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Clopfiction based on Pictures

Your birthday was coming up, and Pinkie Pie insisted on a "super special private fun time" with a mare of your choice. After much prodding, you confided with Pinkie Pie about your secret preference for pudgy mares. Mild embarrassment aside, she promised to help you indulge in it.

One thing led to another, and here you were, waiting in Pinkie’s bathroom. Pinkie Pie took all your clothes off (somehow without you noticing) and told you to wait for her "special guest "to get ready.

When Pinkie Pie finally gave the word, you finally came out. What you saw caused your stallionhood to erect almost instantly.

Mrs Cake was butt naked, her overweight body proudly presented in front of you. Her hefty breasts were engorged with motherly fluid leaking freely from her nipples. Instead of a bed, she was sitting on a half-eaten cake with her fat ass squished against it. She seemed to be occupied with licking the frosting smeared on her muzzle and fingers right before you entered the room.

Smirking from your surprised (and visibly aroused) reaction, Mrs Cake stood up, put her hands behind her head and shook her body, making her swollen teats and massive belly sway and jiggle seductively in front of you.

Mesmerized, you slowly walked over to her, your throbbing member pointing towards her and leaking precum with every twitch. You weren't even going to bother wondering why Mrs.Cake agreed to this, or whether or not Mr.Cake knows about this.

You eagerly pressed your body against hers, grabbing a handful of the plump flesh of her ass. Her belly fat smothered your cock in its pliable softness as you pressed her thick lips against yours. Savoring the deep kiss, you could taste bits of the cake and frosting that was smeared on her face.

As your lips separated, you kept grinding your stallion meat against her soft tummy. Her sweat and your precum lubed your dick. You were lost in the pleasure, and your stallionhood accidentally slipped into her belly button. The surprisingly deep orifice sucked you in and engulfed your member to the hilt.

Feeling your greedy hands sink into her luscious fat, you thrusted vigorously into it. Her belly fat jiggled wildly as your groin smacked into the doughy flesh. The pleasure heightened further as Mrs Cake squeezed her plump belly onto you, the increased pressure quickly pushing you to your first orgasm. You released into her navel, every throb spurting ribbon after ribbon of cum into her.

Pulling out, a stream of cum poured out of her tummy and pooled onto the ground. You were obviously still erect, your dick was visibly twitching in its silent call for attention. Eyeing it, Mrs Cake seductively licked her lips as she laid her obese body back on the half-eaten cake.

She presented herself to you, spreading her legs and showing you her plump, swollen pussy lips. Practically running to her, you planted your hands on her thick hips and shoved your stallionhood into her wet cunt, sinking balls deep into her.

For a mother of two, she was surprisingly tight! The heavenly feeling of her soft depths squeezing your stiff pole, and Mrs Cake’s sweet moans compelled you to start thrusting immediately. You felt your hips slap against her fat waist, with each collision making her plump tummy bounce and wobble about.

Hypnotized by the sight of her fat jiggling teats squirting milk everywhere, you buried your face into them. Their warm softness engulfed your head as you fervently groped and fondled her large mammaries. You latched your mouth onto one of her swollen nipples, tasting the sweet liquid that flooded your mouth in seconds.

The thorough pounding you gave her, plus the stimulation to her large melons caused Mrs Cake’s sweet moan to turn into a scream as she reached her orgasm. She wrapped her gelatinous thighs around your waist as her squirting marehood tightened around your shaft, milking you to your second orgasm almost instantly.

Plunging every inch of your stallionhood into her and grinding your pelvis into her soaking pussy, you erupted your load directly into her womb. Cum spurted free from your stiff pole, deep into her squeezing pussy with every twitch and throb. Your lust-consumed body pressed against hers tight, releasing every drop of it’s essence it could deep into the beautiful mare in front of you.

After what seemed like forever, you and Mrs Cake came down from your shared orgasm. You pulled out your softening rod and laid down on Mrs Cake's heaving body as she wrapped you in a hug, resting your head in between her breasts. You let your spent member squish between your sweaty bodies, smearing both your sex juices on each others bellies.

"Golly, I didn't think anyone in Ponyville found me attractive. Did you enjoy your present, dearie?" Mrs.Cake asked.

Still trying to catch your breath, you nodded contentedly.
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09/30/15 03:19AM

Queen Chrysalis discovered a strange hairless ape-like creature that was lying unconscious out in the Badlands. Bringing it to her underground hive, she read it’s mind with magic and learned of it’s origins. It’s a human, male, and from a place called "Earth".

Sensing the overly abundant amounts of love energy coming from the sleeping biped, she delved further in order to devise a method to extract it from him. After learning what she needed, and realizing that harvesting love off of him won’t be difficult, she enacted her plan.

(POV Switch)

The human was being escorted by strange talking, hole-ridden, bug-like creatures that called themselves changelings. He was brought through a narrow tunnel filled with a strange green vapor. He felt uncomfortable, but not because of his situation, or his nudity.

It was because he had a painfully stiff erection that bobbed up and down with every step, with precum leaking freely from the tip. Somehow, the vapor had induced almost overwhelming carnal desires to well up within him, leaving him unable to think straight. The human desperately needed release, and hoped that whoever this "Queen Chrysalis" was, she would be able to help him.

He reached a door, and the changelings opened it for him. The human walked inside, the door closing behind you. He found himself in a fancy looking master bedroom, complete with a queen-size bed. A changeling taller than the others was standing near the bed and looking right at him, or rather his stiff cock.

This one was obviously female, with a moss-like mane and tail, slitted emerald green eyes, and a long jagged horn. The human assumed that this was their queen. As she trotted towards him, he couldn’t help but notice that her haunches were visible from her front.

(POV Switch)

Chrysalis smirked at the lust addled human. The aphrodisiac was working better than expected. In his state, it would take little effort in order to coax him to mate with her. She turned around, presenting her enormous ass to him and moved her tail out of the way. She stuck her backside out and swung her hips left and right, making one plump cheek slap into the other and produce a perverted smacking noise.

Out of the corner of her eye, Chrysalis saw the aphrodisiac afflicted human walking towards her in a daze. His stiff erection was pointing at her immense rear. She shuddered in anticipation, feeling her juices run down her hindleg.

She quietly chuckled to herself. She couldn’t believe that this was what the creature liked. She had fattened up her ass, hips, and thighs to the point that her genitals were hidden inside the long crevice between her gigantic backside. Though, she couldn’t deny that she grew excited from the feeling of the human’s hands sinking into her soft cheeks, groping and fondling her large rear.

The human couldn’t wait anymore. Chrysalis felt him sink his throbbing member between the soft cleavage of her plump cheeks. The head of his twitching penis brushed against her wet entrance as his midsection sunk into her fat ass. His leaking tip smeared precum over her dripping marehood. He plunged into her tight snatch, not stopping until his balls slapped into her clit. Chrysalis bit her lip, feeling his pre leak into her wet tunnel.

The human began to thrust into her, with Chrysalis thrusting her massive rump back into him. He vigorously pounded his hips into her enormous backside, filling the bedroom with wet smacking noises. With each thrust, her oversized buttcheeks rippled from the impact.

