10/26/15 10:00PM
A small group of female minotaurs:

In order to bolster the Royal Guard's effectiveness during times of crisis, a veteran mercenary group specializing in various weapons and combat tools had been employed in order to assist in training and exercise.

The minotaurs were to begin their new job after the Princesses finished arranging the training schedules for the next month, so they were free to explore the castle grounds with the Royal Assistant in the meantime.

Unsurprisingly, one of the beefy minotaurs insisted on "testing the Assistant's masculinity" as they were browsing through the castle armory's selection of weapons. Her decision to do so was spurred on by the sight of his turgid erection, aroused to full mast from the enticing view of the twin sets of huge breasts jutting from her bare chest.

Because the minotaur in question was almost three times the aroused human's height, the latter also got a good view of her exposed genitals. Regardless, she saw fit to get on her knees and use a nearby poleaxe as leverage in preparation for her first "test".

Using the axe's pole, the minotaur hoisted the human up towards her drooling muzzle, allowing her hungry maw to reach his leaking member. Her thick lips immediately clamped down his entire length, and started sucking the rigid flesh like a straw. Sensual hums of elation filled her partners ears as she tasted the salty globs of precum splashing onto her tongue.

As the stream of sticky pre spread across the inside of her mouth, the minotaur could feel her fat bovine pussy squish into the cold stone floor, leaking a growing pool of musky juices on its pristine surface. She could also feel each one of her thimble-sized nipples stiffen in response to the steel pole pressing into her sweaty udders.

The minotaur ground her nose into the human's pelvis when the twitching member held captive within her plush lips began to convulse and lurch against her wet tongue. She took a deep inhale, and the pungent mix of her saliva and his crotch sweat overwhelmed her senses along with the salty taste of sticky spunk flooded her drooling maw.

Because the minotaur was completely intoxicated by the overpowering salty taste and musky smell of the cock in her mouth, while the writhing human above her was busy squirting his seed down the minotaur's greedy gullet, the two were unable to notice the two sudden visitors that entered the armory.

The two minotaurs that made their entrance, while shocked and aroused by what they saw, at least had the courtesy to wait until their friend was finished guzzling down her partner's semen.

The human was relieved to be let back down, only to find his back pressed against a nearby wall, and the front of his naked body being ravished by a trio of wet tongues brushing across his bare skin. The first minotaur fervently brushed hers against his closed mouth, silently requesting a sloppy kiss from him while the other two coated his chest and lower body in saliva respectively.

While the first two minotaurs were content with where they focused their teasing efforts, the third took her sweet time in lavishing his throbbing erection with countless wet licks across it's underside. Pressing it firmly into his belly with the soft tongue, she was able to stimulate both his balls and his pulsing member in pleasure with long repeated strokes.

The small fountain of salty precum oozing from the saliva-drenched cocktip was an obvious signal of the Assistant's second orgasm quickly arriving, and the third minotaur lapping away at his throbbing pole could hardly wait. Her soft lips fastened tight around the first several inches, and a light suckle was all he needed to push him over the edge.

The Assistant moaned deeply into the mouth of the first minotaur, surprising her and the second as the third minotaur savored the thick ropes of semen spilling across her tongue. As she gulped it all down, she proceeded to engulf the rest of his spurting cock down to the hilt in order to ensure every sticky spurt goes down her throat.

Several visiting reindeers:

Canterlot was in the midst of another Hearth's Warming Eve celebration when surprise visitors from the North Pole arrived in need of assistance.

Nine busy reindeer, all female, had made an emergency landing outside the castle in order to seek magical repairs to their worn-out equipment, which worked in tandem with their unique brand of magic to grant themselves controlled flight and precise navigation through vision-inhibiting weather.

With the Royal Assistant registering the reindeer's equipment for immediate repair to the Canterlot craftsmen and magic scientists, all that was left to do was to wait patiently until further notice.

Some of reindeer however, were anxious and fidgety due to their desire to complete their task of delivering presents on time to the rest of the world, and found themselves unable to relax or stay still. While the Assistant was more than happy to help relieve them however he can, it was obvious what they would request of him to help "relieve stress" with the way they kept eyeing his flaccid member hungrily.

Applejack's barnyard animals:

The Royal Assistant was currently standing outside the barn-house of Sweet Apple Acres, struggling to rid himself of an intense hangover as he was using a nearby bathroom.

With the combination of the cider-drinking contest hosted by the welcoming Apple Family, and Applejack being given the hard rutting she requested while heavily inebriated, the hungover Assistant had found himself urinating in an indoor outhouse while its door was carelessly left open.

Unbeknownst to him, the visiting Apple Family members had brought several of their dogs as they visited the acres. They saw no reason not to, as they considered their canine companions to be family as well. As heartwarming as it sounded, the strong smell of the human's urine had alerted the dogs to the presence of a sudden visitor, and immediately set out to meet whoever it belonged to.

No sooner than the human exited the outhouse, the various dogs pounced on him, knocking him to the ground with a painful-sounding thud. As they had him pinned to the polished wooden floor, their nostrils picked up a musky scent coming from his flaccid member, quickly replacing their shared feelings of alertness and caution with a more primal feeling of excitement and arousal.

The human stuck under the excited dogs struggled to comprehend what had just happened to him as his head rose off the floor, only for the sight that greeted him immediately causing him to realize what had happened. He watched with sick fascination as the dogs standing above him took turns pressing their wet muzzles into his exposed cock, and finding themselves taking deep whiffs of its strong musk as if it was an addictive drug.

The human came to his senses in regards to the situation, and instinctively moved to cover himself with his hands. He found himself intercepted by the dog leaning on his shoulders, who turned its head and growled into his face, as if warning him not to disturb them with their little activity.

The human couldn't help but shudder with anxiety, knowing that the females giving him special attention this time were domesticated canine animals. While nervous of the potential outcome of his current situation, his fleeting hopes to escape the hungry-looking pack had abated as one of the dogs planted a wet lick across the underside of his soft member, which sent a jolt of pleasure through his body.

Before long, most of the surrounding dogs had joined the first in lapping up the human's growing tool, smothering the stiffening flesh in sticky saliva and causing him to writhe helplessly on the hallway floor. Coincidentally, the first dog who began the oral teasing on his turgid cock was also the first to get the first taste of precum starting to ooze from its swollen head.

The jolts of pleasure surging through the human's lower body was abruptly undertaken by a upsurge of intense euphoria human's member was suddenly engulfed to the hilt by the wet muzzle of one of the voracious dogs. The other dogs had moved their attention to his hairy sack in response, gently licking at the sensitive scrotum as if it were a delicious treat.

With the first dog already finding herself addicted to the human sperm leaking into her mouth, she planted her paws down firmly onto his pelvis and began to move her head back and forth in a hasty motion. Her instincts told her how close the human was to his imminent climax, and was clearly intent on sucking off his turgid cock until he finally gave her what she hungered for.

The intense oral stimulation given to his saliva-drenched genitals was finally too much, as the human found it impossible to last any longer and wound up giving in to the dogs and their relentless teasing. His orgasm hit him hard, and the dog repeatedly swallowing his member had her muzzle flooded with his thick seed in seconds.

The dogs below felt his balls contract against their tongues with every sticky load splattering into the first dog's mouth. The latter downed it all greedily, and started to feel a wetness dripping down her hindlegs that grew in volume with every audible swallow.

The Assistant's eyes were shut tight from the orgasmic pleasure assaulting his body, and after the dog's muzzle released his still erect member, the first thing his eyes met was the cushion-like cunt of the dog that happily gulped down his seed. Now too worked up to care, he proceeded to rear up and mount the horny dog, and both shuddered as his leaking head was already engulfed by her swollen lips.

The wet milking sensation already coaxing generous amounts of pre from the tip was more than enough to prompt the Assistant to slam the rest of his stiff cock inside the dog's tight pussy.

The surrounding dogs watched as one of their own mated fervently with the Assistant, panting furiously as their sweaty hips made countless collisions into each other. The passionate whines of the first dog intermingled with the collective howls of approval from the rest of the pack, gradually drowning out the enticing sound of wet slapping the pair's colliding hips made.
10/28/15 06:37AM
Equestria Girls:
Humanized Twilight Sparkle:

Human Rarity:

Human Gilda:

The Assistant rushed to the student bathroom as fast as he could when he received an invitation to the Gym's locker room by Canterlot High's top athlete and alpha bitch, Gilda.

Human Sweetie Belle:
The CMC (The Courageous and Magnificent Crusaders):

Sunset Shimmer's plan to turn the Royal Assistant against the entire school began without a hitch. All it required was the "help" of one of the Mane 6's siblings, and Sweetie Belle was the one to lend her eager help despite being informed of what was going to happen beforehand.

She was to be left alone with the Assistant in the teacher's lounge wearing nothing but a very exposing green sling bikini, with the groin area partially wedged between the lips of her hairless pussy for added measure. Knowing how his simple sex-centered mind worked, he would take his sweet time in ravishing her underage body until either Principal Celestia, Vice-Principal Luna, or any of the other faculty members arrived.

Hidden behind one of the lounge's doors, one quick peek confirmed the successful progress of her plan. A sweat-soaked Sweetie Belle was bent over one of the room's sleek wooden tables, allowing her petite pussy to be pulverized by the turgid member of the Assistant.

"And with that, their dear Assistant has devolved from shameless satyromania (male sex addiction) to full-on pedophilia!" Sunset said with smug satisfaction.

Previously eager to have the Assistant "make her a woman" as Sunset offered, Sweetie Belle could only lie limply on the table, focused on nothing but the addictive feeling of her underage cunt being ravaged mercilessly by the perverted Assistant standing behind her.

High-pitched squeals of pain and pleasure escaped Sweetie's open mouth in response to each resounding wet smack of his hips driving hard into her bare backside, with the constant impact causing her tiny cheeks to redden as they jiggled against his crotch.

"Please breed me, Mr. Assistant!" Sweetie begged as loudly as her tiny lungs would allow.

Sunset flinched at the rather crude exclamation spontaneously blurted out of Sweetie's mouth, and silently noting how the underage girl was able tell how close her partner was to blowing his load inside her.

The Assistant had seized her slim waist in a firm hold before granting her desperate request moments later after a drawn-out pelvic grind into her reddened ass. The trickle of sticky cream already oozing into her tight passage soon escalated into a rapid barrage of hot spunk pelting against her womb in numerous bursts, quickly overflowing the contracting orifice and squirting out onto both their thighs.

Sweetie's squeaky moans of orgasm-induced ecstasy resounded across the stuffy lounge, barely drowning out the sound of her tiny nails dragging across the coffee table's wooden surface. She and the Assistant unaware of the resulting scratch marks until they finally came down from their shared bliss.

Despite the superficial, but still visible damage done to the table, Sweetie Belle was more preoccupied with the delicious feeling of gooey warmth sloshing inside her belly, as well as the Assistant's throbbing meat nestled deep within her worn cunt.

Basking in her first afterglow, Sweetie Belle was content in resting her exhausted body upon the table's sleek surface while she savored the dull throbbing given off by the still turgid member buried inside her. In turn, the Assistant brushed one of his hands up and down her smooth back, savoring the satin softness of her skin and the constricting feel of her insides wrapped snugly around his manhood.

Because the Assistant was still brimming with sexual energy, he would've proceeded in engaging Sweetie Belle in another rousing round of illicit sex if not for the sudden noisy jostling of the lounge's locked door.

(Tomorrow Morning)

By the CMC's next scheduled weekend meeting, Sweetie Belle had brought the Assistant with her to their clubhouse. For that sunny summer day, the girls decided to forgo their usual hobby of trying to discover what they're good at in order to host their own private pool party.

Upon the Assistant's arrival, the three felt the need to discard the little garments they wore in order to share the same liberating feeling of constant nudity the former had. Of course, with their young and supple little bodies on full display to the purely lust-driven adult in their company, it wasn't long before the latter decided to give both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo a thorough deflowering.

Apple Bloom had went first, and was quickly down on all fours with her bare body bent over the inflatable pool while the Assistant behind her had both hands firmly grasping the sides of her small waist as he subjected her to the same dirty doggystyle dicking he had given Sweetie Belle.

What was previously a mix of anxiety and nervousness had now become an almost comical mask of sweet carnal bliss plastered on Apple Bloom's face, and the gentle sounds of the ever-present summer breeze brushing against their nude forms was soon drowned out by the wet smacking generated by her bare ass being pummeled repeatedly.

With Apple Bloom's tight cunny milking the rigid member buried inside it for all it's worth, the Assistant's shuddering body had soon reciprocated with a generous helping of sticky cream that quickly filled the entirety of her contracting depths. Unlike Sweetie Belle, only a tiny squeak escaped her in response to the torrent of thick semen flooding her insides.

"Ah f-feel him squirtin' somethin' hot n' sticky into m-me!"

Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo were sitting on the other side of the inflatable pool, watching with rapt attention as Apple Bloom quivered in place with each jet of hot spunk splattering into her womb. Both were eager to experience the same illicit attentions of the Assistant, as Sweetie could barely wait for her turn to arrive and Scootaloo couldn't help but relish at the knowledge that she was going next.

And with an eager smile on her face, she did. Scootaloo hastily moved to the front of the Assistant once Apple Bloom had managed to dislodge his persistent erection out of her used cunt, and moved out of their way. Being half his height, Scootaloo easily caught a brief glimpse of the mixed fluids coating his throbbing stiffness before he proceeded to lift her off the ground.

Not noticing the Assistant aligning his rigid member with her small slit, a look of anticipation was seen on Scootaloo's blushing face before being overridden by a sudden burst of overwhelming pleasure surging through her young body. Finding herself being hugged firmly into his bare chest, she could only bite her lip in response to the feel of every pulsing inch of his turgid meat being lodged deep within her.

Suspended in the air by the Assistant, the euphoric feeling of his cocktip already leaking warm pre directly into her uterus was compounded by the feel of her lips being captured in a surprise kiss. Being as tomboy-ish as Rainbow Dash, Scootaloo previously would've found the very idea of kissing "icky", but now she could only moan into the Assistant's mouth as she had received her very first kiss.

Once the Assistant started to piston his hips, Scootaloo's muffled moans steadily grew in volume from the mind-numbing combination of his member plunging in and out of her moistening pussy and his hairy sack spanking her tender backside over and over. Under the intense sexual stimulation the Assistant had coursing through her underage body, digging her tiny fingers into his hunched back was all Scootaloo could do in order to keep herself from crying out in deep pleasure.

But soon, Scootaloo simply couldn't help herself when her first orgasm hit her hard, and her little toes curled as ecstatic screams and whimpers had finally escaped her open mouth. As an intense euphoria coursed all throughout her quivering body, her gushing snatch gave the Assistant's cock one last push towards his own imminent climax with an almost urgent squeeze around his entire length. Following his own drawn-out grunt, a salvo of hot semen was had been unloaded directly into her womb.

Scootaloo had pulled her head back in response to the first jet of his sticky load spurted into her, and an erratic cry of pure bliss was uttered to the heavens with each successive spurt erupting into her squeezing depths.

Diamond Tiara:

Sunset was fuming. Her plan failed miserably.

She thought the Assistant would be caught for sure with his dick buried inside Sweetie Belle's nethers, but a stroke of luck saved them both from trouble.

Well, by stroke of luck, it was the common sense to lock the entrance to the teacher's lounge before they began their mating session. While Sunset was too stubborn to realize it, she instead came up with a plan similar to the first.

But this time, it would involve a much more obnoxious pre-teen that would surely go out of her way to get the Assistant in a world of trouble. For this, Sunset looked to Diamond Tiara for her "assistance" in her plan to get him out of the way in time for the school's dance.

Sunset would arrange for the Assistant to visit Diamond during her after-school ballet class, knowing he would be too gullible and too horny to distrust a note claiming to request his services as an exercise coach.

Knowing how it would likely play out, he would either be exposed trying to solicit sex from an underage minor, or be caught having illicit sex with an underage minor. With the bratty Diamond as the current pawn in her latest plan, she was certain the chances of this plan failing were next to impossible.

Ginger Snap:

While the plan with Sweetie Belle and Diamond Tiara failed, Sunset was certain this latest plan would work! If it didn't, then she was certain that the so-called law against public indecency was non-existent in this world.

Sunset would have the CMC enlist the help of the Royal Assistant to assist the Filly Scouts with selling cookies. She was certain that, seeing a naked man having sex with an underage Filly Scout in broad daylight will get favorable results for her.

However, this plan would also require a more direct involvement from her in order to ensure success. She went out to operate the Scout Troop's multi-purpose bike, which was currently tethered to a two-wheeled, stainless steel dolly carrying several heavy crates filled with the Filly Scout's cookies for their latest venture into the nearby suburbs.

