thick seed onto the grass nearby, and the enticing smell of their salty musk would mix with the rancid smell of her excrement.

She closed her eyes tight, struggling to suppress her moans as her rear rocketed the brown waste out of her asshole and onto the bush.

Her body shuddered with pleasure and relief as the pressure in her swollen tummy was released from her behind. Eventually, the thick brown coils spewing from her backside gradually lessened in volume, until finally she was done.

Celestia squeezed a few more times to make sure she was done, meekly giggling to herself and whispering "excuse me" with a deep blush on her face when small squeaks and toots came out.

After wiping her rear clean with a few nearby leaves, she anxiously checked her body to see if it was still bloated. She was relieved as she saw that her figure was slim and taut again.

Curious to see just how much had came out, she looked behind herself, only to gasp in sheer astonishment at the surprisingly large mess she had made.

The large bush was gone, completely buried under the mountain of feces that came out of her. Her muzzle wrinkled at the truly rancid smell that emitted from it. Despite the disgusting sight, knowing she had produced the massive pile of foul-smelling manure had left her with an odd sense of pride.

Celestia heard a noise from behind her, followed by a familiar chuckle. She turned around, only to find herself staring into Eris's mismatched eyes. She jumped in surprise, almost slipping and falling into the large pile of brown waste behind her. She slapped her face and laughed in response, criticizing her for being so easily scared.
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