Chrysalis could sense the human’s elation and ecstasy heighten as he fucked her. The heavenly feeling of her soft jiggling globes and squeezing marehood soaking his crotch steadily inched him closer and closer to orgasm. Her own climax nearing, she used her magic to hold his entire length all the way in, grinding her wet swollen lips into his groin. She came, moaning as her squirting cunt squeezed his his member even tighter, milking him to climax almost immediately.

Chrysalis felt the human shudder in pleasure as warmth flooded her insides in spurts. His dick spurted globs of cum into her hungry pussy with every spasm. She closed her eyes, savoring the feeling of the human’s throbbing cock releasing it’s essence inside of her.

Soon, the throbs turned into twitches as the human’s orgasm faded down. Chrysalis’ feeling of satisfaction gave way to surprise as she noticed that not only was there still plenty of love inside of him, but his dick was still erect inside her. The human didn’t even show the slightest hint of exhaustion, looking ready for another round.

She couldn’t believe it, this creature was not only capable of giving off so much love, but he had so much stamina. Turning her head, she pressed her soft lips against his, enjoying the taste of the love and lust flowing into her as she felt him thrusting frantically into her backside again.

Breaking the kiss, she grinned at him as he once again lost himself in her enormous ass. She wondered how he’ll behave when the aphrodisiac wears off. Will he be okay with her using him as her personal love concubine?

…Eh, she’ll worry about it later.
09/30/15 03:42AM

Princess Cadence was trotting through the castle halls, eagerly looking for the next pony in need of her "sexual therapy". She searched the guards, knowing that at least one of them would need it after a hard day's work.

After a while, she found a lone unicorn guard standing vigilant near the mess hall. As the Goddess of Love and Affection, she could feel how "pent up" he was. He was in desperate need of some relief, and she was set to help him.

Knowing that he would either be too nervous or reluctant to accept her help, she subtly cast a spell on him to lower his inhibitions and make him more willing. Now, it would require little effort to grab his attention...

(POV Switch)

You were confused. You expected Princess Cadence to be annoyed at you for checking her out. Your eyes were glued to her swaying hips and ample haunches as she was passing through the castle hallway. How couldn’t you, she was one of the sexiest mares alive! But instead, her reaction was the very last thing you expected.

Not only did Princess Cadence seem elated that you had looked at her in such a perverted manner, but she asked you to come to her bedroom for "some much needed stress relief".

When you asked why, she said you were always so devoted to your job, and that as Princess of Love she felt that you were well-overdue for an evening of "personal attention". You always did work hard when it came to protecting her, but as kind and generous as Cadence was, you never expected her to give you a rather... suggestive sounding offer.

Come to think of it, she sounded unusually eager when she asked you this.

You took her up on her offer, thinking it was too good to be true. You were right behind her as you followed her to the Royal Bedroom. Walking through the castle halls, you found your eyes drawn back to her plump rear. The supple pink globes bounced and jiggled with every step she took.

Thoughts of mounting her soft, cushy rump gradually filled your head and left you unable to think straight. In your slowly growing arousal, you felt your already drooping penis stiffen between your legs. Finally you got to the royal bedroom, with Cadence ordering the guards nearby not to disturb her.

The second the door closed behind you, you felt her magic energy engulf your armor. In a second, it unfastened and slid off of you. Before you could say anything, Cadence quickly closed the distance between you two and pressed her soft lips against yours.

Any lingering problems you might’ve had about screwing Shining’s wife disappeared as you felt Cadence’s soft tongue enter your mouth and wrestle with yours. Her lustful advances made your stallionhood grow fully erect, silently begging for attention.

Cadence pulled her head away and left a thin trail of saliva connecting your mouths. She laid her front half onto the bed, looking at you with a lusty smile as she presented her shapely ass to you. She swayed her rump side to side in a teasing, yet enticing manner, wordlessly asking you to mount her. The erotic display made your already hard cock stiffen further.

Wasting no time, you got up and planted your throbbing cock in between her soft buttcheeks, the heavenly pink flesh squeezing the stiff length between it and coaxing precum out onto her lower back. You moaned along with Cadence as the pleasure consumed you, unable wait anymore. You removed your shaft and pressed the swollen head against Cadence’s moist pussy lips.

In one thrust, her wet lovehole swallowed your stallionhood. Feeling her marshmallow soft depths squeeze you tight, you almost lost your mind. You succumbed to your primal instincts and began to rut her as hard as you could.

You pounded your hips into hers, every collision sending ripples through her ample backside and violently rocking the bed she was desperately clinging to. Lewd smacking noises echoed across the bedroom, gradually growing louder with every passing second.

You couldn’t stop moving, even if you wanted to. The wet caress of her insides, the feel of your balls slapping into her soft teats, and that beautiful ass jiggling wildly in front of you with every thrust was pure bliss.

Looking in front of you, you saw Cadence’s near-vacant face. Her eyes were half-lidded and her tongue hung out of her open mouth. She was unable to speak, the rough rutting you gave her backside eliciting moans and squeaks out of her. As you felt a growing pressure in your loins, you wondered which one of you would come first.

Your question was answered not long after as Cadence reached her peak. She closed her eyes tight in pure pleasure, juices gushing out of her contracting marehood and soaking your lower body. You felt her soft depths clench and squeeze your shaft, desperately milking it for your seed.

Approaching your own climax, you shoved your stallionhood all the way inside her and pressed your groin into her squirting lips. You felt the swollen tip of your stiff pole kiss her womb as you let her soft depths milk you to orgasm.

You erupted inside her, feeling your shaft throb and twitch with every sticky load released into her tight cunt. As you spurted ribbon after ribbon of cum deep inside her love tunnel, you felt Cadence use her magic to stroke and caress your sack, wordlessly encouraging you to give her every last drop of your seed. Cadence's head rose in a silent scream as your climax drove her to another orgasm.

For almost a minute you held yourself against Cadence, your thick splooge gushing into her squeezing depths over and over again until your orgasm finally died down. You pulled out your softening member, and watched as a small river of cum dripped out of her love canal.

After waiting a minute for Cadence to catch her breath, she got off the bed, turned to you, and asked…

"…wanna help me shower?" Cadence asked.

You nodded eagerly.

You followed her to the shower, and found your eyes glued to her sweaty backside. Thoughts of rutting Cadence once again flooded your head as you felt your flaccid member twitch.
10/03/15 06:59AM

It was time to praise the sun.

You were lying alone, naked in a field. Your erect penis was pointing to the sky in anticipation of what's to come. Soon, it would be time to praise her. You could barely wait until you saw them descending from the clouds.

Two massive pillowy cheeks emblazoned with the sun descended from the heavens to meet with your twitching erection.

As the olive-tanned backside drew near, you heard a beautiful voice speak to you.

"Greetings, my loyal follower. It is time to reward you for your devotion."

You could hardly wait. The enormous tush inched closer and closer until they were right above you, ready to smother your eager member in pure pleasure.

Feeling your cocktip being swallowed into the soft crevice of her plump cheeks, you almost came then and there. But no, you needed to last. You closed your eyes as you felt it slowly engulf your length in its warm softness, not stopping until the pillowy cheeks squished against your crotch.

You squirmed, feeling her bountiful rear lovingly squeeze every inch of your dick in its pillowy warmth. Precum leaked freely into the twin orbs with every twitch.