Vice Principal Luna:

Sunset Satan:
10/29/15 03:50AM
Babs Seed:

Due to the combined efforts of Twilight Sparkle, her new friends, and the Royal Assistant, the Element of Magic had been recovered and Sunset Shimmer had been defeated and reformed. However, due to the intense burst of wild magic that purged Sunset from her demonic form, the Assistant had been transformed into an Equestrian earth pony.

After a bizarre turn of events, in which the Principal, Vice Principal, and a few others were made aware of his sudden transformation, said Assistant had become Canterlot High's new school mascot for the time being. In the meantime, Sunset was to look after him for the time being while she starts atoning for her previous misdeeds.

While Sunset herself was still widely distrusted, the Assistant had quickly grown popular amongst the female students, several of whom visited him in the school's band room whenever they got the time. He enjoyed being given so much of their attention, but the sensation of their soft hands roaming his equine body, and running their fingers through his chestnut brown coat tended to leave him pent up.

To be specific, the Assistant would always be left with a stiff erection protruding out of his new sheath, which was left unattended due to Sunset and the others wanting him to curb his lustful tendencies until they could change him back to normal.

Until then, he could only get away with a quick fondle from some of the more daring female students, whose hands wandered too far down in their admiration of his new quadrupedal form. Other than that, he reluctantly abided by the girl's wishes.

The Assistant's most frequent visitors were the little sisters (and in Rainbow Dash's case, surrogate little sister) of some of Twilight's friends, who would often insist on helping taking care of him for Sunset.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo all seemed devoted to spending as much time with him as possible, and the fact that the three were all (not very) innocent children unfortunately did nothing to whittle down his sex drive.

Sweetie Belle knew that the stallion she and her friends visited frequently was the same person who claimed her innocence and tried to "breed" with her and her friends until they could barely stand, and informed her friends about the unforgettable experience as soon as she could.

Now, the three adolescents were eager for more sex with the Assistant, and refused let his new equine form disuade them. They clumsily tried to coax him into mating with them, and he would remain stubborn in resisting their advances. At least until they invited over their special new friend.

It was Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed, who was visiting from Manehattan in order to spend some time with her relatives. After some problems relating to their so-called "nemesis" Diamond Tiara, they saw fit to introduce her to the Assistant.

While Babs Seed's light green eyes lit up with curiosity as they wandered up and down his equine form, the first thing the Assistant noticed about the young pre-teen was how she possessed a very large bust that was barely concealed by a tight orange sweater. The eye-catching way her massive chest bulged from the constricting fabric was too irresistible for him to ignore, and lewd thoughts were already forming in his head.

"Hey look, his thing is poking out again!"

Sweetie Belle was quick to point out the Assistant's thickening tool, throbbing powerfully out of its sheath and stiffening up against his belly, but he was already too worked up to care.

Before the four girls could react, the Assistant's snout was already buried into Babs' massive chest. Fortunately for him, the tight sweater had enough give to allow the oversized globes to envelop most of his muzzle with it's immense softness.

Babs could only blush with embarrassment as her large bosom was nuzzled into while her cousin and her best friends watched intently. The unusual spectacle caused the room to go silent for a brief moment, only for the lewd sound of the Assistant's erect stallionhood smacking noisily against his belly to resound across the room.

"Um... Oh, I know what he wants!"

Apple Bloom's face lit up as the other girls pondered on what she assumed the Assistant wanted. After making sure the room's doors were locked, she got behind Babs, grabbed hold of the underside of her orange sweater, and gave it a swift pull upward. The latter's enormous breasts, almost completely uncovered due to the thin white bra struggling to contain them, was now in full view.

The Assistant's teeth quickly clasped the front of Babs' thin bra, and a sharp yank was all it took to remove them and set her massive mounds free from their constricting spandex prison. Now completely unobstructed from view, the entirety of her soft jiggling boobflesh greeted his greedy sight along with her thick thimble-sized nipples, fully erect and practically begging for his attention.

Humanized Sunset Shimmer:

Principal Celestia:

"Mr Assistant, I feel there is something we must discuss regarding past events, regardless of your... present condition."

"It has been brought to my attention that you had partaken in sexual relations with my sis- Vice Principal Luna during a certain altercation between her and Twilight."

"I'm certain you are aware that engaging in that kind of behavior in my school, or any other for that matter, is highly unprofessional, illegal, and can easily result in arrest, expulsion, or worse."

"And as serious as this is, that is not the only thing I wish to discuss with you..."

"You see these!? These bountiful buns could have been yours, and yet you chose Luna instead!"

Human Rainbow Dash:

Human Fluttershy:

Tree Hugger:

Human Pinkie Pie:

Human Mrs. Cake:

The Dazzlings:
Sonata Dusk:

Aria Blaze:

Human Applejack:

Adagio Dazzle:

Dean Cadance:

Swimming Instructor Chrysalis:

Human Twilight:

Midnight Sparkle:

10/29/15 04:46AM

The Dazzlings that were banished a long time ago by Starswirl the Bearded, and defeated once more by Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and her Canterlot High friends have inexplicably reappeared in the Royal Throne room, back in their merpony-like siren forms.

Because they were close to powerless upon arrival, Adagio Dazzle and Aria Blaze were easily captured by the Royal Guards, but Sonata Dusk managed to escape.

Desperately seeking refuge from what she perceived as a death sentence, the scatterbrained blue siren found herself hiding in the bedroom of the Princesses Royal Assistant.

The unicorns of the Royal Guard were able to discover where she was hidden with the use of an intricate tracking spell, which the Royal Sisters used to follow her trail to their Assistant's bedroom. They hastily smashed the door open in fear for his safety, and what they saw beyond the broken down doorway left them completely speechless.

Sonata's sea serpent-like body laid sprawled out on the bed, panting desperately for air as the naked Assistant above her hugged her midsection with a tight grip while vigorously ramming his stiff member in and out of her welcoming pussy. Every deep plunge into her soaking wet entrance resulted in a resounding wet smack from his hips colliding into her groin, causing her pussy juices to gush onto his lower body and soak the mattress under them in generous amounts.

The submissive siren's hooves were at her sides, clinging tightly to the bed's sweat-soaked sheets as she struggled to retain the little awareness she had under the Assistant's merciless pounding. Her moist snatch clamped down tight on his rigid pole with every downward thrust into her, urgently squeezing and milking every inch of his twitching length in order to draw out the seed brimming in his loins.

The Princesses could only watch with sheer disbelief (and slight jealousy) as Sonata was rutted hard and fast into the damp bedspread with all the force the Assistant could muster. It was inevitable that their frantic mating would soon result in a powerful climax for the both of them, and the blue siren reached it before her partner.

The Assistant sunk balls deep into Sonata's thoroughly ravaged hole, allowing his contracting sack to be drenched in her plentiful juices and letting the tightening muscles in her gushing tunnel wring out the building orgasm out of his twitching rod.

As the heavily panting siren struggled to catch her breath, she felt the Assistant's legs wrap tightly around her lower body in order to hold her in place. Unable and unwilling to try and escape his lust-fueled grasp, she only had a brief moment to ready herself before she felt the first thick rope of cum fire into her wet cunt and splatter messily across her squishy insides.

With every powerful throb and pulse, the erect cock buried in Aria's soaking hole squirted countless volleys of his sticky load into her innermost depths. The torrent of hot splooge flooded her uterus to the brim and spilled out of the tight orifice in seconds, spilling down her sides and mixing with the small puddle of her natural juices on the bed.

Sonata could do nothing but writhe and scream in heavenly pleasure as the Assistant above her spilled every last drop of seed into her, and quickly drove her to a second climax as his own started to fade. By the time his faded, her gushing pussy was still desperately milking the softening length buried inside her, as if silently conveying her desire for another round of mating.

Of course, any chance of another mating session would have to wait as the Royal Sisters standing nearby wanted to have a little chat with Sonata as soon as she manages to catch her breath.
10/29/15 04:47AM
Humanized Celestia:

Princess Celestia was walking back and forth through her room, waiting to present a big surprise to her Royal Assistant. With Luna and Nightmare's help in searching the human's memories through his dreams, she developed a new shape-shifting spell designed to transform herself into a human female.

Celestia began to understand why the Assistant sometimes felt so self-conscious with his own constant nudity, as she felt a twinge of discomfort in her new hairless form. She was completely naked aside from her golden crown and necklace.

She quickly got over it and snapped her fingers, conjuring a full-body mirror to look at her curvaceous form.

She kept her vibrant multicolored hair and her lovely violet eyes, but now she had a beautiful amazon-like figure with an exotic olive tan, a bountiful bust, slim waist, wide hips, and long slender legs.

Aside from the obvious significant changes, what really grabbed her attention was how her enormous udders jutted proudly from her bare chest. Celestia took note of how much heftier they were as she cupped the immense globes in her soft palms. After giving each tit a nice firm squeeze, she gave her stiffening nipples a gentle tug, shuddering at how sensitive they remained as small jets of milk began to fly from the light-brown nubs.

After a few moments of playing with the hefty mammaries, Celestia turned around and took a glance at her rear. To her immense delight, her sun-emblazoned cheeks had seemed to grow as well, increasing in size and yet staying curvaceous and taut.

A lewd idea suddenly occurred to her, compelling her to put her hands on her knees and stick out her huge rump towards the mirror. Celestia began to shake her hips up and down, blushing with depraved glee as she watched the alluring cheeks smack into each other.

The slutty twerking motions filled Celestia's bedroom with perverted clapping noises, and she was so engrossed with the undignified action that she didn't notice the Assistant walk in on her.

Celestia immediately stood straight up when she heard the Assistant's bare feet patting against the marble floor. Her face held an almost comical mix of surprise and embarrassment as he approached her, witnessing her heavy breasts jiggle madly from the sudden movement, then quickly settled down.

The Assistant was standing right in front of her, mindlessly gazing at her voluptuous body with a deep blush on his face and a stiff erection pulsing between his legs. Celestia placed her hands on her sides, smirking at him with a obviously suggestive pose, elated that he found her naked form attractive.

After looking to make sure her bedroom door was locked, Celestia walked right up to the flustered Assistant with a seductive sway in her wide hips. Because she was now a foot taller than him, he was gazing directly into her massive tits. He was too entranced by the irresistible sight to notice his naughty Sun Princess begin to wrap her arms around him.

Before the Assistant knew it, Celestia had pulled him into an erotic embrace. He felt his naked body press against hers, and his head smothered between the warm cleavage of her enormous milksacks. She felt his member stiffen painfully against her flat stomach from the playful hug.

Celestia giggled with mirth as the lust-filled Assistant returned her hug, and bit her lower lip as she felt him sandwich his rigid shaft between the smooth flesh of her inner thighs. He clung to her tightly as he rapidly thrusted his twitching cock between her heavenly thighs, feeling his pleasure heighten as her musky sweat lubed his leaking shaft and made his movements easier.

At this rate, the Assistant wasn't going to last very long, and Celestia wanted to her own share of pleasure too. Resisting the strong urge to simply let him finish, she used her magic to cease his thrusting and levitated him off of her. She silently acknowledged the human's frustration, and and gave him a reassuring smile.

Celestia put the pent up Assistant down on the floor and walked towards her queen-size bed. She laid her back down on the edge of her bed and spread her slender legs, putting her soaking pussy in full view and making it quite clear to him that she wants him to finish inside her. He didn't waste any time, and positioned himself in front of her.

The Assistant placed his hands on Celestia's wide hips in order to grind the underside of his stiff length into her soaking entrance. In her impatience, she wrapped his throbbing member in her golden aura and alligned the leaking tip with her swollen lips. Her hands reached out and took a firm hold of his backside, and plunged him inside her with one strong pull.

They moaned in unison as every inch of the Assistant's pulsing rod was buried inside her. The velvety flesh of Celestia's soaked cunt squeezed around his erect shaft and milked globs of precum into her soft depths.

Celestia wrapped her legs around the Assistant's waist as he began to thrust in and out of her wet snatch. The immediate pounding into her dripping nethers caused the firm grip on her back to tighten. Every resounding collision between their sweaty bodies elicited moans and whimpers out of the olive-skinned Sun Goddess.

Humanized Luna:

Humanized Chrysalis:
10/30/15 12:46AM
Princess Twilight:

Ever since completing Starswirl the Bearded's unfinished spell and ascending to alicornhood in the process, Princess Celestia's royal student and protege Twilight Sparkle has recently become the newly crowned Princess of Equestria.

Unfortunately, Twilight's new responsibilities and unfulfilled desire to "play her part" alongside the other Princesses had left the adorkable young bookworm stressed and anxious.

Even managing to take care of the magic-hampering thorns swarming all throughout Equestria was viewed as a pyrrhic victory to her as the Elements of Harmony had to be sacrificed to resolve the problem. The recently uncovered Chest of Harmony, and the possibility of an even more formidable power contained within it had only restored some of her optimism.

Before departing back to Ponyville, Twilight had found some comfort in the company of the Royal Assistant during the last few days she spent in the Crystal Empire. She had overseen the Equestria Games with him and the other Princesses, and took him and Barb with her to the libraries after the closing ceremony.

While her dragon assistant was busy enjoying a Daring Do novel, Twilight was with the Assistant in the back of the library, browsing through their selection for anything interesting to read while suspended on a ladder. The human was right below her holding the ladder steady, and primed to catch her in case she slipped and fell.

Every now and then, Twilight would look down at the Assistant with a steadily growing blush on her face, taking obvious glances at the erection he had from the unobstructed view of her plump purple posterior. With every glance she took, the musky fluids dripping from her marehood and onto the top of the ladder would gradually increase in volume and create a small puddle near the human's bare feet.

Eventually, Twilight couldn't stand the unintentional teasing the aroused Assistant was putting her through, and promptly expressed her frustration in the same pouting manner she usually did.

"Ugh, I can't focus with that thing pointing at me! Back up for a minute."

The Assistant did what Twilight asked, and backed up slightly in order to give her room to step down to the floor. She never took her eyes of his rigid tool as she did so, and nearly slipped and fell as her shaky hooves made contact with the small puddle of her mare juices.

Barb, Twilight's dragon assistant:

Barb, again after her recent growth spurt:


The purple-maned fashionista couldn't believe her luck.

Not only did Eris insist on showing up during this year's Grand Galloping Gala, but the Chaotic Goddess had insisted on "inviting" a gem-eating slime monster to the yearly event and passing it off as her special guest. And now, because of her and that messy blob, her dress was completely ruined!

Fortunately for Rarity, the Royal Assistant had managed to retrieve her spare red dress from the spare room in Canterlot Castle she was staying in for the night. After he retrieved the fresh dress, she trotted into a nearby closet in order to put it on as soon as possible.

Before she used her magic to slip the fancy red dress on, a naughty idea entered Rarity's head. She stuck her foreleg out the closet door, and gestured for the Assistant to come in so he could assist her in putting it on for her.

With what happened earlier, the dainty white unicorn was in need of some "private time" with a nice stud to help mellow her out. With how helpful the Assistant is, she felt that he earned a little "reward" for taking a moment to aid her.

Rarity stood straight up on her hindlegs, giving the Assistant a good view of her sizable teats as she stretched her forelegs above her head in order to let him slip on her red dress. Her heart raced from the sensation of his hands brushing softly against her midsection and flanks as he slipped it on her, and gasped when she saw something stiff and hard suddenly enter her vision.

Rarity took a deep inhale as soon as her head finally poked through the top of her clean dress, and became flustered with the realization that the naked Assistant was already aroused. His twitching penis was standing erect in front of her blushing face, filling her scrunched nose with its strong musk. Her eyes were stuck to the dollop of precum oozing from his cocktip, hungrily licking her lips with full certainty that he wanted the same thing she did.


During the Apple Family Reunion, where the numerous relatives of the Apple Family gathered up at Sweet Apple Acres, the Royal Assistant had arrived in order to assist with the rebuilding of their beloved barn. After arranging for the resources needed for repair to be delivered as quickly as possible, he was welcomed to stay in gratitude and was soon roped into a cider-drinking contest.

Despite never even touching anything alcohol-related before, the contest ended with the Assistant somehow winning, but not without leaving him completely intoxicated by the contest's end. Nevertheless, Applejack insisted that he deserved a prize for winning, and escorted him into the barn with the intention on giving what it was to him there.

Normally, the Assistant would be fully aware of what such a "prize" he would be receiving due to his popularity with the country's mares, but he was currently unable to even tell where he was, let alone figure out that the so-called "prize" was the "good old-fashioned barn bucking" that Applejack had in store for him.

Even with the Assistant completely inebriated, Applejack couldn't help but blush at how his erection was already standing rigid due to the irresistible sight she was shamelessly presenting to him.

In front of the Assistant were the orange cowpony's generously-sized haunches, firm and toned from the countless hours of bucking apples each day, yet padded with enough pliable fat to give the the juicy orange globes a very enticing jiggle. She made sure every drawn out step she took made her wide hips sway side-to-side in a deliberately seductive manner for his viewing pleasure.

The two were currently in front of one of the barn's spare rooms now. As soon as they entered, they will have the rest of the night all to themselves. All Applejack would have to do is open it's door and proceed inside, as the drunk Assistant could barely stand as it is, let alone try to open it himself.

Pinkie Pie:

The normally hyperactive party pony was sulking alone in one of Canterlot Castle's spare rooms with her normally poofy hair deflated along with her cheerful mood, muttering self-depreciating comments to herself.

Pinkie Pie had visited Canterlot in the hopes of bringing Ponyville's "Smile Day" celebration to it's residents. Unfortunately, as much as they wanted to attend, the Princesses were unable to find time in their busy schedules to attend. She asked several of the nobles to come by too, but the good majority of them rudely ignored her, and the scant few politely declined her offer.

Unbeknownst to the depressed pink pony, the Assistant had found the time to visit her, and found her pouting in the middle of the room with her plush backside stuck in the air.

Pinkie Pie's swollen marehood and puckered asshole were on full display to the Assistant, causing his flaccid penis to stiffen to full mast from the arousing sight. As his erect member pointed at her pudgy pink flanks, a lewd idea of how to cheer her up came to his mind.

Pinkie Pie didn't notice the naked Assistant behind her until she felt his hands suddenly sink into her pillowy cheeks. She could only raise her head in surprise before she felt his stiffness jab into her exposed pussy.

As the Assistant buried every inch of his rigid cock into her marshmallow-soft cunt, he could see Pinkie Pie's deflated mane bounce back into its usual poofy shape. By the time her pillowy buns flattened firmly against his pelvis, she had become her cheerful, jovial self again.

Rainbow Dash:

10/30/15 10:34PM
Luna (Initially):

When the Royal Assistant began to develop a growing attraction to the mares around him, the Royal Sisters were the first to notice due to their frequent interactions with him in and out of their shared royal duties. When prodded, they claimed his constant nudity made it easy to understand him.

As Princess Luna happened to be the livelier of the two sisters, she wasted no time in playfully teasing the hapless Assistant at every opportunity when she found out. The mischievous Moon Goddess started making suggestive comments and lewd gestures towards him in order to try and coax erections out of his naked body, regardless of whether or not they were in public.

While Princess Celestia was seemingly against to the shameless behavior Luna exhibited towards the Assistant, the most the elder alicorn had done in response were to give stern verbal warnings, if only because she secretly found him adorable when flustered.

Princess Nightmare:

Princess Celestia:

The alabaster alicorn had only sought to relieve the Assistant of his stress before an important diplomatic meeting, and yet she couldn't help but quiver in her horseshoes. She reluctantly allowed him the use of her huge rear, but advised him to only look as in order to prevent herself from getting carried away, but the sounds of lewd stroking and low grunting assaulting her twitching ears did nothing to ease the growing sexual tension in the secluded room.

He was masturbating.

The Assistant was standing right behind Celestia, masturbating vigorously to the sight of her large rump being presented so shamelessly to him for his viewing pleasure. She could only stand with her back to him, blushing madly as she experienced a mix of shame, embarrassment, mortification, and (to her distress) a steadily growing feeling of lewd excitement at allowing herself to be used as a visual masturbatory aid.

It wasn't long before Celestia started to feel her own growing arousal start to trickle down her tensed hindlegs, and her blushing muzzle began drifting towards the ceiling while she bit her lip.

Celestia: (Hurry up... Please hurry up... Any minute now... Any minute now... The Assistant will...)

Something warm and sticky just smeared onto her flanks.

Hearing the Assistant's breathing grow short and labored, Celestia's blush grew even redder as she felt more and more jets of his musky ejaculate splatter across her sun-emblazoned haunches, feeling a mix of anxiety and relief at her sexual torment being over. She would require a shower and some "privacy" before setting off to the meeting room.

Celestia: (Oh, it's finally over... Thank you... Thank...)

To Celestia's surprise and horror, the sounds of lewd stroking had quickly resumed. She had forgotten to take the Assistant's higher-than-average sex drive into account, and in a fit of pique, she abruptly turned around and faced him, unintentionally sending several strands of white goop flying of her semen-coated asscheeks.

Celestia: "S-stop..."

Celestia eyed the Assistant with an almost pleading look in her eyes, seeing that he still had his still turgid member in his hands, but had stopped stroking as she asked.

Celestia: "Simply taking care of it yourself will not calm you, will it? So..."

Celestia trotted closer to the still pent-up Assistant, close enough that her snout caught an intoxicating whiff of the white beads of warm spunk still oozing out of his cocktip. She felt a powerful shiver travel down her entire body when his musk entered her nostrils, accompanied by an audible gush of her musky fluids squirting out of her dripping marehood.

In one fell swoop, Celestia gobbled down the Assistant's entire member, and proceeded to vigorously suck him off. She couldn't help but moan as she felt his entire length pulse and throb against her wet tongue, and downed his salty pre as it was oozing copiously out of his urethra.

True to her previous concerns regarding the Assistant, Celestia could feel her conscious mind slipping as her drooling maw milked his turgid member for all its worth, with her long-buried primal urges beginning to surface and the aching in her loins grew stronger. The trickle of her moist fluids running down her thighs was now a small river pooling onto the ground, which could only grow more intense as she felt his balls contract against her chin.

The moment she tasted the first strand of the Assistant's semen that made contact with her tongue, Celestia's self-restraint was all but destroyed. The rest of the world disappeared to her, and all that was left was the overpowering taste of seed repeatedly gushing down her throat.

Contrasting to the outwardly calm alicorn princess that was present in the beginning of their private session, Celestia was now running on pure lust and carnal need, with her pleasure-starved body driving her to suck out any last drops of seed the Assistant's still turgid pole managed to withhold.

Even as she put everything into milking his member dry, Celestia was astonished to find the Assistant still stiff and turgid. On the inside, part of her was horrified knowing she had no more self-restraint to exert over keeping her mind unobstructed, and the other was filled with mirth over the idea of him "helping" her with the same problem. Right now, the diplomatic meeting wasn't important anymore, instead was her dutiful Assistant giving her relief.

Luna (Fully Grown):

Princess Cadance:

You were the only human in Equestria. You have no idea how you arrived in this foreign new world, or why you were completely naked and injured on arrival. At the very least, the Princesses who governed it were generous enough to have their doctors treat your injuries, give you a place to stay in their castle, and even give you a job as their personal assistant.

You always found it strange that nobody ever seemed to mind your lack of clothing, though. You never had new clothes made for you, so your naked body was on constant display to the world wherever you went. Even the Royal Sisters and their niece never had a problem with your constant nudity.

There were also times when you developed an erection in public, which happened surprisingly often considering your growing physical attraction to the pastel-colorful ponies around you. Fortunately, the worst you ever got was a few blushing stares and some (mostly) harmless teasing from Celestia and Luna.

There were also times where your status as a strange and exotic creature earned you special attention from currently ex-villains. Nightmare Moon, Eris, and Queen Chrysalis all sought "private time" with you respectively, and all three encounters had thankfully worked out for the best.

The former antagonists did want you all to themselves though, but after a lengthy argument, they at least decided to "share" you with each other. Chrysalis certainly didn't mind, mostly because of the abundant raw emotion that resulted from the other two pulling you from your work schedule in order to help give them "stress relief" every now and then.

After the attempted changeling invasion had been thwarted and peacefully resolved, you found yourself cordially invited to a Royal Wedding between Princess Cadence, and the Royal Guard Captain, Shining Armor. Along with Luna, Nightmare was too busy sleeping to attend. When every attendant and guest was in place, the wedding had commenced without a hitch.

Despite it being a Royal Wedding, you were still allowed to be completely nude. Ironically, everyone else felt the need to be dressed their very best for the occasion. Aside from Princess Celestia, every attendee wore clothing that showed their enthusiasm for such a monumental event.

Currently, you were standing next to Celestia, holding her checklist as you watched the bride and groom present their vows. You were unable to listen though, as your attention was focused solely on the bride.

The sight of Princess Cadance in her beautiful bridal gown left you completely speechless. You had already found her quite attractive before, but seeing her now, with the tight white dress accentuating the curves of her body, you were unable to take your eyes off her.

To your displeasure, the lower half of your body decided to show it's mutual approval. Your stiff erection pointed straight forward, directly at Cadence's shapely ass. Even if nobody payed any kind of attention to it, you couldn't help but feel embarrassed having one during such a sacred occasion. You just prayed the wedding would be over soon.

Soon enough, it was.

The wedding reception took place outside, near the Canterlot Gardens. While everyone was either dancing to Vinyl Scratch's music, or simply mingling with each other, you were out wandering through the Gardens alone. Your erection still hadn't gone away, and you were looking for a place to hide and wait until it went down.

Because you were too deep in thought about why no one pointed out your erection, you never noticed the mare that followed you into the Gardens.

"There you are!"

You froze, recognizing that voice. Princess Cadence was standing right behind you.

"I knew where your eyes were, you little pervert. Turn around."

She spoke to you in an accusatory tone, sounding as if she had just caught you doing something you shouldn't have.

You fought the urge to run away, and reluctantly did as she asked. You turned towards her, and saw a light blue aura surrounding her horn. It floated from the sharp protrusion and wrapped around your legs and waist, holding you in place and preventing you from fleeing.

Cadence trotted towards you, gazing at your naked form with half-lidded eyes and a smirk on her face. You two were completely alone, and you were at her complete mercy. You couldn't help but dread the thought of what she was planning on doing to you.

She stopped when your erect penis was about an inch away from her muzzle. As Cadence gazed into your eyes, you noticed a deep red blush on her face.

Before you could say anything, she pressed her soft lips to your stiff length, giving the underside of your shaft a nice, wet kiss. You shuddered in pleasure as she planted a series of kisses and licks that trailed up and down your length, eliciting powerful twitches out of your leaking member with every touch.

She finally stopped at the tip, savoring the taste of precum smeared on her pursed lips. Her lips parted, slowly inserting your throbbing length into her warm mouth and coating it in her saliva.

You could feel her thick tongue brush against the underside of your twitching shaft with every inch slipping into her gaping maw. She stopped when her soft lips pressed into your groin.

You grunted loudly at the heightened pleasure, placing both your hands on her head and digging your fingers into her beautiful hair. She used her magic to undo part of the binds and briefly push your hips back and forth, encouraging you to fuck her face.

You did just that, too caught up in your own pleasure to notice that you were thrusting your stiff cock in and out of her puckered mouth of your own volition. You felt your balls slap into her chin with every vigorous thrust you made.

It wasn't long before your climax neared. Sensing this, Cadence stopped your movements and once again swallowed your throbbing meat down to the hilt. Your member was subjected to a powerful suction, and the intense sensation drove you far over the edge.

Your eyes squeezed shut as your orgasm crashed down on you. You erupted inside Cadence's mouth, firing spurt after spurt of your thick cum down her throat in copious amounts. Cadence moaned happily as she felt your hot spunk flood her mouth and gulped it all down hungrily.

As you finished, Cadence pulled her head back, making your still rock-hard member leave her mouth with a wet pop. Coming to your senses, you noticed you were able to move freely again. Cadence licked her lips as she gave you a seductive look.

"So, you like to stare at mare butts, do you?"

Nodding at your embarrassed expression, Cadence turned around and moved her tail to the side, presenting her white silk covered haunches to you. You followed her lead, pulling up the back of her wedding dress and putting her bare ass on full display to you.

Cadence looked into your blushing face as she swayed her shapely rear left and right, giving the supple pink globes an enticing shake. She suddenly backed up, letting her plump cheeks engulf your throbbing member and pressing it firmly against your stomach. She then moved her squishy rump up and down, allowing their plush warmth smother every inch of your pulsing shaft. The sultry massage squeezed globs of precum out the tip and into the soft crevice of the bountiful pink cushions.

You couldn't wait anymore. You pulled your stiff pole out of her supple cheeks and grabbed her midsection with both hands, proceeding to align the leaking head with her soaking marehood.

"Go ahead. This will be our little secret..."

Disbelief briefly overcame the lust coursing through you at her erotic statement. Cadence had just gotten married hours ago, and was already intent on cheating on her new husband. With you no less!

She wrapped her multicolored tail around your waist as she felt the tip of your cock press against the glistening folds of her winking entrance. With one thrust, you buried yourself all the way inside her. Your naked body shivered with pleasure at the heavenly feeling of her wet love tunnel squeezing every inch of your twitching length, and the soft globes of her ample backside squishing into your crotch.

Cadence's sweet moans escaped her mouth as you began frantically thrusting in and out of her. Your hips slapped repeatedly into her royal tush, sending ripples through the pillowy pink cheeks with every impact.

You pounded into her jiggling posterior with gradually increasing intensity, producing wet smacking noises that resonated through the trees and steadily grew in volume. Every forceful collision of your sweaty bodies caused the pussy juices pouring from her wet cunt to splash across your chest and lower body, soaking you in her musky fluids.

Pants and whimpers permeated the hot air as you two mindlessly rutted like wild animals, hidden from public eye by the massive garden surrounding you both.

From your perspective, fucking Cadence felt way too good to stop. You didn't care that you two were completely different species, and you didn't care that she had just gotten married. All that mattered was immediate sexual gratification, and giving the beautiful alicorn pleasure in turn.

From Cadence's perspective, nothing was wrong. She was just innocently indulging in vigorous physical intimacy with her eager stud. The intense breeding with the energetic human felt so right, so natural, and her heart fluttered at the brief thought of carrying his foal.

You two fervently expressed your primal lust for each other through your sweaty bodies, blissfully mating freely in lush nature without a care in the world. Coherent thought was virtually absent from their lust-addled minds, reducing them to their base instincts and leaving a very horny mare breeding with her eager stud, passionately enjoying the simple pleasures of life.

It wasn't long before you once again felt a growing pressure in your loins. You immediately plunged your twitching member all the way into her gushing snatch, and erupted your hot load into her wet tunnel. Cadence squealed in delight as countless ropes of your thick seed shot deep inside her and splattered across her squeezing depths.

Your pulsing cock squirted your hot cum into her moist pussy over and over again, soon resulting in an intense orgasm of her own that flooded her body with pure ecstasy. Her gushing lovehole rhythmically tightened and loosened around your spurting shaft in a desperate attempt to milk you of every last drop of your sticky spunk.

Your bodies convulsed in overwhelming pleasure for almost a minute before your shared orgasms faded and made way for a satisfying afterglow. Cadence briefly rubbed her sweaty haunches into your groin, savoring the mild twitches elicited out of your spent length before pulling it out of her worn pussy.

Your softening member slipped free of her love canal with a single backwards movement. Cadence uttered a small gasp as she felt your mixed fluids gush free from her used marehood, and spill to the ground with a wet splat.

After cleaning yourselves up, you followed Cadence back to the ongoing reception. Along the way, she explained that her aunts placed a tracking spell on you to always know your whereabouts in response to the constant abductions, hence why she was able to find you so quickly. She stressed that they did it out of concern, in case you were kidnapped again.

You both arrived back where everyone else was was at, and Shining Armor and Twilight galloped towards Cadence on sight. According to the unicorn siblings, she felt compelled to search for you on her own despite your short absence.

After embracing you and each other in a group hug in celebration for your assured safety, they proceeded to meet up with Twilight's friends, who were conversing with Celestia and Luna.

While no one was looking, Cadence briefly flashed a lustful smirk at you.

"Later, stud."

You felt a chill down your spine, quickly realizing that the sultry look given to you was a silent promise for more "private time" with her.

Princess Celestia: Crotchboobs + Cowgirl

Princess Celestia was trotting through the halls with a satisfied smirk adorning her blushing muzzle. Following right behind her was her personal Assistant, prepared to assist her with any royal task she requires help with.

As they were trotting to their next workspace, the Assistant's lower body showed his stiff erection, which never ceased pointing at Celestia's sun-emblazoned haunches as he was walking behind her. The irresistible sight of her shapely white flanks swaying seductively in front of him left his mind clouded with dirty thoughts towards the beautiful Sun Princess.

Of course, Celestia was fully aware of the Assistant's fully rigid member pointing directly at her bountiful backside, as the seductive sway of the white alicorn's curvaceous ass was fully intentional.