The soft globes started to raise and lower themselves, slamming into your hips and filling the air with erotic slapping noises. You could feel them jiggle and ripple with every collision. The sudden movement heightened the already heavenly experience and quickly drove you to your peak. You couldn't help but feel a little disappointed with yourself for not lasting as long as you wanted.

"My loyal follower, do not be ashamed. Your praise of my beautiful sun is more than enough. Now, release your essence into my golden globes and know true pleasure."

She slammed her plump cheeks down on you one last time, the soft flesh squishing into your hips and engulfing you to the hilt. Unable to hold back any longer, you thrusted upwards as pleasure engulfed your body. You erupted inside her, releasing ribbon after ribbon of cum deep inside her heavenly ass.

It never seemed to end. Whenever the spurts of seed would start to slow down, the soft cheeks would squeeze you tighter, coaxing more and more out of you. She seemed intent on extracting every liter of ejaculate from your sack with her irresistible backside until you had nothing left to give except your boundless praise and adoration.

Eventually, your orgasm faded, and when you came to your senses, her bountiful backside was gone. You stood up in confusion, and saw that in its place was its beautiful owner. Your beautiful goddess had decided to grace you with her naked presence, as her voluptuous body was now on full display to you.

She was ready for another round of praising. She went down on all fours and beckoned you over by twerking her immense rump at you in a sultry manner. The hefty cheeks smacked into each other with a lewd clapping noise. The perverted sounds her titanic globes produced was music to your ears.

"My loyal subject, I know you have more "praise" to give. I command you to continue praising my bountiful sun!"

(POV Switch)

"Sister, when you asked to "walk a mile in my shoes" by using my powers to enter the dreamscape, I expected you to help give our subjects pleasant dreams, not these so called "wet dreams"!
10/04/15 05:03AM

What happened today was inconceivable. You were just an ordinary unicorn who wanted to visit relatives in Canterlot, and wound up galloping through the halls of Canterlot Castle with a stiff erection was bobbing between your legs, twitching almost painfully with carnal hunger.

You were out wandering through the streets when mating season arrived unexpectedly. Everyone else had locked themselves in their homes for safety reasons while you were somehow left unaware of what was happening. The enticing musk that filled the streets of the town you were strolling through afflicted you with an urgent need to mate and breed, just like the mares cooped up in their houses.

You just wanted to bury your rigid length into the nearest marehood you could find and let go. Your lust-addled mind influenced you to rush to the Castle to try and find a desperate Guard to mate with. Strangely, the entire place seemed empty.

You found yourself wandering into the castle throne room, and a very arousing sight suddenly greeted your vision. An enormous pink ass, emblazoned with a beautiful Crystal Heart, was right in front of you, belonging to an estrus-afflicted Princess Cadence.

You were unable to avert your eyes from the massive twin cheeks Cadance stuck outward so shamelessly, and felt your pulsing cock gush a spurt of pre onto the marble floor when your nose was assaulted by the sweet scent coming from her dripping nethers. Completely captivated by the irresistible sight before you, you heard a deep, seductive voice being whispered, seemingly by the gelatinous buttcheeks...

Enticing promises of intense sexual gratification and sweet relief graced your ears, assured with the sheathing of your needy member deep into the welcoming pink globes. Contained within their immense cushiony softness was a sopping wet marehood of an alicorn princess, aching to receive the thick essence of a receptive male.

It was simply too tempting for you to resist. You didn't care if she was a princess, or if she was married, you wanted to mate with her immediately.

You ran up to her, never taking your eyes of her enormous haunches as you reared up and wrapped your forelegs around her midsection. Cadence yelped at the sudden embrace, whimpered when she felt you bury your stallionhood into the twin mountains of soft assfat, and screamed when you finally plunged into her wet entrance. Her velvety softness swallowed every inch of your stiff length, and her ponderous pink cheeks smothered your crotch in indescribable pleasure when you hilted all the way inside her.

Cadence desperately tried to shake you off, to try and pull the intruding penis out of her, but you refused to let go. You pressed your forehooves down on her back, pushing her blushing face into the ground and began thrusting in and out of her.

Loud smacks echoed across the throne room as you pounded into the pink alicorn's bountiful backside, sending ripples through the huge pillowy globes and eliciting whimpers and squeaks out of her panting mouth. The smell of your salty sweat mixed with the musky scent coming from her heat-afflicted body, filling both your noses and quickly eroding away at your rational minds.

You ravaged Cadence's royal snatch with all the stamina you could muster, feeling her convulsing pussy moisten further from your rough treatment. Her insides started to contract and loosen with increasing frequency, intensifying your pleasure from the heightened stimulation and squeezing more and more sticky globs of pre into her wet tunnel.

As your first climax approached, Cadence briefly came to her senses and panicked when she could feel how close you were through your swelling cocktip. She renewed her futile efforts to escape your lustful grasp, but to no avail. She started to beg and plead with you to pull out instead of releasing inside, but you wouldn't listen. You wanted to breed her, to impregnate this beautiful love goddess with your virile seed. You didn't care about anything else.

You slammed into her huge backside one last time, simultaneously hilting your stallionhood all the way into her wet cunt and grinding your pelvis into the enormous cheeks of her pink pillowy ass. You allowed the overwhelming pressure in your loins to spill over, and grunted loudly as you began to fire your load deep inside her wet lovehole.

Ribbon after ribbon of your hot ejaculate spurted into her soaking snatch, splattering across her moist tunnel and gushing into her womb in astonishing amounts.

What should have been cries of anguish came out as heavenly moans of pleasure, with Cadance welcoming the frequent bursts of sticky warmth flooding into her quivering marehood and cascading down her shaking hindlegs. Her shuddering body conveyed her utter submission to you and your primal desires by contracting her inner muscles as tight as possible. Your spurting length was seized in a firm hold, with every drop of thick seed being urgently milked from your pulsing sack.

Eyes shut tight, you were submerged in a world of orgasmic bliss, which lasted until you found the strength to open your eyes once more. When you finally could, you found yourself locking eyes with the aunt of your reluctant partner.

Princess Celestia, as regal and majestic in appearence as everypony believed, was gazing right at you with a strange look of playful amusement on her face as she caught you forcing yourself on her niece.

Despite the mix of surprise and horror coursing through you, your hips had never stopped thrusting, and the sound of Cadence's large ass continued to fill the room with the ceaseless pounding it's gelatinous cheeks were subjected to. The constant plunge of your still-erect stallionhood also caused some of the mixed fluids pooling inside Cadance's belly to spill out her marehood and, cause the puddle of pungent fluids under you to steadily grow in size.

Celestia gave you an approving nod, and looked down towards Cadance. The sight of her flustered face pressed against the pristine marble floor caused her playful smile to steadily morph into an eerily smug and toothy grin.

From what you had heard about Celestia from your more zealous neighbors back at your hometown, this seemed rather out-of-character for her, especially towards her own niece.

Celestia: "Well, Cadenza? I'm certain this one will make a proper substitute for your old husband."

Her ominous tone of voice and condescending attitude weren't what you had expected either.

Celestia (?): "After all, with Shiny too busy helping me with siring an heir, you're going to need someone to help take care of you, and this robust-looking stallion seems more than eager to help attend to your estrus problem."