Celestia's ran her lewd plans for the Assistant through her head on the way there. As focused as he was on her lovely rear, she had another part of her female anatomy that she wanted him to direct his lustful attention to, and blushed deeper when she imagined the sensation of his hands groping and fondling them.

They arrived at Celestia's room a minute later, and she hastily used her magic to close and lock the door after they entered. Before putting her plan into action, she took a brief glance at the Assistant's member, and smiled with glee at the sight of it still standing at attention in front of her.

Celestia closed her eyes in concentration, and her horn was surrounded in a golden glow. Her hindlegs were briefly consumed in a bright flash, and the sound of something soft and heavy smacking into each other briefly echoed through the bedroom. The white alicorn directed the puzzled Assistant's attention to behind her, and giggled inwardly at his surprised reaction to what he saw hanging below her taut stomach.

Two large and hefty white teats hung low between Celestia's slender hindlegs, glistening with sweat and sensitive to the slightest touch as a result of their long-denied exposure to the world. The faintest movements the solar goddess produced involuntarily caused the jiggling tits to sway and wobble to and fro, making them brush against her thighs and causing her angelic wings to twitch slightly from the sporadic stimulation.

To Celestia's satisfaction, the sight of her oversized udders aroused the already enticed Assistant further, and unexpectedly found her plush lips locked with his own. Gleefully reciprocating his enthusiasm, she licked his tongue hungrily as she looked below him, seeing his turgid erection pulse and throb against her broad chest in his growing eagerness. Before their mating would happen though, there was the "massage" she wished to administer to him first before they got started.

The Tantibus:

Princess Cadance (Pregnant):

In case of emergencies both villain-related and otherwise, secret portals connecting certain parts of Canterlot to specific areas of the Crystal Empire had been established in order to hasten the deployment of mandatory assistance. The portals were to be created in not-so-easily discovered places, and only allowing certain individuals to pass right on through for good measure.

The idea was strongly supported by Princess Cadance, who felt necessary due to her insistence on remaining prepared due to her own personal involvements in recent times of crisis.

This was not Cadance's only reason, however. Due to expecting a foal sooner than she and her husband anticipated, the married couple also needed a convenient escape route while Twilight, her friends, and the other Princesses dealt with the current problem at hoof.

The third reason, while not as important yet seen as a prime necessity to Cadance herself, was for her to have access to the Royal Assistant, either during his visits to the Empire or her visits to Canterlot.

Right now, the Assistant was paying Princess Cadance a visit while Shining Armor was occupied with training his troops. As with his previous visits, the pregnant love goddess spent their time indulging themselves with another adulterous affair.

The smell of sweet teat milk was ever-present within the locked bedroom, intermingling with the musky stench of warm sweat.
11/02/15 12:44AM
Nightmare Moon:

When Princess Luna was seemingly purged of her Nightmare Moon persona through the Elements of Harmony, she was actually separated into two ponies. Nightmare Moon was granted her own body and identity, and had gone into hiding for some time.

Celestia and Luna were fully aware of this, and hoped to find Nightmare before she caused any more trouble. Despite their bitter memories of her, they truly believed she was capable of reformation and reinstation into princesshood.

Some time later, a strange bipedal creature was discovered lying unconscious outside of Canterlot, afflicted with several injuries and mild burns. He was found by one of the Royal Guard's patrol groups, and was rushed to the town's infirmary where he was treated and looked after until he woke up.

Upon regaining consciousness, he was paid a personal visit by the two Princesses, who sought to question him about his mysterious appearance near their castle. He was able to inform them of what species he belonged to, being a "human", but not only was he completely unaware of why or how he suddenly appeared where he was, he also seemed very self-conscious at his apparent lack of clothing.

The Royal Sisters did their best to alleviate his discomfort and worry of being in a world foreign to his own, and generously gave him permission to stay with them at the castle as soon as his injuries fully healed. They even went out of their way to give him a job as their "Royal Assistant", tasking him with helping them with their daily responsibilities and allowing themselves to keep a close eye on him at the same time.

His constant homesickness, and anxiety at his constant nudity gradually waned with every passing day as he acclimated to his new life in Canterlot. Before long, the newly christened Assistant had grown close to the Royal Sisters, and eventually wound up befriending their kindhearted niece, Princess Cadence.

Over time, the Assistant found himself developing a sexual attraction to the mares around him. He tried to deny it, but the frequent erections in public made his feelings easy to see. Celestia and Luna quickly took notice of it, and found his flushed face adorable. Soon, the two sisters found themselves made a game of constantly teasing the human in order to see him flustered.

Their plush lips would find themselves planted firmly on the Assistant's cheek and forehead every time they hugged him, and "accidental" brushes with their soft coats against his bare chest and thighs would also happen frequently. A deep blush would adorn their muzzles every time their "innocent" shows of affection caused his penis to erect proudly before their eager eyes, and giggled with mirth as he meekly tried to apologize for it.

One day, Nightmare Moon made her reappearance in the castle, having taken an interest in the Assistant as she was spying on the castle's residents. Intent on making him her own personal servant, she foalnapped him as he was fetching Luna's coffee. His abduction was taken notice of minutes later, and a search party was sent out immediately.

Unfortunately for them, Nightmare and the Assistant were currently hidden in a place they won't be able to find. It was the Shadow Realm, a world parallel to Equestria where Nightmare was sent to after the Elements separated her from Luna. Now, she ruled over the dark dimension as its new Queen, and the shadow creatures that resided in it obeyed her every command.

(POV Switch)

Nightmare Moon was in a sour mood.

After they had arrived at her home, Nightmare had informed the Assistant of her grand plans regarding Equestria and its ponies as they were standing on the balcony of her dark castle.

The Assistant proceeded to explain the massive flaw in her Eternal Night plan, concluding that it would inevitably result with every living being on the planet perishing. Either from the entire planet freezing over, or the lack of sunlight preventing plants and crops from growing.

Even her plan of earning their love through fear was flawed, as love and fear were opposing emotions, and Equestria's citizens would just claim to love her thinking that doing so would spare them her wrath.

"No matter. This is just a brief setback. I will become Equestria's most loved and respected ruler, and my little ponies shall idolize and adore me."

Nightmare turned her back to Assistant, gazing at the starry sky as she pouted in irritation at her own shortsightedness. It was clear to her now that she didn't think her plans through when she had first conceived of them. She immediately tried to think of a new and better plan, or at least one less evil-sounding, but found herself short on ideas.

"Ugh, I need a real plan! One that doesn't result in more problems for me!"

In her frustration, she repeatedly stomped her forelegs into the ground, unknowingly twerking her massive ass as she did so. The Assistant felt himself grow erect at the sight of her moon-emblazoned buttcheeks wobbling wildly in front of him, and his growing arousal influenced him to move behind her.

She was too immersed in her own angry thoughts to notice the Assistant behind her until she felt him sink his hands into the soft flesh of her enormous rear. Nightmare turned her head in surprise from the human's unexpected groping, and blushed deeply as she watched him lavish her large rear with his rough fondling.

Perhaps the strange massage he was giving to her posterior was his way of comforting her.

Nightmare expressed confusion as the Assistant proceeded to drape himself over her back and wrapped his arms around her midsection, and yelped as she suddenly felt something stiff and hot jab into her nethers.

"What are you doing!?"

Through her disbelief, it took her a few seconds to realize that the Assistant had approached her with the intention of mating with her. She glared at him in annoyance as he started smacking his hips into her bountiful rear.

"Stop that this instant!"

Nightmare appreciated that the Assistant found her so attractive, but this was not what she needed right now!

"I command you to stop at once!"

Nightmare's demands for the Assistant to cease his lustful actions fell on deaf ears as his relentless pounding steadily grew in speed and force. Grunts escaped her clenched teeth as spikes of pleasure began to surge through her body.

Nightmare wanted to shake him off, to give the Assistant a stern scolding for his lewd behavior, but her body refused to obey her. Instead, she stuck out her titanic rump for him as she felt her quivering marehood started to moisten.

Why was she allowing this? Had it been that long since she had received the attention of a stallion? Was that why her body welcomed the naked creature's lust-fueled advances?

Nightmare felt her heart flutter when she heard the Assistant moan her name in carnal bliss, and found herself reciprocating his desire to mate. Her reluctance had been whittled away quickly, amd now she was comfortable with allowing the human to breed her.

Nightmare began to push her sweaty haunches back into his thrusting pelvis, and the increased collision between their lower bodies sent ripples through the plump purple globes of her rear and filled the air with lewd clapping noises.

Nightmare's mind started to dull from the intense pleasure coursing through her shaking body. Her mating instincts began to take over, reducing her to a simple-minded state and causing her tongue to dangle out of her drooling mouth. She was only able to register the continuous ravaging of her welcoming cunt by the Assistant's stiff member.

Through the constant pleasure surging through her shuddering body, Nightmare felt the Assistant's constant thrusting into her massive rump grow more frantic and desperate, realizing his climax was steadily approaching.

Finding herself eager to receive his seed, Nightmare wrapped her starry tail around the Assistant's waist and held his entire length inside her. She sensually rubbed her plush rear into his crotch and contracted the muscles in her soaking pussy, squeezing his pulsing shaft tight and milking his orgasm out of him immediately.

Nightmare bit her lower lip as she felt the Assistant release his hot load deep inside her. She felt his body shiver with every ribbon of his thick seed spurting into her welcoming marehood, and splattering across her tight passage.

With her squeezing depths milking the Assistant's squirting cock for all its worth, Nightmare was uncertain if his orgasm was ever going to stop. The seemingly endless amounts of his sticky warmth flooding her wet tunnel and spilling out of her cunt made her briefly ponder whether or not the naked human's seed could impregnate her.

Soon, the drawn-out deluge of the Assistant's hot spunk gradually waned, and his orgasm faded out completely. Nightmare felt the spent human grab her pillowy backside as he pulled his softening length out of her with a wet pop.

Nightmare turned her head towards him with an almost motherly look on her blushing face, gazing at him with half-lidded eyes.

"Hmph, you simply couldn't help yourself, could you?"

Nightmare rubbed her muzzle against his face, humming in contentment as she enjoyed the feeling of his smooth flesh brushing against her fur. She planted a gentle kiss on the human's cheek, giving him a small smile in response to his flustered expression.

"You should be lucky you're so cute, otherwise I would have vaporized you on the spot."

Nightmare giggled when she saw the Assistant's face blanch slightly from her claim, and gently licked his cheek to calm him down.

Nightmare's horn glowed, and a starry-blue aura surrounded the Assistant's body in order to levitate him onto her queen-sized bed. Her eyes roamed his naked body as she laid him down, and she felt her hindlegs clench involuntarily when she saw his flaccid penis completely covered in their mixed juices.

Suppressing the urge to suck his spent member clean, Nightmare hopped into bed with the tuckered out Assistant and wrapped her forelegs around his chest. She took great care in making sure he was comfortable as she held him in a warm hug, seeing to it that he has a peaceful sleep. At the very least, she was certain that this subject was fond of her.
11/03/15 09:12PM
Eris, the Goddess of Chaos:

The chaos-loving draconequuis laughed heartily as she gave herself a (literal) pat on the back. After a millennia trapped in stone, she now had all the time in the world.

Celestia, Luna, Cadence, and Nightmare Moon were all occupied trying to fix the chaos she had wrought upon Equestria, and the current bearers of the Elements of Harmony were busy trying to find her way out of her maze without their wings and horns.

Meanwhile, Eris was in Canterlot Castle's throne room with its resident naked human, the personal assistant of the Royal Sisters. She was very eager to "play" with a robust stud after a millennia trapped in stone, and ever since she first saw the human roaming the castle grounds when she was still trapped as a statue, she decided to "have fun" with him first.

Eris was sitting on the Royal Throne of the Princesses, licking her lips as she gazed her half-lidded eyes up and down the nude form of the Assistant, who stood mere inches away from her. The vacant eyes that the freshly foalnapped Assistant had fixed upon her dripping cloaca, and the stiff erection pointing directly at the toothy smirk on her face assured utter compliance to her lust-driven wishes.

Maid Eris:
11/04/15 12:23AM
Queen Chrysalis:

Through her investigation her drones conducted into the impending Royal Wedding between Princess Cadence and the Royal Guard Captain, Queen Chrysalis discovered that the Royal Sisters had a strange creature called a "human" working under them as their personal assistant.

Having been viewed as a optimal source of private information and an plentiful source of love, Chrysalis had her minions bring the naked biped to her location under Canterlot Castle, while making it appear that he had taken a walk through town to prevent suspicion.

Chrysalis and the human were currently hidden deep in Canterlot's abandoned mines, which functioned as a makeshift hideout for her and her minions. The large crystals embedded in the surrounding walls illuminated the mine with a soft pink glow.

Chrysalis was lying on a red velvet couch, spreading her hole-ridden hindlegs for the captured human kneeling above her. He gazed upon her chitinous body with a sickly green glow in his eyes, rubbing the underside of his twitching erection into the swollen outer lips of her dripping snatch.

"So much love, and its all for me? How sweet of you, human..."

The hungry Queen eyed him with a sultry gaze, eager to extract the abundant love and lust out of his naked body. She had searched his mind beforehand to learn what the human liked, and felt that mating with him in this "missionary" position would be most suitable.

"Enough teasing, human. Mate with your Queen. Rut her to your hearts content."

She bit her lower lip as the human pressed the leaking head of his rigid member into her glistening entrance, and hummed in elation as she felt him sink every inch of his stiff pole into the welcoming orifice.

Chrysalis shuddered in delight at the mind-numbing sensation of the human grinding his crotch into her soft cushion-like lips. The lewd motion caused her soft depths to clamp down tight on his twitching cock, drawing upon every inch like a milking mouth and squeezing copious amounts of precum from the tip.

Chrysalis wrapped her forelegs tight around the human's waist as he began his vigorous thrusting into her moist cunt. Every deep plunge into her wet snatch caused his pulsing sack to slap into her firm backside with a dull thump.

"Yes! Love me harder! HARDER!"

The human obliged, returning her lustful hug and started pounding into her sopping wet hole with increasing speed and force. Every now and then, his deep thrusting caused the leaking tip of his stiff member to kiss her womb, making Chrysalis shudder and squeak in response.

Her forked tongue hung limp from her open mouth as the rapid collisions of their lower bodies steadily intensified, filling the cave with wet smacking noises and making her musky juices drench his groin and thighs.

What was happening to her? Why was she enjoying this so much? Wasn't she in complete control? Wasn't she supposed to be the one making him feel good?

The fucked-silly Queen couldn't even remember anymore, the only thing on her mind was how this naked biped was filling her body with raw pleasure. She just couldn't get enough of it, and in her carnal bliss, she noticed his steady thrusting grow frantic and desperate.

Chrysalis used her magic to pull the human's twitching rod all the way into her gushing hole, and held him inside knowing he was very close. Her womb swallowed the leaking head of his pulsing member, and her velvety insides caressed and squeezed every inch of his throbbing shaft in an eager attempt to milk out his seed. Her partner had no other choice but to yield to the intense stimulation she was giving his member, and give his Queen what she wanted.

Chrysalis hummed in satisfaction as she felt thick ropes of his hot ejaculate fire into her uterus with a wet squelch, and quickly overflow out of her wet cunt. The human's deep grunts were sweet music to her ears, instinctively driving her to milk his throbbing length harder as he lightly thrusted his hips and rode out his intense orgasm. Her swollen lips gripped the base of his stiff length tight, refusing to let go of his spurting cock until every drop of his thick cum was extracted from his pulsing sack.

As the human's orgasm started to fade, Chrysalis pulled the human close to heaving chest and pressed her greasy lips against his panting mouth, locking him in a deep kiss. The hungry Queen wanted more of the delicious love he gave off despite her carnal needs being satisfied, and savored the abundant amounts of his sweet emotion flooding into her body.

Normally, any pony would be rendered unconscious by the large amounts she extracted, but the human was providing seemingly endless amounts of it and remained completely healthy.

After a short while, Chrysalis reluctantly broke their passionate kiss and pulled his spent member out of her with a wet pop. With surprising flexibility, she bent down and lapped up the mixed fluids oozing from her used marehood. As she brushed her forked tongue in and out of her soaking nethers and cleaned them of his salty spunk, she couldn't help but blush in mild embarrassment knowing the human was watching her along with some of her subjects.

After making sure to leave the tired human under the watchful eye of her subordinates (and threatening them with starvation if they try to feed off him themselves), Chrysalis left the cave and went to Canterlot Castle under the disguise of one of the maids her soldiers abducted. With all the love extracted from the naked human, she was fully confident with the odds of her invasion succeeding and set out to begin by abducting Princess Cadence.