Cadence's blushing face had immediately framed into a look of disgust and outrage at her statement, but any form of rebuttal she had was quickly interrupted by her sweaty body enduring a sudden quivering fit.

As you had never ceased pounding away at Cadance's large pillowy ass, another messy volley of hot stallion seed had soon been coaxed out of your tightening sack, and begun splattering across the insides of her moist cooter.
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Some people always seem to have way too much time to write something like that up.
In this case, chatterboxes "K" was the best reaction...
10/12/15 10:05PM

Today, Princess Luna was in heat. Due to her fondness for Shining Armor, she desired for him to service her during her estrus.

Luna was aware he would be reluctant to do so on account of being married to her niece, but the subtle use of a special aphrodisiac quickly took care of it. As he was overcome with a single-minded desire to mate and breed, Luna quickly spirited him away and left his armor behind. Their mating was to take place in a secluded area away from Canterlot Castle so they won't be disturbed.

Shining Armor's face was in between her sweaty haunches, mindlessly lapping at her glistening nethers like a parched animal. His leaking erection was bobbing in between his legs, showing his eagerness to rut his Lunar Princess.

Luna brushed her starry blue tail against his neck in appreciation as she used her magic to remove her crown and regalia. She wanted to feel like a natural mare as she was rutted by her stallion.

Luna looked behind her when she felt Shining Armor remove his tongue from her moist cunt, watching him drape himself over her back with a clear intention to mount her. She bit her lip in anticipation as she felt him wrap his strong forelegs around her midsection. The sound of his heavy breathing filled her ears and made her shudder with excitement.

Luna's body quivered as she felt Shining Armor press the swollen head of his twitching stallionhood against her winking pussy. Her sweet moans filled the surrounding area as he pushed into her, spreading open her wet pussy lips. He sunk deeper and deeper, not stopping until he completely hilted inside her. Luna's soft depths squeezed him tight, coating the stiff flesh with her natural juices.

Shining Armor immediately thrusted in and out of her, his stiff cock vigorously ravaging her needy cunt. Luna felt him slam his toned hips into her backside, sending ripples through her shapely rear. Every collision produced a resounding smacking noise that echoed throughout the dimly-lit area.

Yes! This was exactly what Luna needed. For a strong, healthy, virile male to give her what she needed. Her stallion was giving her a good, hard rutting, pounding her into the stone floor like a filthy whorse. It felt good, so good, that she could barely stand up straight anymore.

Luna was kneeling her front half on the floor, unconsciously sticking her rear out for her horny stallion. The jiggling cheeks of her soft tush were reddened by his merciless pounding. Her mind was as void of coherent thought as Shining was, only registering the frantic thrusting into her tender marehood.

She was close now, and so was Shining Armor. Luna could feel it. Soon, she will be filled with her stallion's potent seed and her heat would be sated. Then suddenly, ecstasy engulfed her body as her climax came upon her hard.

She screamed his name as her squirting cunt soaked his lower body and clamped down tightly on Shining's member, eagerly squeezing and milking it in a desperate attempt to coax out the seed brimming in his loins.

Slamming himself into Luna one last time, Shining Armor pressed his groin into her sweat-soaked haunches and released inside her. Luna squealed in delight as she felt his twitching pole shoot his thick spunk into her womb, and flood her insides with his gooey warmth.

Grunts and groans escaped Shining's mouth as his throbbing member spurted countless ropes of his sticky splooge inside Luna's squeezing depths. His pulsing sack spilled their contents into her soaking tunnel over and over again until his orgasm finally faded a minute later.

Luna felt Shining's body suddenly go limp, slipping off her back and falling onto the ground with a loud "thud". She shuddered when she felt their collective fluids spill from her used snatch after his softening length slipped out of her. Apparently, he had fallen unconscious from the intense orgasm they shared.

Luna giggled to herself as she gazed upon Shining Armor's sleeping form, watching his flaccid member retreat into his sheath. For a moment, Luna found herself envious of her niece, knowing that the virile white unicorn belonged to her and that she could only "borrow" him at the most.

Oh well. Shining Armor had served his purpose, and it was time to return to the castle. Fortunately, he would not remember what transpired in the clearing.

After she put her crown and regalia back on, she used her magic to remove the evidence of their mating from their bodies and teleported herself and Shining to her Royal Bedroom.

She laid Shining Armor on her bed and pulled the covers over his sleeping form, allowing him to get his well-deserved rest. His armor was lying on the ground nearby. She would tell him he had passed out from "work-related fatigue" when he wakes up, and send him on his merry way.

As Luna gazed into his resting face, her thoughts drifted back to their lovemaking in the clearing. How would her sister and niece react to what she did? Would Cadence be furious at her for "borrowing" her husband? Would Celestia admonish her for forcing their nephew-in-law to mate with her?

...Meh. She'll worry about that later. But for now, she's content with watching over Shining Armor as he recovers in her bed.
10/16/15 06:26AM
Part 1 - Princess Celestia

You were a member of the Royal Guard. Ever since you enlisted, you took your job very seriously. You were always eager to serve the Princesses, never late and always looking forward to your next shift.

With the combination of a physically fit body and unusually powerful magical abilities (You were a notoriously skilled unicorn), you did your duties with a stubborn sense of duty and pride. Even the Royal Sisters couldn't help but take notice of you every once in a while, referring to you as an exemplary example of a devoted Guard.

It wasn't long into your career that you found yourself chosen as a candidate for the prestigious promotion to the Elite Guard. They were considered the best of the best, who were routinely assigned important missions in addition to personally assisting the Princesses with various tasks and problems.

To find yourself nominated for a position such as this filled you with a deep sense of accomplishment.

It was almost Princess Luna's night shift. You found yourself in the throne room, lined up in a row with seven other Elite Guard candidates beside you. Princess Celestia was standing right in front of you. She informed you all that there is a mandatory test she must administer personally.

According to her, only one guard in this room will be able to receive the promotion. For the test, you were to stay where you are and remain still. Whoever moves from their spot or passes out will be disqualified.

The other guards were puzzled, but you didn't bother questioning her. You knew whatever her test was would be revealed shortly.

Celestia's horn glowed, and a strange scent filled the room. You felt an odd sensation wash over you as you inhaled it. Did Celestia plan on subjecting you and the others to sleeping gas, and promoting whoever refused to pass out?

Suddenly, the feeling gave way to almost overwhelming arousal. You felt your stallionhood quickly grow to full mast, twitching with painful need. Your body was growing hotter as your head became clouded with dirty thoughts of rutting the Princess in front of you.

You looked around, and saw that the other guards were in a similar state. They were struggling to control themselves as their erections bobbed between their legs.

Celestia bore a satisfied smirk on her face. She blushed deeply at the sight of the visibly aroused candidates, seeing their erect cocks leaking precum onto the floor. She turned around and bent over, sticking her backside into the air and presenting her nethers to the highly aroused stallions behind her.

Your heart skipped a beat at the sight before you. Celestia's round, shapely haunches was on full display, but that wasn't what your eyes were stuck looking at.

Below her puckered asshole was her meaty pussy, with her clitoris poking out of it. The pink flesh of her lips were like cushions, so large and soft. They were practically begging whoever gazed upon them to bury themselves into her moist softness.

But it wasn't just her oversized cunt, her teats were massive! Each of them were hanging below her knees, swollen with motherly fluid and begging to be squeezed and milked.

As you struggled to contain yourself, a wet splattering noise filled your ears. One of the candidates had just blown their load at the sight of Celestia's swollen genitals. He grunted as he spilled his seed all over the floor, unable to stop himself as he released his thick spunk. Once it died down, he collapsed onto the floor and passed out with an admittedly silly look on his face.

The test was much harder than you thought. It hasn't even been a full minute, and yet someone had already yielded to Celestia's alluring body.

Celestia had started to seductively sway her hips, giving her ample rear an enticing shake. The lewd teasing also caused her fat udders to smack into each other, filling the room with perverted clapping noises. The repeated collision between the enormous milksacks caused the white nectar in them to squirt onto the floor.

You thrusted your hips into empty air in frustration. You wanted to mount Celestia so bad, you just wanted to bury your twitching length in her meaty cunt and release. You tried closing your eyes, but you could still envision her fertility goddess-like body tempting you to spill your seed for her.

More splattering noises filled the room as the other candidates made a mess on the floor and collapsed one by one. You lost track of time while you were struggling to stay calm, but it was over before you knew it. You don't know how you managed to last so long.

Celestia turned her head and called your name, and you opened your eyes in surprise. You looked around, and your stress and anxiety gave way to joy and elation. As difficult as Celestia's test was, you managed to be the last stallion standing!

You did it! You were going to be an Elite Guard!

You felt your happiness grow as you locked eyes with Celestia, and saw the beaming smile she had on her face. She was so proud of you! If you didn't have a painfully stiff erection right now, you would probably be jumping with joy.

Suddenly, you felt a magic field grab your body and lift you in the air. You found yourself levitating towards Celestia, your stiff cock pointing right at her backside.

Celestia told you that when the test is finished, it is customary for the victor to ejaculate their seed into their Princesses' Royal marehood.

Before you could say anything, your leaking tip spread apart her swollen lips. You were unable to speak as her large cooter swallowed your twitching member to the hilt.

You were unable to last another second. Her teasing was one thing, but the feeling of her wet orifice squeezing your rigid shaft tight, and the soft pink cushions squishing against your groin was just too much.

You moaned to the heavens in pure bliss as you exploded inside Celestia's meaty cunt. Ribbon after ribbon of thick seed fired deep inside her welcoming pussy and spilled across her inner flesh with every twitch and throb.

Celestia seemed to go out of her way to make your orgasm last as long as possible. Whenever it would start to fade, she would grind her soft backside and plump lips into you and squeeze your spurting cock tighter. Your beautiful Sun Goddess was determined to milk you of every last drop of your sticky essence, and your body was forced to oblige.

Eventually, your climax faded out entirely. Celestia used her magic to pull out your softening rod, and lay you back on the floor. You watched in lewd fascination as her swollen coochie squirted your hot splooge past her thick lips and onto the ground with a wet splat.

After the sexual torture and the "reward" you had endured, not only were you were still able to stand up, you felt your flaccid length twitch from the arousing sight. For a moment, pure astonishment was clear on Celestia's face when she noticed your quick recovery.

Celestia turned around to face you, gazing into your tired eyes for a moment and... started laughing. You stood there, silently reflecting on what had just happened in the room as she was overcome with laughter.

You looked at the unconscious candidates, then at the sperm-covered floor, and back at the mirth-filled alicorn, and started to think your new job might not be as "important" as you thought it was...

Part 2 - Princess Luna

10/17/15 04:53AM

Queen Chrysalis was captured shortly after the attempted invasion. Faced with lengthy jail time while her Changelings integrated peacefully into Equestrian society, she opted for "community service" in the hopes that she would soon be free as soon as possible.

Apparently, Celestia and Cadence counted on this, hoping to "humble" her so that she never tries anything nasty ever again.

She soon found herself exposed to hormone altering magic to make her produce breast milk for the Princesses. To her annoyance, she was expected to produce buckets of it almost every day.

For some reason, you were the only member of the Royal Guard who volunteered for the position of "Royal Milker". You didn't know why, it came with a generous pay rise and your own share of her delicious milk.

You assumed it was because the other Guards were still afraid of her, considering what she did and what she tried to do. Come to think of it, whenever you passed the other Guards, they insisted on praising your apparent bravery with salutes and handshakes.

Even the Princesses joined in on it once in a while, jokingly commending you for willingly placing yourself in mortal danger for the sake of their breakfast.

At first, Chrysalis was furious at her embarrassing situation, venting her frustration out on you as often as she could. She glared at you, bared her fangs at you, hissed at you, screamed death threats at you, and constantly demanded that you release her immediately.

At times, she even showed exaggerated offense and astonishment at the sheer "audacity" you showed towards her for "sullying her beautiful body with your filthy hands". In general, she was set on being as antagonistic and mean to you as much as possible.

After a while, her seething anger was gradually replaced with mild irritation, and finally mellow acceptance. When you noted her change in demeanor, she said she grew tired of acting like a royal pain, and wanted to try being less... unpleasant.

She began to make small talk with you during her milking, asking how her subjects were doing outside, and discussing what she would do do once her jail sentence was over. You found yourself staying with her longer than you needed to, enjoying her company and knowing she started to enjoy yours.

Recently, she started questioning why you insisted on wearing your armor while you were down there with her. She tried to persuade you to take it off, reasoning that there was no need to conceal your muscular body from her.

The flirty way she requested you of this, along with the somewhat obvious sexual implication made you understandably reluctant at first.

You eventually found yourself consulting Celestia and Cadence over the necessity of wearing your armor during your job while they were enjoying her milk along with their breakfast. Strangely, they deemed wearing it entirely optional, even encouraging you do your job in apparel you were most comfortable with.

Considering what the Royal Guard did aside from guarding the Princesses and maintaining peace, it actually made a lot of sense. Wearing armor wasn't really necessary for most things, it just helped give you the appearance of a dutiful guardian.

Anyway, it was time for Chrysalis' daily milking.

You were in the chamber where she was being kept. This time, you wore a t-shirt and tight shorts instead of your Royal Guard uniform. The other Guards and castle staff gave you odd looks as you passed by, and Celestia even whistled at the sight of you in your casual clothing, but you didn't care.

Aside from the magic-inhibiting ring on her crooked horn (if it counts as clothing), she was completely naked. Even though her voluptuous body and lactating breasts were always fully exposed to you, she never seemed to mind.

She was bent over a wooden bucket, with her bare ass sticking outward. Her swollen milksacks were sagging downward, leaking her sweet cream into the bucket below her in droplets. She was supported in the air by by her hands, bound with cuffs attached to chains coming from the ceiling.

Even if she refused to admit it, her blushing face showed her enjoyment at being milked like a "filthy barnyard cow" as she calls it. She loves the feeling of your rough hands squeezing the milk out of her engorged breasts, and you loved the sweet moans she made as you milked her.

You pulled out a wooden stool, sat under Chrysalis and grabbed her swollen mammaries by her dripping nipples. You tugged, and a stream of milk squirted into the bucket below her. You repeated the process several times, savoring the sweet sound of her moans as you did so.