Unfortunately for her, not only did the human recover quickly from their lovemaking session and escape shortly after she left, but he had also managed to inform the Princesses of her and her changelings hiding below Canterlot.

Chrysalis's plan of capturing and replacing Princess Cadence had failed before it could even begin, and the presence of her and her race had been revealed as well.

Fortunately, despite multiple accounts of foalnapping and her attempted takeover, Queen Chrysalis and her changelings were treated with mercy and leniency. Apparently, the human had gone out of his way to persuade the Princesses to end the conflict calmly and peacefully.

With the help of Twilight Sparkle and Princess Cadence, a way to provide the changelings with a synthesized form of love energy was quickly discovered, and a program to integrate them into Equestrian society was soon under way. The changelings endless need for sustenance through trickery and deceit was finally over.

The only problem that remained was of their Queen needing an important question answered by a certain assistant...

"Hug" + From behind:

Later in the castle's meeting room, Queen Chrysalis confronted the Royal Assistant alone over his role in helping her race with their food problem. She demanded to know why he went out of his way to help her after what they had done to him, and almost attempted with Princess Cadence.

The human made it clear that he saw no reason not to, believing that if the source of conflict was removed (i.e. the changelings desperate need for their food), then there would be no more problems and everyone will be happy.

Chrysalis snorted in disbelief at the human's seeming naivety, admonishing him for having such a optimistic mindset and told him that his kindness will inevitably get him into more trouble.

After taking a brief moment to ponder on something, Chrysalis walked closer to him with a growing blush on her muzzle. He was unsure whether it was because of the sight of the exposed genitals she had indulged herself in earlier, or something else.

Once Chrysalis was face-to-face with the nervous human, she stared into his eyes with with a reluctant expression, grating her teeth slightly as if there was something she was struggling to tell him. The Queen could sense the anxiety caused by her odd behavior start to wane as he looked deeply into the pools of emerald green in her reptilian eyes, and she couldn't help but chuckle to herself in slight amusement.

"Nevertheless, you went out of your way to alleviate the constant struggle of my race. For that, I thank you human."

Now it was the human's turn to be astonished. He never expected Chrysalis to up and thank him like that, and her sudden show of genuine gratitude rendered him speechless.

With the human shocked into submission, he didn't notice Chrysalis trot behind him until he felt her perforated forelegs pressing against his back, and her serpent-like tongue lapping against the back of his neck.

"Gratitude aside, your Queen is famished. I'm certain those Princesses wouldn't mind you taking a little break from your royal assistant duties, would they?"

A faint green glow emanating from his loins caused him to look down, and saw that it came from a thick slime crawling up his legs and wrapping tightly around his flaccid member. The sticky ooze coiled insistently around his limp tool, quickly re-stimulating it to full mast while tenderly massaging the wrinkled flesh of his hairy sack.

Chrysalis raised her head and rested her chin over the human's bare shoulder, and eyed his slime-covered erection with a hungry gaze. Her forelegs constricted tight around the middle of his naked body, binding his arms to his midsection in her powerful grip. With his back pressing firmly into her chest, he could feel the smooth ridges of her green corset rubbing against his spine.

"By the way, from what my scouts discovered, you seem to be very popular with the mares here."

The human was unable to respond to the accusatory statement with Chrysalis looking into his eyes with such a sultry look.

"With the way you ceaselessly mate with those little ponies without a care in the world, sating a Changeling Queen's hunger shouldn't be a problem for such a virile stud like you."

As the human struggled futilely to escape Chrysalis's lust-fueled hug, he managed to try and plead with her through the intense pleasure surging through his body from the indescribable "slime-job".

He reminded her that they were in a public room, and someone could stumble in on them at any time. It wouldn't do her reputation as a Hive Queen any good to be caught soliciting sex from the Royal Assistant.

Unfortunately for the restrained human, Chrysalis merely scoffed at his concerns, as the prospect of being caught in such a way seemed to excite the eager Queen further.

"Oh hush. If anyone stumbles upon our little private time together, they have the pleasure of seeing me with my new love concubine."

As if to illustrate her lack of shame, Chrysalis gave the helpless human several long, wet licks on his right cheek. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Chrysalis' crooked horn glowing as it manipulated the green ooze with her magic field.

Chrysalis retracted her forked tongue after thoroughly coating the human's cheek in saliva, and the seductive gaze on her muzzle slowly morphed into a rather unnerving toothy grin as the pressure in his loins grew. Suddenly, the green slime stimulating his stiff length started to constrict, halting his approaching climax. Unconsciously thrusting his hips into empty space was all he could in response to the increasing tightness around his rigid shaft, which squeezed fat wads of precum from the cockhead.

Another strong orgasm was building in the human's loins, but the constricting green slime denied him sweet release in addition to keeping him paralyzed from the overwhelming pleasure. Chrysalis was fully aware of this, and was delighted in knowing she had him at her mercy like this. If he wanted her to stop and allow him to blow his load, he would have to...

"Beg for it."

Chrysalis was not disappointed. The human yielded to her simple demand quickly and begged for his release.

"Good boy."

As the constricting tightness around the human's erection loosened, Chrysalis's horn glowed brighter, and an overwhelming surge of pleasure coursed through his twitching length. Without the slime impeding his climax any further, it wasn't long before she witnessed the first strand of his thick seed fly into the open air and land onto the circular table nearby with a wet splat.

Chrysalis watched the depraved spectacle with absolute elation, seeing every sticky rope of cum erupt from his spurting cock and splatter messily onto the table's wooden surface. The orgasmic bliss flooding into her body was so delicious, and listening to the human groaning in response to the powerful orgasm she took her sweet time in milking out of him was music to her ears.

Of course, the Queen wouldn't stop with coaxing just one orgasm out of the panting human. She was now fully aware of the boundless reserves of stamina he possessed due to the shameless boasting from his little harem earlier on, and on top of the unforgettable rutting session they had within the Crystal Caverns, Chrysalis had every intention to mate with him again now that he was free for her to pursue.

Sure enough, the erection the human sported remained stiff and turgid after such a strong orgasm. Chrysalis nuzzled into the side of his neck as she feasted on the feeling of sweet relief brought on by his afterglow, and noticed that due to the large amounts of hot ejaculate escaping his sack, his sticky mess wound up painting a good portion of the nearby wooden table a translucent white.

"Well, look at you! Already standing so proudly at attention for your Queen! You must be VERY eager to rut her again after what we shared in the caves, human..."

Chrysalis didn't need a response. She could clearly tell how much the human needed to experience the feeling of his member being milked thoroughly by the sperm-sucking orifice of a wet cunt she possessed once again, and wasn't planning on keeping him waiting.

Chrysalis dissipated the leftover slime on the human's erect member as she released the tight grip her forelegs had on his body, and planted the front half of her body on the cum-drenched wooden table. She moved her tail to the side and stuck her globular haunches out for her aroused partner, silently beckoning to him with her shamelessly exposed genitals that gushed pussy juices down her hindlegs with every seductive "wink" of her heart-shaped clitoris.

The human practically ran to Chrysalis in a mad dash, and wasted no time in alligning and sinking his throbbing member hilt-deep into her tight pussy. Both shuddered and moaned in unison from the raw ecstasy brought on the indulgence of their carnal needs, and their shared moans were quickly replaced with grunts and screams of pleasure as the human began to plunge his stiff pole in and out of her sopping wet hole.

With their mating immediately growing frantic and urgent, the sounds that escaped their open mouths were quickly drowned out by the enticing smacking sounds caused by Chrysalis's beautiful backside being pounded mercilessly by the human's thrusting hips. Before long, her bountiful black buttcheeks, jiggling madly from the rapidly repeated collisions, were left tinted a shade of rosy red.

Chrysalis could already feel several bursts of sticky precum squirting into her marehood from the intense suction her insides was subjecting the human's member to. Another powerful orgasm was close at hoof after only a few minutes, but she didn't seem to mind one bit. As long as he stayed aroused through it all, him peaking too soon didn't matter to her.

With a tight contraction of the horny Queen's inner muscles, the human's imminent climax was milked out immediately. The building pressure in his loins brought a temporary end to his hasty movements, and the insistent grinding of his pelvis into her cushion-like ass was followed shortly by the numerous bursts of hot cum firing directly into her uterus.

Once again, Chrysalis felt herself losing her mind to the raw carnal pleasure given to her by the Assistant's seed, and it was almost immediately after the torrent of thick load pelting her womb petered out that he resumed his relentless ravaging of her squeezing snatch. Right now, the only thing she could register was the rigorous thrusting into her tight pussy, and the jolts of mild pain her ponderous backside was receiving from his thrusting hips.

Their mating continued for well over an hour, during which time a gradually increasing number of Royal Guards had stumbled onto them while patrolling the castle. Whenever they did, they found themselves unable to take their eyes off the shameless rutting Chrysalis was being given.

The Guards reactions to their little mating session varied. Several simply watched with a deep blush on their faces, some were daring enough to masturbate to what they saw, and a scant few found the strength to tear their eyes away long enough to report to the Princesses about what was happening in their meeting room.

The Royal Sisters (Celestia, Luna, Nightmare Moon) and their beloved niece all arrived moments later, only to find themselves entranced into utter silence. The sight of their Royal Assistant rutting Chrysalis hard against a circular table that was partially covered in dried semen left their royal viewers incapable to look away, and sporting painfully erect wings just like the pegasi guards beside them.

Blowjob + Anal:

Princess Chrysalis (Reversalis):
11/04/15 01:26AM
Part 1 - Queen Silhouette:

After a thousand years, the Crystal Empire had finally reappeared, and Princess Cadence and her husband was helping its citizens readjust with the modern world with the aid of the Princess's Royal Assistant, Equestria's only human.

The naked Assistant had come along at Cadence's seemingly innocent request, as she claimed she wanted a dear friend to accompany her and Shining Armor.

In truth, Cadence eagerly sought more "private time" with the Assistant ever since their rutting sesson within the gardens of Canterlot. During their visit to the Empire, the lustful alicorn would frequently seduce him into mating with her.

All it took was a brief teasing jiggle of her pink haunches, or a quick flash of her soaking nethers to arouse him into complete compliance. She would then pull the Assistant into one of the Crystal Palace's spare rooms and closets, where they would start rutting like crazy.

Shining Armor was completely oblivious to Cadence's shameless adultery, fully aware of the constant "breaks" shared between the horny love goddess and the Assistant and never suspecting a single thing. The Royal Guard Captain thought very highly of him, seeing him as a loyal and trustworthy friend and remained completely unaware of the lust-driven affair he had with his wife.

Soon however, the three would discover that when the Empire reappeared, its cold-hearted ruler Queen Silhouette returned along with the crystal ponies.

She was standing atop the Empire's Crystal Palace, looking with mirth at the scared citizens in front of her. A toothy smile showed on the umbran queen's muzzle, relishing their terrified faces and basking in their deep-seated fear of her.

A black aura engulfed Silhouette's curved horn, and a dark mist surrounded the entire Empire in seconds, trapping the hapless residents within it's borders.

While Shining Armor was outside, watching with horror as the dark mist kept everyone sealed inside, Cadence and the Assistant were hidden within one of the Castle's empty closets, immersing themselves in yet another round of vigorous rutting. They were blissfully unaware of the dire events that were occurring outside.

After finishing up and sharing an after-sex kiss and cuddle, Cadence and the Assistant cleaned themselves up and walked out into the empty hallway. They decided to go grab some lunch at the royal dining hall, and were greeted with a very shocking sight on the way there.

Unconscious bodies of the crystal guards littered the throne room's floor, and a rather malevolent looking unicorn mare was sitting on the crystal throne with her hindlegs crossed, and a hoof nestled under her chin.

Cadence immediately identified her as Queen Silhouette, glaring with barely-contained rage as she demanded to know what she had done with the guards.

Silhouette responded to Cadence and her angry demand with a confident grin, refusing to acknowledge the furious alicorn and smugly deeming her as an annoying pest. She instead turned her attention on the strange naked creature standing next to her. Her slitted red eyes looked up and down his bare body, and a slight blush adorned her face as she saw his flaccid penis dangling between his legs.

Long-neglected urges started to resurface in the Umbran Queen at the sight of his exposed genitals, as she could feel a heat steadily growing in her nethers. Silhouette quickly surmised that after a thousand years gone, a nice, hard rutting ought to do her some good, and the strange biped seemed sturdy enough to serve as a good concubine for her.

Queen Silhouette stood up from the throne and used her magic to vanish her cape, regalia, and crown, wishing to seduce the nervous Assistant without her royal apparel obstructing her efforts. She slowly trotted toward the him with a sultry sway in her hips, casting a perverted gaze upon his naked body as she licked her fangs with a lustful smile.

The Assistant remembered how Cadence gave him the very same look some time ago, and started started to back away in terror as he quickly realized what the Umbran Queen wanted from him.

Cadence could clearly see what Silhouette wanted as well, and immediately stepped between her and the Assistant. The Umbran Queen glared at the pink alicorn blocking her, and uttered a low growl as her curved horn glowed once more. The black mist outside flooded the throne room and completely obscured Cadence's vision.

Cadence's horn emitted a light-blue glow as she used her own magic to clear it away, and when the mist had completely dispersed, she saw that Queen Silhouette and the human had both vanished.

Shining Armor entered the room seconds after, feeling his already low spirits worsen as he saw Cadence sitting in the middle of the room with a sullen look on her face. After informing him of what had just transpired in the throne room, he informed her of the current situation outside, and suggested contacting Celestia for assistance.

The married duo rushed to the castle's study for an ink quill and scroll, desperately hoping that the Assistant was safe wherever he was now.

(POV Switch)

Queen Silhouette and the abducted Assistant were alone, hidden within one of the Crystal Empire's many towers. It would be a while before the Equestrian Princesses could find her, or the Crystal Heart concealed within the Palace.

Silhouette giggled at the reluctant Assistant's feeble attempts to conceal his privates from her, and used her magic to conjure shadow-like tendrils that restrained him against the stone wall. They wrapped around his limbs, spreading his legs open and putting his limp member on full display to her at the same time.

One tendril moved between the Assistant's thighs and tenderly stroked his soft length until it was stiff and hard, while another grabbed his chin in order to angle his head to look at Silhouette's blushing face.

The Umbran Queen forced the Assistant to look into her eyes, where she would subject him to a subtle hypnosis. She smiled as his panic-filled eyes dulled, and his tensed body began to relax in assured compliance.

Silhouette decided to begin their little "private time" together with a generous helping of the Assistant's seed. She pressed her muzzle firmly into his hairy sack and took a deep inhale, allowing its enticing musk permeate her senses and make her body shudder with growing need.

Silhouette couldn't wait any longer, and she hastily swallowed every inch of the Assistant's erect cock into her drooling mouth in one go. She could feel his stiff flesh throbbing against her wet tongue as she began to move her head back and forth, repeatedly bumping her nose into his hairy crotch and coating his entire length in her warm saliva.

Queen Silhouette took her sweet time in sucking off the restrained Assistant, savoring the salty taste of the copious amounts of precum spilling onto her tongue. The Umbran Queen felt her pussy juices dripping down her hindlegs as her muzzle engulfed his stiff length over and over again.

Before long, Silhouette could feel the Assistant's groin tighten with the promise of imminent release. She engulfed his entire length in her mouth and pressed his leaking tip against the back of her throat, which constricted around his shaft and quickly pushed him towards his peak.

Silhouette hummed in delight as she felt the Assistant's member erupt generous amounts of his potent seed into her hungry maw, which gushed down her throat and gradually filled her stomach to the brim with a satisfying warmth.

Silhouette suckled hard on the tip of his spurting rod as his orgasm started to fade, savoring the diminishing spurts of hot ejaculate from his twitching cock before it subsided completely. To her elation, the Assistant's dick was still hard after having his orgasm forcefully wrenched out of him.

After making sure her shadow tendrils were holding him steady against the tower wall, Silhouette pulled her head backwards, making the Assistant's rigid member exit her mouth with a wet pop. The sudden release from the wet orifice briefly made it collide against his stomach with a damp smack before pointing straight forward.

Silhouette took one more deep inhale of his saliva-covered cock before turning around and aligning her shapely haunches with his midsection. She brushed her needy pussy firmly against the underside of the Assistant's stiff member, and bit her lip as she felt her own leftover saliva smear over her moist lips.

On top of the fervent blowjob Silhouette gave the Assistant before, the lewd teasing she was giving to her captive aroused the already horny Queen even further. She could feel her sticky juices dripping down her hindlegs in generous amounts as she readied to indulge herself in the carnal pleasure she had gone without for centuries.

With a single backwards movement, Silhouette hastily enveloped every rigid inch of the Assistant's erect penis inside her. As her dripping pussy clamped down tight on his rigid cock, she ground her soft flanks into his crotch in order to savor the resulting spasms of pleasure from his naked body.

Silhouette moaned aloud as she began to slam her bountiful backside into the Assistant's pelvis, simultaneously engulfing his stiff member all the way down to the hilt and lubing his entire length with her musky fluids. She loved how his turgid tool throbbed and lurched deep inside her with every rough collision, and found herself crying out in delicious pain when one particularly strong backwards thrust resulted in his leaking cocktip jabbing into her womb.

Part 2 - Empress Umbra:

After a thousand years, the Crystal Empire had finally reappeared, and its cold-hearted ruler, Queen Silhouette, had been subdued and captured after a brief struggle.

Soon after her capture, her mother Empress Umbra had resurfaced after over a millennia trapped in crystal. She had every intention of avenging her captured daughter and retaking the Empire by force. With dark magical powers even stronger than Queen Silhouette's, it seemed that even more conflict was inevitable.

Hoping to resolve the problem before it escalates, an ambassador had been sent to negotiate a peace treaty between the Umbran Empress and the Equestrian Princesses. The chosen ambassador had been a strange naked creature called a "human", who happened to be the personal assistant to the Royal Sisters.

The Assistant had a reputation of attracting the attention of notorious villains and inadvertently assisting in their reformation. Along with a vital cold-proof spell cast on him for his protection from the Empire's chilly climate, he had been sent in the hopes that his "charisma" will win her over too.

And sure enough, it did.

Shortly after the Assistant encountered Empress Umbra, she had immediately taken an interest with him and requested to negotiate somewhere where they won't be disturbed. She chose to host their "private time" hidden within the caves below the Empire, and their alone time began with some snarky humoring of his ambassador status.

As the time Empress Umbra spent with the Assistant drew on, their interactions steadily escalated to seemingly innocent conversation, to flirting and seduction on her part, to Umbran Empress eagerly sucking the human off, to shamelessly fucking like wild animals.

The Assistant was right behind Empress Umbra, hands tightly gripping her tensed back as he repeatedly pounded his hips into her cushy rear. The constant gasps and moans of pleasure elicited from her gaping maw had steadily become countless screams towards the stone ceiling, begging and pleading for her naked partner to go faster.

The rapid collisions between the Assistant's hips and Umbra's shapely flanks sent ripples through her plump cheeks, and the relentless ravaging of her tender marehood by his stiff cock made her feminine juices gush onto his crotch.

Deep in her carnal pleasure, Empress Umbra briefly imagined her daughter catching her mating with the human ambassador, and admonishing her for easily yielding to her carnal desires like a shameless slut. With the way she looked now with her once smooth raven black hair matted, and tongue hanging limply from the side of her muzzle, her daughter's harsh accusation would not be unfounded.

"Those foalish Princesses can wait, my dear Silhouette. Mommy is busy breeding with the naked biped right now."

Empress Umbra couldn't remember the last time she received a good rutting, as all her previous "suitors" were never this energetic sexually, and the numerous centuries spent trapped in crystal prevented her from enjoying herself with a virile stud. With the strange creature eagerly attending to her carnal needs, she decided that her daughter and her revenge can wait, and intended to make their little mating session together last as long as possible.

The vigorous rutting the two were indulging themselves in filled the air with their sweaty musk, filling Umbra's nose with every desperate inhale and steadily chipping away at her self-restraint. Her long-buried breeding instincts were drawn out from their frantic mating, causing an urgent need for the Assistant's sperm to fill her lust-clouded mind.

With Empress Umbra completely consumed by the intense pleasure coursing through her loins, her wet cunt began to tighten and loosen around the Assistant's rigid length in a desperate attempt out milk out his seed. Excitement coursed through her as she realized how close he was through his hastened thrusts, and wrapped her dark tendrils around his waist in order to keep him hilted inside her squeezing snatch.

Empress Umbra cried to the heavens in pure ecstasy as she felt the Assistant spurt rope after rope of his thick seed deep into her wet tunnel. She struggled to stay on her hooves with his hot spunk flooding her insides, but could only keep her hindlegs standing.

Umbra's face smacked the cold stone floor, panting desperately for breath as the human's sticky cum overflowed her squeezing snatch and poured down her shaking hindlegs.

In a mindless trance, Umbra grinded her bountiful rear into the Assistant's crotch as she felt his orgasm fade, savoring the feeling of the last few drops oozing out of his pulsing cock and making sure to keep it stiff and hard.

Empress Umbra squealed like an excited filly as her desire for another round was reciprocated by the eager Assistant almost immediately, as he began thrusting into her dripping slit all over again. She eagerly pushed her backside into his pelvis, wanting to breed with the naked human some more. With her inhibitions and self-restraint gone at this point, her powerful vendetta against the Empire and its current ruler had all but abated completely.

(POV Switch)

Through a crystal ball provided by a certain Changeling Queen, three alicorn sisters were watching the depraved spectacle with a deep blush on their faces. Their ears twitched as they listened to the sounds of their sweaty lovemaking echo along the stone walls of the cavern.

While their loyal assistant kept Empress Umbra occupied, the Equestrian rulers and their allies had taken careful steps in order to secure the Crystal Empire back without a problem. Princess Cadence even had time to develop and utilize a way to subdue and capture her with the Crystal Heart.

It seems that their loyal human had succeeded greatly in his job as ambassador, and Celestia, Luna, and Nightmare were set to teleport straight to his location in order to bring him home...

...but first, they would wait for the human to finish mating with Empress Umbra. Considering how intently they were watching their little rutting session through the crystal ball, they seemed to be in no rush to leave.

Part 3 - Princess Amore:
11/04/15 02:06AM
Lady Tirek (Weak):

Within a random alleyway, the newly made alliance between a disgruntled Eris and the recently escaped Lady Tirek had started with a simple proposition. They two shared the same desire for liberation and freedom from the Equestrian rulers, and the latter only required a worthwhile offering to seal their newfound partnership.

To Lady Tirek's initial displeasure, Eris had used her chaotic powers to make sure her generous "offering" had slipped right under her cloak.

Lady Tirek (Full Power):

Equestria's future is looking rather grim.

All five Princesses have all been rendered powerless. Even Eris had lost her chaotic powers as well, betrayed and abandoned by the sole perpetrator who had made false promises of liberation and freedom to her.

Peering through one of the many windows within Canterlot Castle, the Royal Assistant could only watch as the dreaded Lady Tirek drained the unprepared Royal Guard of its precious magic, all the while trotting so casually through its sacred grounds. For the scant few that happened to be stallions, Shining Armor included, a different fate befell them.

Similar to Nightmare Moon and the Umbran Queens, a millennia spent isolated from the rest of the world tends to leave one pent up, and Lady Tirek was no exception. Rifling through the barely conscious male guard with her magic, the malevolent centaur sought a sex slave worthy to pleasure her.

The Assistant looked on with dread as Lady Tirek tested their virility using her hungry maw and voluptuous breasts, "offering" her neglected pussy to only the most capable. One by one, with every thick load blown down her gullet, splattered messily onto her face, and spilled onto her hefty bust, she found herself increasingly frustrated with their pitiful stamina.

Despite being Royal Guard Captain, Shining Armor in particular could only last so long with his stallionhood buried snugly within Lady Tirek's large udders. With only the swelling tip barely visible due to most of his length being squished firmly between the jiggling mounds of soft flesh, the sex-starved centaur left Shining with no alternative. He quickly yielded to the unwanted pleasure, and cried out in anguish as he repeatedly splashed her chin with copious amounts of hot ejaculate.

Flash Sentry fared no better. His own turgid stallionhood only lasted several seconds being lodged down Lady Tirek's constricting throat before the forced sexual stimulation grew too intense for him. To her dissatisfaction, Flash nearly passed out as he squirted countless ropes of his sticky essence into her hungry belly.

"Utterly pathetic. Isn't there a single stallion in this miserable capital capable of satisfying me?"

It wasn't until Lady Tirek was finished with them that she finally entered the almost vacant Castle, leaving the used stallions struggling for breath in a small sweaty pile right outside. Left with no time to even hide himself, her cold gaze quickly fell upon the Assistant and his naked body.

"What's this? Those bothersome princesses had their own little pet?"

Being twice his height, Lady Tirek looked down with mirth to see another male for her to claim, and even lower to see the stiff erection he sported from watching her earlier.

With a deft movement of her talon-like hands, the Assistant was captured in a golden yellow aura and levitated closer to Lady Tirek for her personal viewing pleasure. She crossed her arms in brief thought as her golden eyes gave his unfamiliar form a quick inspection before he was lifted even higher off the ground, finding himself meeting Lady Tirek face-to-erection.

"You had better last longer than those foalish Guards, if you know what's good for you."

The half-lidded gaze Lady Tirek gave the vulnerable Assistant was a obvious expression of her wish to be more acquainted with his eager lower half, and reciprocated his show of reluctant enthusiasm with a wet lick that slowly dragged from his tender scrotum to the underside of his turgid length.

When Lady Tirek's rough tongue finally brushed past the oozing head, the sticky saltiness assaulting her taste buds quickly eroded away at what little patience she possessed towards her latest captive, and compelled her to engulf the entirety of the Assistant's member in her warm mouth.

With her clawed fingers gripping his bare ass, a mix of anxiety and mounting pleasure coursed through the Assistant as Lady Tirek began to vigorously suck him off. Her drooling maw clamped down tight on his throbbing stiffness, subjecting every inch to a moist suction that easily coaxed a small fountain of salty pre down her throat.

The fact that the Assistant hadn't yet blown his load had already left a strong impression on Lady Tirek, whose low hums of elation could be felt vibrating down his length. Along with his potent musk flooding her nasal cavity, the possibility of receiving the thorough ravaging she was long denied made her moistening cunt quiver in excitement.

Lady Tirek was brought out of her lewd thoughts when the leaking member trapped within her drooling maw started to lurch and flex against her hollow cheeks, and signaling the Assistant's impending climax. She quickly hilted his member within her mouth, pressing her face firmly into his groin just as his hairy sack tightened against her chin. After several tense seconds, the oozing tip grinding against the back of her throat began to unload the thick semen she hungered after.

Lady Tirek quickly guzzled down every blast of hot spunk gushed down her throat. With every mouthful of the Assistant's splooge she downed, her arousal heightened further in her eagerness to feel the turgid member in her drooling muzzle buried within her dripping nethers. With seemingly no one left to inconvenience her, her overdue rutting session was close at hoof.
11/04/15 02:38AM
It was the middle of the day. Princess Nightmare Moon was sleeping soundly in her bed, forelegs wrapped tightly around the Royal Assistant, the only human in Equestria. He had opted to keep her company until she fell asleep, but found himself unable to escape her tight hug.

As Nightmare's loud snoring filled his ears, the Assistant found himself reminiscing about the past sexual encounters he had over the past few years, but not just with the Princesses and the former villains, like the one holding him in her sleeping embrace. He thought about the numerous mares he wound up rutting as he was going about his daily duties, attending certain events, and during holiday celebrations.

Ms Cherilee:
And her filly students Sweetie Belle:
Apple Bloom:
And Scootaloo:

The beloved earth pony teacher had come along with the three adorable fillies to Canterlot Castle in order to assist them with a summer report on the daily life of royalty, and the Princesses and their Royal Assistant was more than happy to help them with it.

When the Royal Assistant asked why their teacher came with them, Applebloom explained that while Ms Cherilee claimed to use her vacation days to help with their report out of pure generosity and kindness, her older brother had also helped "persuade" her into doing so. The Assistant had quickly surmised that this "Big Mac" was apparently as much a hit with the mares as he was.

It was currently nighttime, and the three friends were staying in one of Canterlot's larger guest rooms, intent on staying up until they got a sizable portion of their report done.

Before they started, Ms Cherilee whispered something into the Assistant's ear with a blush on her face, and the two quickly excused themselves to the room's bathroom. While Apple Bloom and Scootaloo were lying on the queen-sized bed thinking of how to begin their assignment, Sweetie Belle was too distracted to focus.

The small unicorn filly was compelled to find out what Ms Cherilee was doing with the Assistant, as she had developed a crush on the latter when they first met. Unbeknownst to her, her "infatuation" with him wasn't as innocent as it seemed initially.

Sweetie Belle didn't understand, but looking at the Assistant's bare body made strange feelings begin to grow in her little tummy, and a warmth started to blossom inside her loins. Both of the foreign sensations intensified as her head was filled with the vivid image of him stroking and caressing her underage body with the strange paw-like appendages he possessed.

Sweetie Belle's young mind struggled to comprehend the new feelings her body was currently experiencing, but knew that she wanted to see the Assistant's naked body again. She would certainly know what to do with what she felt for him if she saw him once more.

Sweetie Belle pressed her tiny ears against the bathroom's unlocked door, and heard Ms Cherilee's voice coming from the other side. The young filly could pick up a hint of urgency and desperation in her teacher as she practically begged the bathroom's other occupant to "help" her.

Sweetie Belle used her magic to nudge open the door as silently as possible, and took a peek inside. The sight that greeted her nearly caused a loud gasp to escape her mouth, almost causing her to give away her presence to the bathroom's occupants.

Ms Cherilee was bent over the rim of the room's bathtub, presenting her sweaty haunches to the visibly aroused Assistant behind her. Musky fluids were pouring from her puffy marehood, trickling down her teacher's thighs and forming a small puddle on the marble floor.

From Sweetie Belle's point-of-view, she could also see the throbbing erection the Assistant was sporting in response to Ms Cherilee's dripping nethers. She remembered seeing it soft and flaccid before, and felt a pang of need coursing through her loins upon seeing it stiff and turgid.

Sweetie Belle was unable to look away as the Assistant planted his hands on Ms Cherilee's tensed back, hastily proceeding to bury his rigid tool into her winking slit and rutting her senseless immediately. The erect pole rapidly plunging in and out of her teacher's soaking pussy caused more and more of her feminine juices to gush out and splash onto his thighs.

Ms Cherilee was unable to keep herself from moaning aloud as a result of the much needed pounding given to her by the Assistant, and along with the wet smacking noises resulting from their hips colliding frantically, their teacher's moans escaping the bathroom wound up catching the attention of Applebloom and Scootaloo.

Brought out of their research essay, the two found themselves joining Sweetie Belle in watching Ms Cherilee mate with the Assistant through the cracked door, and found themselves just as astonished (and mildly aroused) from the depraved sight.

Their mating session lasted for almost fifteen minutes, during which Ms Cherilee climaxed multiple times and left herself and the human behind her standing in the now sizable puddle of her pungent marecum.

The Assistant on the other hoof, whose entire lower body was drenched in a pungent mix of Ms Cherilee's musky fluids and his own sweat, had managed to resist peaking. He had purposefully held off his orgasm in order to savor the heavenly feeling of the estrus-afflicted mare's cunt as long as possible.

Despite Ms Cherilee's lust-consumed mind blocking out everything except the euphoric feeling of the human's throbbing member ravaging her needy pussy, she was easily able to sense the growing pressure in his loins.

Ms Cherilee instinctively wrapped her tail around his waist as she felt him grind his hips into her sizable flanks, eager to have his brimming load douse the heat in her loins. With the purple cheeks squishing firmly into his crotch, and the intense sensation of her contracting depths milking his twitching length for all its worth, he finally allowed himself to peak.

Ms Cherilee squealed like an excited filly as she felt the throbbing member buried inside her flood her insides to the brim with hot spunk, which quickly gushed from her convulsing marehood. The copious amounts of thick seed overflowing her wet snatch mixed with the torrent of pussy juices streaming down her legs, and the collective mess pooled onto the already damp floor.

The three fillies watched with deep fascination as the human held himself tightly against their teacher, spurting generous amounts of his sticky load deep inside her squeezing depths. While Sweetie Belle was the first of her friends to desire him sexually, in the end all three had wound up sharing the same impure thoughts about him with a deep red blush plastered on their faces.

The human slowly pulled his hips backwards, letting his seemingly spent member pop out of Ms Cherilee's marehood. Because her used hole still gripped him as tight as possible, his softening length wound up smacking against his stomach when it was pulled free.

Using the fancy bathroom towels hanging on the wall, the human cleaned himself of the damp pussy juices coating his lower body while Ms Cherilee was limp against the bathtub rim, bathing in her afterglow while simultaneously struggling to catch her breath. It seemed that the satisfied mare next to him would require some time to recuperate after being so thoroughly sated.