Chrysalis commented on your fit physique during the milking at first, but it didn't take her long to notice the tent in your pants. You mentally kicked yourself when she gleefully pointed it out, remembering one of the reasons why you tended to wear your armor around her.

Chrysalis' sultry tone of voice didn't help, as she now tried to convince you to remove your clothing. She reasoned that it was "compensation" for allowing you to "gaze upon her naked form".

You had milked her udders dry, but you found yourself groping and fondling her soft melons. Chrysalis was whispering seductively into your ear, tempting you into exploring the rest of her body.
10/18/15 01:17AM


After Queen Umbra was defeated during her attempted siege of the Crystal Empire, she later reappeared in the center of the city in her physical form. Fortunately for everyone else, the Crystal Heart rendered her completely powerless and easily apprehended.

As punishment for terrorizing the citizens of the Empire, Princess Cadence strapped a magic collar on her neck that reduced her from a malicious tyrant to a cock-hungry bimbo.

The collar dampened her intelligence and heightened her libido to the point where she could think of nothing but stallions and mating. It also enlarged her already huge breasts to eye-catching sizes, making them much more sensitive in the process.

Even as her magic powers gradually returned, she could only think of using them for pleasuring herself and others. Cadence made sure she would never harm another innocent soul again.

Umbra stayed in the Royal Bedroom with Cadence and Shining Armor. As their new pet, she slept in an oversized dog bed. As Cadence had forbidden her to wear clothing, her naked body was always exposed to the world wherever she went. Not that she ever minded.

Every day, she was to go about the castle and use her body to give "stress relief" to the soldiers of the Crystal Guard.

She loved her new job. She enjoyed seducing the guards, and making them blow their loads onto her her enormous breasts. She always looked forward to her next "session", sometimes using her magic to instigate a "stressful situation" where her services would be required.

Umbra was currently skipping through the castle halls nude as always. Her massive mammaries bounced and wobbled freely with every step she took. She was eagerly heading for the barracks, knowing that some of the guards had finished some difficult training and had just finished bathing in the showers.

She walked right in, seeing the four stallions inside toweling off. She announced her presence by grabbing their flaccid cocks with her magic field, the dark aura stroking and tugging at them until they were nice and hard.

Umbra bit her lip in anticipation as the four guards walked towards her. She got on her knees and used her hands to support her gigantic melons for them. They presented their erect stallionhoods to her, gazing at her fat udders with an excited look on their faces.

She used her magic to pull them closer to her titanic globes, pressing their stiff rods into the immense softness of her heavy teats. She shivered in elation as she felt their twitching dicks already leak precum onto them.

While the first two stallions were content with rubbing themselves against the soft surface of her hefty juggs, the other two wanted more. They each aligned their stiff members with her large nipples and sunk into them.

Umbra screamed in orgasmic pleasure as she felt both of her sensitive nipples get penetrated by the horny stallions. She felt the stallions twitching lengths leak their warm pre into the deep orifice of her titanic globes as they began to thrust in and out of them.

They smacked their hips into her enormous chest balloons, sending ripples through the large mounds and eliciting lustful pleas from Umbra to pound them harder.

The room was filled with grunts and moans as the stallions used Umbra's sweaty body to their heart's content. They loved her massive breasts, and Umbra loved their stiff cocks in return. In her own pleasure, Umbra could feel the stallions surrounding her reaching their peak.

She engulfed the throbbing shafts of the first two guards with her dark aura and pointed them directly at her breasts, hastily squeezing and milking them in an attempt to make them spill their seed as soon as possible.

Her effort were rewarded almost immediately as the first two stallions hit their climax. Their bodies shuddered as their cum spurted from their convulsing dicks onto her panting face and heavy udders. The other two stiff cocks that were buried inside her stretched out nipples followed suit, erupting their sticky warmth into her hefty milksacks.
10/19/15 10:38PM

After the attempted invasion, the changelings that weren’t sent flying out of Canterlot were rounded up and captured. The Crystal Caves that were used to imprison Princess Cadence were used to house the captured changelings.

The Canterlot scientists were still testing for the means to properly provide the changelings with the love they need, so they required volunteers to help them figure out how to feed them in a more efficient manner. The volunteers had to be single, however. You didn’t know why though, at least not yet.

To your surprise, you were the only volunteer. You seemed to be the only Guard who felt optimistic about the idea about an alliance between ponies and changelings, like Twilight and the Royal Sisters. Even Princess Cadence was hopeful despite what their Queen put her through.

Speaking of which, Princess Cadence was the one leading the current experiment. She told you that the experiment requires you to spend an extended period of time with an undisguised female changeling drone. The room the experiment will take place in is enchanted to inhibit a changeling’s magic, so the female drone will only be able to use very basic telekinesis.

She led you to one of the castle’s spare bedrooms. Said bedroom seemed to be modified to have a one-way mirror right beside the door. You looked inside, you saw a room covered in green slime.

The female drone was lying on a bed next to a bookcase filled with popular novels. She was laying on her side, her head on a pillow and reading a book using her magic. The female drone’s hooves were tied up through the holes at the end of its front legs with a shiny gray rope. You assume it was made of a type of metal just in case she tried to gnaw through it and attempted to escape.

You had to admit. For a changeling, she looked rather cute. Her chitinous black body, pupil-less eyes, fangs, and hole-filled limbs were something you found strangely attractive.

You also couldn’t help but notice that the drone gave you a good view of her backside through the mirror. She had a rather shapely pair of hind legs. What a alluring set of haunches…

You felt a stirring in your loins.

You shook your head, trying to rid yourself of the perverted thoughts entering your mind.

After taking off your armor, you were about to go through the door before Cadence stopped you and whispered something into your ear…

"Don’t worry. Whatever happens in the room, stays in the room."

Smiling, she pushed you towards the door. You entered the room, taking care to shut the door behind you.

"Oh, hello little pony." The female drone greeted.
She sat up, levitated the book down to a nearby shelf and looked straight at you. You greeted her back and asked how she was.

"I’m doing fine. So, I assume you’re the stallion that volunteered to keep me company?"

You nodded. She patted the bed with one of her restrained hooves, wordlessly asking you to sit with her on the bed. You got on the bed and sat next to her.

"So… Are you REALLY just here to keep me company?" She asked, looking directly into your eyes with a growing smirk on her face. "Because your emotions tell me you want to do more than that." She noticed the puzzled look you gave her.

"I mean, I can tell you feel some form of attraction to my body." The female drone stated.

You blushed furiously as surprise and worry showed clearly on your face, remembering that changelings can sense emotion. Was she able to sense arousal too?

Giggling at your reaction, she pressed her body against yours. She rubbed her smooth chitin into your fuzzy coat, moaning all the while. You clenched your eyes shut, enjoying the sensation way more than you probably should as you felt your stallionhood was poking out of its sheath.

"Oooh! Someone’s excited." The drone said, knowingly coaxing out your throbbing arousal.

She started covering the side of your face with wet kisses and licks, with the occasional nuzzle into your cheek and neck. It was really turning you on. It wasn’t long before your cock was erecting proudly in front of her, with precum leaking from the swollen tip. Inhaling deeply, she let the musk from your stiff member fill her nose.