Before the human finished cleaning himself, Applebloom and Scootaloo fled back to the top of the bed so they wouldn't get caught peeping. Sweetie Belle, on the other hoof, stayed rooted to where she was outside the bathroom door despite her friends panicked warnings.

It was as if Sweetie Belle wanted to be caught by the Assistant about to exit the bathroom, as if she believed it meant the possibility of knowing the carnal pleasure that was just given so generously to her teacher.

Sweetie Belle (Again):

The Royal Wedding was a very joyous and monumental occasion, looked forward to by nearly every pony in attendance.

Especially Sweetie Belle, who volunteered as the wedding's Flower Girl at Rarity's (insistent) behest.

Occupying one of the Castle's spare bedrooms, it was shortly after Rarity left in order to give her friends' dresses a last minute check-up that the Assistant decided to pay her little sister a visit.

Sweetie Belle's green eyes lit up with joy as the Assistant entered the room, uttering a mouse-like *squee* as she caught a full view of his flaccid cock. The eager young filly wasted no time in informing him of the dresses' lack of covering to her backside, right before she pointed her rear at him. She made sure to raise her hips as high as she could in order to present herself to him properly, but was unsure due to the difference in their heights.

Despite the cute little dress managing to obscure the Assistant's view of most of her small body, he could still feel Sweetie Belle's supple rear jiggling against his groin as he repeatedly clapped his hips into hers.

While Sweetie Belle's tiny cheeks were now a shade of rosy red due to the repeated smacking by the Assistant's pelvis, her uterus was repeatedly prodded by the oozing tip of his member. Each deep thrust resulted in minor spurts of pre escaping into her womb, gradually filling her belly with the deeply missed sensation of sticky warmth.

Ditzy Doo (Derpy Hooves):

The ditsy grey mailmare had gotten herself stuck yet again.
Another clumsy flight had resulted in her getting stuck in a mailbox on someone's balcony.

Derpy scrunched her nose in embarrassment as she noticed that her plush plot was pointing to the open sky behind her, and instinctively covered her exposed genitals with her tail. She could do nothing but flail her legs helplessly as she called for help, and someone thankfully arrived to help a minute later.

The mailbox Derpy crashed into belonged to the Princesses Royal Assistant, who had just arrived in order to check his mail.

Derpy was happy to see the naked Assistant respond to her cries for help, and innocently tilted her head in confusion as he positioned himself right behind her. Out of the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something stiff protrude from his lower body.

The Assistant grabbed the base of Derpy's tail and lifted it out of the way. To her mortification, her lifted tail gave him a full view of her nethers. The wall-eyed pegasus was about to try and dissuade him from yanking her out of his mailbox by her tail, but the sudden feeling of her marehood being penetrated stopped her short.

Derpy squealed in distress as she felt something hot and phallic-shaped bury itself inside her pussy, steadily sinking deeper and deeper into her until she felt the tip press against her womb. A deep red was plastered on her muzzle as she felt the intruding object throb and twitch inside her moistening cunt.

Berry Punch:

Mayor Mare:


When Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon left for the Nightmare Night celebration being hosted in Ponyville, they took the reluctant Royal Assistant along with them. They wished for the human to join in on the fun they intended to have with Twilight Sparkle and her friends.

While the two Moon Goddesses were forced to deal with Pinkie Pie's bullsh- er, nonsense repeatedly hampering the pair's attempts to be seen as benevolent rulers by their fearful citizens, the Assistant was part of a small crowd of ponies, listening to Zecora tell the story of Nightmare Night and the yearly following of it's traditions.

"So, you all wish to hear the tale of Nightmare Moon's night! An old tale of an alicorn known for causing quite a few frights!"

Before beginning the story, Zecora spotted the Assistant in the middle crowd and gestured for him to come towards her.

"You in the middle, the Princesses' Assistant! I request your aid for a problem most insistent!"

Once he was standing right next to her, she made sure to speak to him in a sultry tone low enough for only him to hear. All the while, she kept her half-lidded eyes glued to his exposed privates.

"Forgive me, my dear Assistant, I am currently in heat! Resisting these urges has been no small feat!"

Zecora could see the involuntary twitches elicited from the Assistant's flaccid member in response to her confession, which she could easily despite the surrounding dark.

"While the masses are mesmerized by Nightmare's moon, you shall douse the heat within my moist poon."

"Now my dear Assistant, do not make haste! Please fill my womb with your thick gooey paste."

Bon Bon:

Lyra Heartstrings had taken the candy-making earth pony with her to Canterlot to introduce her to the Royal Assistant, who she befriended during the last Nightmare Night.

Vinyl Scratch (AKA DJ-PON3):

In response to the most recent Grand Galloping Gala, made notorious due to Eris and her "special guest", the stuffy nobles had decided to set up a fancy follow-up soirée right outside of Canterlot Castle in order to "regain the castle's lost sophistication and dignity".

It took place a few days later with the help of Vinyl Scratch's friend, Octavia. The music-savvy DJ had attended, but not without making her distaste for the so-called "snore-fest" clear.

In her weariness at the dull event, Vinyl saw the Royal Assistant standing idly near the Gardens, obviously bored out of his mind as he had to make sure everything at the event was in order.

Vinyl's curious eyes started to roam the Assistant's naked form, feeling her cheeks redden as her gaze fell to his lower body. She found herself ogling at the flaccid penis hanging limply between his legs, and realized that an opportunity to pass the time was right in front of her.

Vinyl eagerly left her table and trotted over to the naked Assistant, requesting to "talk" with him somewhere private. Seeing the event as something that wouldn't require his presence for at least an hour, he quickly obliged and followed her.


Fleur had just sent off her husband Fancy Pants as he left for work. Now that she was alone, the beautiful supermodel eagerly awaited the "private time" she sought with the Princesses Royal Assistant, who arrived at her house minutes later at her request.

The Assistant had caught Fleur's eye during Octavia's little soirée, and after waiting for Vinyl Scratch to finish with him, she gestured for him to take a seat next to her.

The slender white unicorn immediately struck up a conversation with the Assistant as he was seated, and a few seductive choice words were enough to convince him to visit her house later on with the promise of some "Equuish Delight".

Fleur was unable to wait until they went to her bedroom, and immediately desired to mate with the Assistant in the living room. He got on his knees, and she caught him in a passionate embrace.

Fleur pressed her plush lips into his, and hummed in elation as the Assistant reciprocated her sultry kiss by pressing back. Her legs tightened their firm grip on his waist in response as she felt the underside of he partner's erect penis nudge against her smooth belly.

Fleur's sweet perfume filled the Assistant's nose, and the enticing fragrance heightened his arousal caused a dollop of precum to squirt from his cocktip and smear onto her white coat. He got a firm hold of her lower back, and hoisted her up and above his hips in order to align his eager member with her soaking entrance. She shuddered as she felt her swollen pussy lips plant a wet kiss on the leaking head as he started to lower her back down.

The impatient Assistant suddenly slammed Fleur's soft backside into his lap, making her soaking marehood swallow his entire cock in one go and leaving the beautiful unicorn screaming in pleasure from the abrupt penetration. She shut her eyes tight, biting her lip as she felt her partner nuzzle his face into the crook of her swan-like neck, and savored the lovely sensation of his stiff member twitching inside her squeezing cunt.

It was not long before the Assistant began to move his hips, fully intent on giving Fleur the thorough rutting she requested of him. Her hooves gripped his back firmly as he started thrusting his hips upwards, repeatedly plunging his rigid member in and out of her sopping snatch and causing her feminine juices start to drip onto his thighs.

Every time their lower bodies collided with a resounding smack, Fleur's velvety insides would clamp down tight on his shaft in reflex and squeeze more globs of pre into her moist tunnel. Submerged in carnal pleasure, Fleur could feel every single drop of his sticky warmth seep into her hot depths, which made her slender body shiver in response to every dollop smearing into her contracting walls.

As the adulterous mating session between the two steadily intensified, the growing smell of sex and sweat intermingled with Fleur's perfume to create an indescribable musk that drove the Assistant wild. The vigorous thrusting into her moist cunny grew more erratic and hasty, and the erect penis giving her wet snatch a thorough pounding soon started to throb and flex inside her.

The stiff member pulsing strongly inside Fleur's marehood managed to convey the imminent release of thick seed to her lust-addled mind. All too eager to feel the Assistant flooding her squeezing depths with his warm spunk, her horn emitted a soft pink glow, and his heavy sack was engulfed in her warm aura.

With the stimulation provided by her soft cunt gripping his length tight, and her magic field tenderly massaging his scrotum, the Assistant was unable to last much longer. He slammed Fleur's shapely haunches down on his pelvis one last time, and buried his face into the soft tuft of white fur on her chest as his orgasm was squeezed out of him.

Fleur gave the Assistant a soft smile as she listened to his breathing grow irregular and quick, and shortly after felt numerous ropes of his thick spunk shoot deep inside her. Both their collective fluids dripped from her snatch and plopped onto his lap.

As the sultry mare savored the growing amounts hot ejaculate pooling in her stomach, she found her dainty hooves rubbing against his tensing back, silently encouraging the Assistant to release as much of his essence into her welcoming marehood.

The Assistant's climax faded after a few more weak spurts, but to Fleur's surprise, his cock had only softened slightly for a brief moment before stiffening back up. Her partner had recovered quickly for another round, and allowed him to lay her on her back in order to rut her again missionary style.

The several hours that her husband was gone was spent with Fleur sprawled out on the ground with her tongue hanging uselessly from her gaping maw, allowing the human on top of her to rut into her over and over.


The Goddess of Chaos, Eris had hired the Royal Assistant to babysit her precious "daughter" Screwball while she was busy doing what she loves most. Considering how the latter possesses chaotic powers of her own, it would seem that the Assistant will have to be very cautious around the strange filly.

Maud Pie:
Marble Pie:
And Limestone Pie:

With Pinkie Pie's strong recommendation, Maud Pie, Marble Pie and Limestone Pie were all hired by the Princesses in order to harness their rock-crushing strength to chisel and fuse together a special statue out of luminescent gemstones.

The Royal Assistant was assigned to overlook the project as it was being completed, and give the three Earth Pony sisters their scheduled breaks as the construction process was more time-consuming than it seemed.

Of course, with the Assistant's "charisma", and the occasional breaks the Pie sisters were to spend with him in their company, it was inevitable that some physical intimacy would be shared between them.

Twilight Velvet:

Night Light was trotting through the halls of Canterlot Castle looking for his wife Twilight Velvet, who had suddenly disappeared as they were visiting their son and soon-to-be daughter-in-law.

He was starting to get worried. The last time Night Light saw Velvet, she was conversing with the Royal Assistant about trivial things, but they were both gone as soon as he turned his head. Night Light had asked Shining Armor and Cadance, as well as all the guards he met in the hallways if they had seen either of them, but no one seemed to know.

Little did he know, Velvet had absconded into one of the castle's spare bedrooms with the eager Assistant in tow.

Velvet was currently resting her flank on the edge of the room's bed, pleasuring the naked Assistant standing in front of her with a vigorous magicjob. Her magic aura was wrapped tightly around his throbbing erection, simultaneously caressing the rigid flesh and pointing the leaking tip right at her open mouth. She knew his member was ready to explode, and wrenched his orgasm out of his pulsing sack with an eager squeeze to the shaft.

Rope after rope of the Assistant's thick cum spurted onto Velvet's blushing face, with most of the numerous strands squirting into her gaping maw and the rest splattering onto her nose, chin, and muzzle. She used her magic to gather and guzzle down the sticky white mess he made on her face, and laid back onto the bed when she was finished.

Velvet spread open her slender hindlegs, exposing her soaking marehood and soft teats to the eager Assistant on top of her. She took a brief glance at his lower body, and smiled with glee at the sight of his member staying hard and stiff despite cumming mere moments ago.

The Assistant ground the underside of his twitching length into Velvet's wet lips, sending sporadic bursts of pleasure through her shuddering body. In his teasing movements that slicked the underside of his member with her musky juices, he unintentionally pressed the leaking tip into one of her teats, making her flinch in surprise.

A lewd idea popped into Velvet's head. Her horn glowed once more, and a firm pull on the Assistant's waist had caused his member to rest in between her soft teats. She then used her magic aura to squish her pillowy mounds together, thoroughly smothering the base of his throbbing shaft in their warm softness.

The Assistant followed her lead and began to move his hips back and forth, causing her furry udders to brush against every inch of his sensitive length. The intense stimulation made the tip squirt globs of precum onto her smooth belly.

At this rate, the Assistant's orgasm was going to arrive soon, but he didn't want to finish on her slim belly. He pulled his stiff rod out of her soft teats, and plunged it into her sopping marehood in one fluid motion. Velvet moaned as she felt every inch of his throbbing length sink into her until his crotch smacked against her groin, and squealed when she felt him blow his load into her almost immediately after.

Velvet's body convulsed with every sticky rope of hot cum released deep inside her welcoming cunt. Her soft depths rhythmically tightened and loosened around his spurting shaft, milking his pulsing sack of every last drop of his thick seed.

Velvet felt her conscious mind steadily erode away by the constant torrent of Assistant seed flooding her moist depths. She wanted more, so much more of him, and felt excitement rise in her chest as her silent prayers were answered. She felt the human wrap his arms around one of her hindlegs, using it as leverage as he started to thrust his still-hard member in and out of her soaking nethers.

Velvet was reduced to a panting mess from the Assistant's vigorous rutting, making her tongue hang limply out of her drooling mouth. In her pleasure-induced haze, she felt his warm cum gush out of her marehood and spill onto her thigh with every strong thrust he made.

Because the Assistant's dick was still sensitive from his recent orgasm, it was not long before he peaked again. He hilted his twitching member inside Velvet once more, and a second helping of his sticky load gushed into the breathless unicorn's squeezing tunnel.

At this point, Twilight Velvet was certain she was now pregnant with all of the Assistant's thick sperm flooding her womb. Instead of dread and worry, she couldn't help but feel elated at the idea of carrying his foal. She was sure her husband would understand, as all she wanted right now was to be given as much carnal pleasure as possible, and the human seemed all to happy to give her what she wanted.

Mrs Cake:

The pudgy baker had gone to Canterlot along with Pinkie Pie in order to deliver a special cake to the Princesses. The specially-prepared dessert was to commemorate another eventful year to Equestria and its numerous citizens, as well as wishing peace, prosperity, and good fortune for everyone in the next year.

While the hungry Equestrian rulers were making preparations to indulge themselves in the the cake she and her husband poured their souls into making, Mrs Cake was conversing with their Royal Assistant about their little celebration.

Their conversation started with her explaining to the Assistant about how the Cake family prepares the special cake for the royal family yearly, and how honored she and her husband was to take part in such a monumental occasion.

Their little talk soon led to some innocent teasing and flirting to each other as Mrs Cake found her eyes drawn to the naked Assistant's flaccid penis. Her head slowly filled with dirty thoughts towards him as his flattering comments towards her looks and body caused the blush on her face to redden deeper.

Mrs Cake's eyes wandered back to the Assistant's limp member, and started to consider having some "private time" with the naked human before she and Pinkie left back to Ponyville. Nagging thoughts of her husband's reaction to her adulterous wishes briefly came to mind, but quickly went away as the pudgy baker was compelled to ask him if there was a place in the castle where they could be alone.

While the Princesses (and Pinkie Pie) were outside near the Royal Gardens, beginning to indulge themselves with a few slices of the special cake, Cup Cake was standing on one of the castle tower's balconies with the naked Assistant, watching them enjoy her delicious confection while the front half of her pudgy body was leaning against the balcony's railings.

Right behind her was the naked Assistant, who's hands were fondling and squeezing the folds of her back fat while his stiff length was plunged in between the soft cheeks of her enormous ass. As the pillowy softness steadily engulfed every inch of his twitching member, Mrs Cake couldn't help but shiver with mirth as she felt his sticky precum leak into the deep crevice of her blue buns.

Sapphire Shores:

Stormy Flare:

Fluttershy's friend Tree Hugger:

After the disastrous events that happened during this year's Grand Galloping Gala, courtesy of a certain Goddess of Chaos, the Royal Assistant had had found himself lusted after by a green nature-loving earth pony.

Her name was Tree Hugger, and she came to the Gala having been invited by her friend Fluttershy.

Apparently, the huge mess Eris caused earlier was due to her jealousy towards her and her closeness with Fluttershy. After the whole fiasco involving a conjured slime monster and a forced apology from said female draconequuis, Tree Hugger had found herself directing all her attention to the nude biped helping the Element of Generosity clean her dress.

Before she and Fluttershy left Canterlot and went home, Tree Hugger decided to "become soulmates" with the human in a nearby spare bedroom.