She whispered into your ear, "Don’t deny it, I can smell the lust coming off of you. So pent up! I think you might need this more than I do."

Using her magic, she manipulates the nearby green slime and wraps it around your erection. The intense sensation of the green ooze wrapping and coiling around your dick caused you to throw your head back in pure ecstasy. The wet caress was too much, and you quickly gave into the pleasure.

You gave one long, low moan as your dick erupted ribbon after ribbon of seed into the air and onto the floor. The combination of the slime massaging your spurting cock and the intense orgasm left you unable to sit upright.

Unable to get up off the bed, you could do nothing as your cock squirted your cum into the air, and landed on your convulsing body with a sick splat. It felt like she was squeezing every drop of seed from your testes.

Eventually, it stopped. As you rested on the bed, struggling to stay conscious, you felt the female drone’s soft tongue brush over your body and lick the semen off of you. When she was done, she gazed at you with half-lidded eyes.

Before you could say anything, she pressed her soft lips against you. It seemed to last forever, but before you knew it, she pulled back and moved to the side of your head. You could feel her fangs playfully nipping at your ear, silently promising more fun.

When you finally got your strength back, the drone moved to the top of the bed, with you following suit. She laid on her back and put her restrained hooves behind her head and spread her shapely hind legs. The sight of her dripping sex made your softening length immediately grow hard again.

You didn’t care that you were going to mate with an entirely different species, and you didn’t care that Princess Cadence was watching. You just wanted to make this sexy creature yours.

Positioning yourself above her, you aligned your stallionhood with her winking entrance. With one thrust, you hilted yourself in her completely.

"How does it feel, stud?" She asked.

You couldn’t respond. Her pussy felt even better than the "slimejob" from earlier. It felt as if her soft insides was sucking you off, making you shiver from the pleasure.

You started to move back, slowly pulling out until only the tip remained. You slammed back in, once again engulfing your member in the sweet pleasure of her wet cunt. You began rutting her, each thrust driving her into the bed and eliciting sweet moans out of her.

The smell of sweat and sex filled the room as you pounded into her over and over again, balls slapping repeatedly into her tight rump. The force behind your thrusts steadily increased in intensity, with the resulting wet smacking noise growing louder and louder.

You started to feel a growing pressure in your loins. She could sense your impending release, and goaded you on wanting you to cum inside her. "Yes, do it! Release your male jelly inside of me! Fertilize my eggs! Do it!"

Grinding into her soaking crotch, you exploded into her. Your balls contracted as you squirted your cum directly inside her tight snatch. Your sticky warmth flooded her insides and triggered her own climax.

Her soft insides held your throbbing girth in place, squeezing and milking as much of your thick semen out of you as possible. The drone shivered with every spurt of liquid love shooting deep inside her.

Eventually, your shared orgasm faded. Pulling out, your softening member slipped free of her tight snatch.
Both your fluids and hers oozed from her filled entrance.

You laid right next to the drone, gazing into her beautiful pupil-less eyes just as the door opened. Princess Cadence came in, blushing from what she witnessed from the one-way mirror.

"Well, I’ve gotten all the data I need!" Princess Cadence stated cheerfully.

"Good. Now can you please take this damn rope off?" The drone asked. *CLICK* The metal rope fell to pieces.

Stretching her fore legs, she wrapped your hooves around you and nuzzled into your neck.

"I’m guessing you’re more than willing to participate in future experiments?" Princess Cadence asked.

You looked toward the changeling nuzzling you, then back to Princess Cadence.

You nodded enthusiastically.
10/21/15 04:26AM

After a cake-related prank gone too far, Princess Luna was turned into a small filly by her older sister in a fit of rage. Princess Celestia reasoned that if Luna was going to act like a filly, then she should become a filly as well.

You used to be a simple unicorn servant who worked during the nighttime. Because of Luna's fondness towards you, you were hired as her new royal caretaker some time ago. You were to help keep her out of trouble until the spell wore off.

Unfortunately for you, Luna was still sexually active despite her reduced age, and would use her magic to "convince" you to pleasure her whenever the need arose. You begged her not to every time, and she refused to listen every time. She would insist on you rutting her underage body, and never took no for an answer.

In public, Luna would act like a energetic normal filly towards you. She would hug you, nuzzle you, and cling to you with each passing day, fooling everyone into thinking that she had become naive and innocent.

But in private, she would be her usual naughty self. When she wasn't demanding sex, she would be rubbing herself against your lower body and whispering dirty ideas into your ear, playfully trying to seduce you. She was fully aware of your discomfort, and she took great delight in watching you squirm.

Luna was confined to her room today. The poor filly had come down with a mild fever after another failed attempt at revenge against her older sister, and now you were to see to it that she gets better. You hoped that this time she would behave, unlike the other times you were alone with the mischievous little alicorn.

Luna was lying on the edge of her bed with an ice pack on her head. A deep red blush adorned her pouting face as she presented her cute little rump to you, embarrassed at needing a rectal thermometer inserted into her backside in order to take her temperature. You stood on your hind legs as you leaned against the bed, levitating the thermometer towards her rear.

She tensed as she felt the glass device squeeze through her plump little cheeks and push into her tight pucker. Her wings stiffened slightly, then relaxed as she laid down on the bed. After a tense minute passed, you pulled the thermometer out of her clenched rear and read it. It appears that her mild fever is going away quickly.

She turned and looked at you with a flustered expression on her face, silently demanding "compensation" for being put through such a humiliating experience. Her horn glowed, and you felt a warm field wrap around your sheathed member.

Dread gripped your chest as Luna made her lustful intentions clear. You looked at her with pleading eyes, only for her to giggle at your discomfort as her magic stimulation drew out your stallionhood and brought it to full mast. Your erect cock laid on the bed before her, demanding her attention.

Luna gripped your throbbing pole with her small hooves. She pressed it against her nose as she took a deep inhale, letting the musk from your quivering dick flood her senses. She placed a deep kiss on the swollen tip, coaxing out a small stream of precum which she lapped up and swallowed greedily.

Luna parted her lips, inserting the head of your dick into her warm mouth. She could only fit the tip, but a starry blue aura engulfed the rest, stroking the stiff flesh and sending pure pleasure evenly through your twitching length.

You planted your forehooves on the bedspread as Luna sucked on the swollen head of your member like a lollipop, trying to draw out as much of your salty precum as she could. You felt her soft tongue brush the underside of your tip as she milked your leaking shaft.

You felt a growing pressure in your loins, warning you of your imminent climax. Luna could sense this, and used her magic to grab your hips, shoving you forward and engulfing several inches of your stiff length into her mouth.

The feeling of Luna's throat constricting half your throbbing member was too much. Your eyes closed tightly shut as you came hard, shooting your thick spunk down the naughty filly's throat and filling her stomach to the brim. In your ecstasy, you felt her magic field wrap around your sack, feeling her try to coax as much of your seed out of you as possible.

Luna pulled your spurting cock out of her mouth, savoring the feeling of the last few strands of hot cum splattering onto her face. You managed to open your eyes, and in addition to the sticky mess you made on her blushing face, you noticed a few thin strands of saliva and seed connected your wet cocktip to her cute little muzzle.