The naked Assistant's hands were fervently groping and squeezing Tree Hugger's firm backside as his head was buried into her moist nethers. As his face was smothered in the musky-smelling fur of her excessive pubic hair, his wet tongue was repeatedly brushing over her swollen lips and lapping up the syrupy sweet juices dripping from them.

Fluttershy was sitting right behind her, biting her lower lip as she watched Tree Hugger being pleasured orally by the Assistant. The timid yellow pegasus's wings were outstretched from the lewd sight, showing her growing arousal at the carnal pleasure being given to her earth pony friend.

Applejack's Aunt Orange:

Milky Way:

After one too many embarrassing "accidents" involving her massive teats, Milky had ventured to Canterlot in order to find a solution. With the Royal Assistant's generous help, she was able to have a special milking machine built for her in one of the Castle's spare rooms. If it works correctly, it would mean no more inconvenient mishaps for Ponyville's beloved milkmare.

Before Milky was to take it home with her however, she was to give it a test run to see if it would prevent her enormous udders from overflowing during the day.



Before Moondancer was paid a visit by Princess Twilight, the former was visited by the Royal Assistant at the request of the latter in order to assess her current status. Because the knowledge-hungry shut-in had been spending all her time in the Canterlot Libraries as she usually did, tracking her down and finding her was easy enough.

At first, the Assistant was worried that coaxing her into leaving the library would probably require more thought than what was usually required of him. However, one glance at Moondancer's well-rounded haunches shamelessly stuck out as she had her muzzle buried in the tome she was reading convinced the quickly aroused human otherwise.

It wasn't long before the table Moondancer was leaning on was rocking constantly from the way the Assistant was furiously colliding his hips into her sizable flanks. While the turgid member plunging in and out of her marehood managed to draw her attention from her little book, the constant pounding into her soft backside quickly caused her squishy cheeks to wobble as wildly as the table under her.

Ms Harshwhinny and Ms Peachbottom:

The Equestrian Games inspector had been escorted by train to the Crystal Empire by the Princesses Royal Assistant, who had been tasked to make sure her important visit will be smooth and problem-free.

To Ms Harshwhinny's elation, the Assistant had been a mature and polite gentlecolt towards her the whole time. He was even courteous enough to carry the inspector's heavy bags the whole way there, quickly earning the strict mare's respect and leaving a positive impression.

Amira, one of the two visiting Saddle Arabian ambassadors:

Little Strongheart:

Queen Flora, King Assh- er, Aspen's wife:

The nature-loving deer that made their homes in the Everfree Forest had once again attempted another hostile takeover of Equestrian soil without consideration of a more peaceful solution, but with the ponies' main water supply at the Hoofer Dam as their current goal. It was because of the debilitating threat of dehydration resulting from the sweltering summer sun.

In one fell swoop, the Everfree Forest's thick vines ensnared and captured the Hoofer Dam from it's former owners, and quickly rerouted its plentiful supply of water to their home, depriving Equestria of one of its most essential resources.

In order to prevent the serious conflict from escalating into outright war, Princess Twilight Sparkle and her friends have arranged a diplomatic meeting between four of the Princesses and King Aspen in Ponyville, which took place in the former's Castle of Friendship. While the Royal Assistant accompanied the Princesses, King Aspen was also accompanied by his wife Flora, his eldest son Blackthorn, and his youngest son Bramble.

The peace talks were not going very well. Despite claiming to desire a negotiation for a fair compromise, the sheer apathy King Aspen showed towards the Equestrian ponies over the stolen water made negotiations difficult.

Not only did King Aspen shoot down any attempts at negotiating the return of the stolen dam, but the brief reminder of the previous incident involving Well-To-Do showed his blatant lack of empathy or remorse regarding his race's extremist actions. The self-righteous, holier-than-thou attitude he held in response to its mention, and the way he was referring to the Royal Assistant as if he was just some crude animal only exacerbated the disdain the Princesses already felt towards him.

While Bramble seemed adamant with his similar beliefs towards the situation, Queen Flora and Blackthorn seemed both suprised and increasingly disgusted by the sheer disregard King Aspen had. They both tried to assist the Princesses in reasoning a fair compromise, but he remained unswayed.

Thankfully, a well-timed recess from the negotiations was called in order to give the two parties some time to deliberate to themselves.

Queen Haydon:

Two guards:

A bat pony artist:

Mina, the comic-loving dragon:

And some maids, led by Gilda the Gryphon:

...the Assistant took a brief moment to wonder if STDs existed in Equestria. If he did, he might have quite a few letters to send...


Nightmare's hot breath suddenly blew into the side of his face, bringing him out of his thoughts and alerted him to her waking up.

"You can relax, my Assistant. Sexually-transmitted diseases have been all but eradicated with the help of my sister and other half many centuries ago."

A mix of relief and surprise filled the Assistant as Nightmare somehow read his mind, and quelled his fears about the possible consequence of having and spreading any form of STDs.

Wait a minute...

"But seriously, barnyard animals!? And underage fillies!? Have you no standards!?"

Nightmare narrowed her eyes at the startled Assistant as she expressed her disbelief at his illicit choice of mating partner.

The stern gaze Nightmare casted towards the Assistant held for one tense, drawn out moment, then began to soften...

"I certainly don't mind sharing you. Wives are one thing, and Faust knows how many lonely mares out there need the touch of a virile stallion like you."

...and briefly grew stern again as she admonished him once more.

"But I'd very much prefer if my Royal Assistant didn't dirty his stallionhood fornicating with livestock."

And the fillies?

"Them too."
11/04/15 03:50AM
Stuck in an alien world with no way back home.

An overused cliche utilized so many times in various forms of fiction, but now it's actually happened to me. I was transported from a quiet life in the suburbs to a world resembling something out of a children's storybook.

Or at least, it seemed to be that way at first.

And to add insult to injury, I had brought absolutely nothing with me on the inter-dimensional trip I had unexpectedly undergone, which included my missing clothes. In their place were the dozens of scuffs, scratches, bruises, and mild burns adorning my naked body.

By the time I had woken up inside their capital's hospital, it's law enforcement officers had escorted me straight to the two "princesses" of the colorful equine society. Both had apparently taken a moment out of their busy lives in order to greet me inside a cozy little study room, complete with oversized couch cushions to sit on and an active fireplace to keep the room's occupants warm.

After introducing themselves as the country's ruling matriarchs and explaining where I was, they inquired on who and what I was. In a near-emotionless tone brought on by my own sheer disbelief, I managed to answer them in short and quick detail.

I am a human. Homo sapien. Mammal. Biped. Omnivore.

Celestia and Luna, as they called themselves, gave me their utmost attention, gladly lending their ears to the strange bipedal creature that had somehow found his way onto their doorstep. Every new piece of information was rewarded with a curt nod and a quiet "mhmm".

After learning what they could from me, Celestia finally allowed me to ask my own questions. Naturally, I had immediately asked if they had the means to send me back home, and a feeling of dread struck me hard when their shared response came in the form of a grim reluctance to speak.

Despite informing me on how their magic, while immensely powerful, could only accomplish so much, let alone traversing alternate universes, their downtrodden faces were all they needed to tell me I was never going back home.

As touching as it was for them to show hospitality and concern to a complete stranger, I couldn't help but be more preoccupied with the numerous questions running through my head.

What was I was going to do? What about my parents? What about the few friends that I had? What about my college education? What about my career in electronics repair? What do I do?

I hadn't the slightest idea of what to do now...

...At least until one of the sisters mentioned an opening for a so-called "Royal Assistant" position that I had wound up accepting with some reluctance.

A few weeks into my permanent stay in Equestria, and the results regarding my adjustment to the world are already showing. The job that Celestia and Luna gave me to keep me occupied, and to keep a close eye on me also helped, as well as the spare room in the castle they had lent me.

As always, my bare body was on constant display to the world, constantly giving the ponies around me a face-full of my flaccid genitals.

The mares I interact with on a day-to-day basis still cast their rather suggestive gazes onto my lean form whenever they think I'm not looking, but flattery and confidence began to course through me every time, replacing the pure anxiety I used to feel.

They look at me and see a healthy stud, and I see attractive mares everywhere I look.

Sometimes I forget we're of different species when I converse with them, and find myself eagerly flirting back and forth with some of the more amorous mares. Blown goodbye kisses happened often, and would leave my face with a deep red blush.

Time and again, Celestia and Luna held the same flirtatious attitude towards me in private, except unlike the other mares, their flirting was mixed with what they would label as "hooves-on contact". In addition to the positive compliments given my way, a brief nuzzle or a hug was thrown in for good measure.

My waning homesickness aside, I've really come to enjoy my stay in Equestria. In addition to the constant affection and trust placed into me, my previous wallflower behavior and social ineptitude was all but gone, leaving me with a much more fulfilling life to enjoy.

Plus, the same doctors that examined my unconscious body after my unexpected appearance had noted that Equestria's magical nature was having a passive, but very positive synergetic effect on me. While I hadn't bothered to notice earlier due to being focused on other recent events grabbing my attention, the physical that was recently performed on my body had shown a near-boundless well of stamina I currently possessed.

Not only was my now perpetually healthy body virtually inexhaustible when it came to physical exertion, but the idea of me having an incredibly long lifespan, even compared to the fearsome dragon race and some of Equestria's most powerful unicorns, was not considered improbable either. In short, I now had a body most people would kill to have, even if I still possessed my lean but hardy frame.

Already a few months into my life in Equestria, I started having... urges. Sexual urges that started several weeks ago, and began to grow with each passing day.

In the beginning, it started with my own lewd gaze being cast upon the admittedly shapely plots of the mares around me. With a good majority of Equestrian citizens being female, it left my eyes wandering about almost constantly. And with most mares being about as naked as I was, I could easily catch glimpses of their uncovered privates.

The explicit images of their exposed genitalia would be burned into my mind every time, and it wasn't long before I was compelled to masturbate to them every time I found myself alone in my bedroom.

Unfortunately for me, their enticing marehoods remained in my thoughts even as I slept, and Princess Luna was easily able to discover the growing mare lust I possessed when overseeing my dreams. Princess Celestia had also been informed the next day, and the dynamic between myself and both sisters undergone a very noticeable change.

Ever since that dream, Princess Luna had made it her personal mission to coax as many erections out of me as possible. Because of my constantly uncovered body and her own admittedly alluring form, little effort was needed for her to visibly arouse me.

It didn't matter to her whether or not we were in public, or how many times Princess Celestia had admonished her for being too forward with me, as Luna had found a very perverse joy in seeing her Royal Assistant constantly aroused from her shameless teasing.

Luna's insistent teasing had soon escalated one day, when she cornered me while I had retrieved her afternoon coffee. I was already visibly aroused beforehand from an interrupted masturbating session, and had run my errand while my length had remained at full mast. I had caught the attention of numerous mares, Celestia included, as I retrieved Luna's coffee from the local café.

Despite being fully erect beforehand, Luna still felt the need to grind her shapely hips against my lower body as she casually drank her coffee, making sure my throbbing stiffness was completely stimulated by the soft hairs of her dark blue coat.

Suddenly, Luna's ponderous backside had managed to capture and squeeze my sensitive member within its pliable cheeks, and the immense softness smothering my length had made me peak right there. I unconsciously bucked my hips forward, squishing my crotch firmly into her twin moons as I had covered most of her back with a thorough coating of hot ejaculate.

Regarding her deeply blushing face, Luna's scrunched muzzle was an obvious indication of how she realized just how overboard she went with me. The first rope of thick seed that splattered onto her coat had made her spit out the scalding hot liquid in reflex, hitting a nearby table and leaving the smell of coffee to linger in that area for a while.

I... mated with a pony. It felt so right.

I was still a virgin when I arrived many months ago in Equestria, and even with the growing sexual urges, I never even bothered entertaining the idea of giving myself to one of it's inhabitants.

Said inhabitant was a random castle guard whose estrus cycle had suddenly stricken her with a bothersome heat in her loins. With a lack of stallions available within the castle, she had rushed to me in desperate need for relief.

When my nose was overwhelmed by the sweet aroma coming from her aching nethers, I found my ability to form coherent thought escape me, and be replaced with a mindset that was less inhibited and much more primal.

I then found myself escorted into the nearest vacant room the guard could find when my response to her desperate plea showed itself in the form of a painfully-erect member, as she couldn't even be bothered to wait for a verbal response.

As I was kneeling right above her, I spent a few brief moments staring deeply into her mirth-filled eyes while what remained of my rational side was running some prominent last-minute questions through my head.

Is this how I want my first sexual encounter to go? Being used by a random guard purely for sexual gratification and sweet relief? Should I really go through with this?

But I did.

I loved every single second.

I loved the feel of her warm coat brushing against my bare skin.

I loved the feel of her strong forelegs wrapping tight against my body as I began thrusting in and out of her.

I loved the enticing sound of wet slapping that filled both our ears, and the otherwise empty room when our mating grew more frantic.

I loved listening to the low whinny of pleasure escaping her mouth.

I loved how the constant pleading to breed her preluded my own intense climax.

I loved the feel of her constricting marehood as it clamped down tight on my spurting length, milking out as much of my essence as possible.

And I loved how she wordlessly begged for another round with a shameless presentation of her sweaty haunches.

After finally sending her on her merry way after almost an hour of mindless rutting, the stunning revelation regarding my apparent sexual prowess had quickly begun to spread throughout Canterlot Castle. It was very soon after that the entirety of the guard had seen me as a form of blessing when it came to dousing the periodic heat in their loins, but not just Celestia's guard.

Princess Luna's threstals, or more commonly known as the Royal Guard's bat ponies, had also sought out my "help", even going so far as to try and meet me during the day to request my services. I've lost count how many times the castle's denizens have been startled by a threstal mare shrieking in pleasure because of me.

However, I obviously didn't share the same beliefs about my so-called skills in bed, so I soon found myself doing some quick research.

According to a library book on pony biology Celestia had recommended to me, the average pony stallion could only last ten seconds inside a mare at the most. Along with several other crucial facts, I learned my newfound status was simply because I was able to last much longer than the scarce stallions out there.


The male equivalent to nymphomania, an uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in women.

If I didn't know any better, I'd assume that my time in Equestria had turned me into this, with the ambient magical energies somehow amplifying my normally benign sex drive. At this point, I always felt the most content whenever my cock was buried snugly within the welcoming orifice of an eager mare, no matter who or what she was, or whether or not she was married.

I swore that my mare lust was starting to grow into a serious addiction. In my daily life, not a moment goes by without lewd thoughts involving the surrounding mares crossing my normally unobstructed mind.

Not even young fillies were safe from my horny gaze, because every now and then I find myself fantasizing about how deflowering their innocent children would feel. While the word "pedophile" would probably be an accurate term for me back on Earth, the ponies would instead dub me a "filly-fooler" if discovered.

Despite the lack of complaint from Celestia and the others, I can only hope my heightened libido doesn't land me in any kind of danger.
My sex addiction has finally compelled me to commit a very illicit would-be crime.

The first incident happened during a small trip organized by one of Ponyville's teachers, Ms. Cherilee, which had been orchestrated in order to help complete an important assignment. Without the slightest hint of remorse, I had deflowered the younger siblings to the Elements of Harmony after quelling Ms. Cherilee's estrus.

Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo. Three young and innocent fillies whose previously untouched marehoods I had shamelessly spilled my seed into while their teacher was passed out in a nearby bathroom.

The second involved the personal assistant to Twilight Sparkle, the Element of Magic, but the child in question was an adolescent female dragon named Barb. I had allowed her refuge within my bedroom while her friends were in the Gala,

Our illicit intercourse ensued shortly after Barb came out of my shower, drying her scales off with a white towel.

Of course, regarding both incidents, what would've been considered statutory rape was never even called out on, much less acknowledged due to circumstances.

In the end, I was left with a steadily eroding sense of shame and guilt, and a growing sense of depraved hope regarding the next time I find myself in the company of an underage female.

Along with mating with underage sister of one of the Elements of Harmony once again during a wedding rehearsal, my uncontrolled lust had compelled me to be a part of another shocking infidelity.

This time, it was the beloved niece to the Royal Sisters, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza.

Otherwise formally known as Princess Cadance, the well-known Alicorn of Love had just gotten married to the Royal Guard Captain, Shining Armor.

As a thwarted changeling invasion, negotiation, and subsequent integration had preceded the highly anticipated wedding, everyone's spirits were naturally quite high.

Including mine, since I had helped influence the princesses into going for a more lenient route in dealing with the captive changelings and their leader, Queen Chrysalis. In fact, a small part of me considered Chrysalis' "reward" for my support, and Cadance's adulterous attentions after the latter's wedding a bonus.
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