You watched with sick fascination as Luna wiped your cum onto her hoof and slowly licked it clean, looking at you with a lewd expression as her small tongue brushed over it repeatedly.

When Luna was done, her horn glowed once more and her magic field grabbed the back of your head. The small filly pulled you towards her, pressing your lips into hers and locking you into a deep kiss.

Luna's magic field traveled downward to your loins and seeped into your softening length, causing it to stiffen quickly from the resulting pleasure surging through it. From the way she was grinding the swollen tip against her sopping fillyhood insistently, it seems the horny filly isn't done with you just yet.
10/23/15 09:13PM

It was nighttime. Pinkie Pie, Carrot Cake and the twins were at home, sleeping soundly in their beds.

Mrs Cake was alone in a dingy motel room with Big Macintosh, sharing a deep kiss with the red stallion. Her yellow apron, his yokel, and a large bag of bits was lying on a nearby bed.

As the middle-aged earth pony savored the feeling of her plush lips pressing into his, she pondered on why the well-built stud wanted her. She was certain he could've gotten any mare he wanted, especially one who was young and physically fit with just his looks alone. Instead, he lusted after her and her clearly out-of-shape body.

Big Mac had confessed his attraction towards Mrs Cake hours earlier. In her astonishment (and barely concealed flattery), she tried to dissuade him, but strangely found herself not using her marriage as justification. She ended up telling him that if he wanted her, he would have to pay.

Mrs Cake was so surprised when he showed up later with a large bag full of bits clutched in his mouth, fully intent on claiming her. Despite being almost twice his age, she found herself compliant in giving him what he wanted.

Was it because the very busy life she led with her family had unknowingly left her with a desperate craving for the touch of an attentive stallion, something that Carrot was always too tired to provide her with ever since the twins were born? Or was it because the very idea of having an affair with the strapping young stallion in front of her was too appealing to resist? Or was it both? Whatever the reason, she was willing to disregard her husband in order to let Big Mac have his way with her for tonight.

After sneaking out of her bakery, she escorted Big Macintosh to a place where she was sure no one would disturb them.

After taking a moment to admire Big Mac's sturdy build, Mrs Cake turned around and bent over, presenting the full bevy of her enormous plot to him. She looked over her shoulder, seeing his erect stallionhood pointing at her fat haunches and slightly sagging teats. She could also see his heavy sack swinging between his legs with every step he took towards her, with his musky orbs swollen with his potent seed.

Big Mac hastily reared up his upper body and mounted Mrs Cake, simultaneously wrapping his strong forelegs around her pudgy body and pushing his throbbing mast through the soft cleavage of her oversized buttcheeks. The warm pliable assfat thoroughly squeezed every inch of his intruding cock, smothering the base with its plush softness as the leaking tip brushed against the dripping pussy hidden underneath.

Mrs Cake quivered in pleasure as Big Mac's stiff cock started to push into her moist cunt, gradually spreading her open the further he sunk. She could feel the throbbing pole plunge deeper and deeper into her, until his toned hips were pressed firmly into her hefty cheeks. Erratic jolts of pleasure surged through her pudgy body when she felt his penis suddenly lurch and spasm inside her, while he savored the feel of her bountiful blue backside squishing into his pelvis.

Big Mac's hot breath filled her left ear as he began to thrust his throbbing stiffness in and out of her. He started with slow, drawn out thrusts, pacing his movements in order to savor the feeling of her loose snatch gripping his thick shaft. After one long minute, his thrusts began to gradually intensify in speed and force, soon causing him to start vigorously smacking his hips into her massive ass.

Each impact caused from their colliding lower bodies sent ripples through her pudgy body. The enticing sound of her mountainous ass wobbling wildly filled his ears, as well as every lewd smack of her engorged teats as they smeared their warm milk all over his hindlegs.

Mrs Cake was starting to lose her mind. Big Mac's incessant slamming into her fat rear drove her crazy with a potent mix of lust and anxiety, knowing full well that the muscular stud holding her captive in his lustful embrace had no intention of letting her go until he filled her belly to the brim with his sticky essence.

A high-pitched squeal escaped Mrs Cake's mouth as her sopping marehood started to quiver with orgasmic bliss under his rough pounding. Her loose cunt contracted as tight as possible around his twitching stallionhood, intent on squeezing and milking out every last drop of steaming cum brimming in his pulsing sack.

The rising pressure in Big Mac's loins caused his grip on pudgy baker's plump waist to grow tighter as he completely hilted every inch of his stiff rod inside her. Deep grunts filled Mrs Cake's ears as he grinded his pelvis into her massive backside, allowing the gelatinous assfat to engulf his groin in its immense softness as he erupted his thick load deep inside her shortly after.

Mrs Cake's overstimulated body shivered uncontrollably under the intoxicating sensation of Big Mac's hot spunk spurting free into her wet tunnel, and splattering across her insides with every pulse and throb. The copious amounts of his hot spunk filled her to the brim with a gooey warmth that quickly overflowed out her squeezing snatch, and spilled precariously onto the wooden floor with a wet plop.
10/24/15 08:40PM

Queen Chrysalis had won. She had succeeded in taking over Canterlot, and now the helpless ponies and their delicious love were all hers. With Celestia, her sister and niece, her royal student, and her annoying friends all captured, she decided to celebrate her victory by having some fun with their Royal Guard.

Queen Chrysalis was casually strolling through the halls of Canterlot Castle, whistling a jaunty tune. Her massive ass jiggled wildly with every step she took.

Right behind her were several members of the Royal Guard, led by Shining Armor. Their eyes glowed a sickly green, and their uncovered, armor-less bodies showed their painfully stiff erections and swollen sacks bobbing between their hindlegs.

The stallions were unable to tear their eyes away from her enormous rear. They desperately wanted to mount her hefty backside, but could only wait until they were given her permission. Until then, they could only watch mindlessly as the fat globes of her posterior wobbled like gelatin.

Chrysalis suddenly stopped and bent over, acting as if she dropped something on the ground. As she pretended to search for it, she "innocently" swayed her wide haunches side to side, making her titanic cheeks smack into each other with a perverted clapping noise.

The stallions behind her were barely able to withstand the sexual torture. Shining Armor in particular felt his twitching stallionhood squirt a glob of pre onto the ground at the highly arousing sight.

Chrysalis chuckled to herself, enjoying the torment she was putting them through. She stood back up and started walking again, deciding to "reward" them for their resilience.

They arrived at the throne room, where Chrysalis intended to take care of them. She ordered Shining Armor to move in front of her and lie on his back, and for the others to stand behind her and stand on their hindlegs.

They did as she commanded, and Shining Armor laid in front of her. Chrysalis licked her fangs as she watched him spread his toned legs and present his pulsing shaft to her. The stallions behind her were on their hindlegs, pointing their erect cocks at her massive backside.

Her horn glowed, and a green aura surrounded the throbbing stallionhoods behind her. At the same time, she lowered her head and pressed her soft lips to the underside of Shining Armor's leaking mast. The deep moans coming from the stallions surrounding her were music to her ears.

As she planted kiss after kiss on his throbbing cock, the intense magical stimulation she gave to the stallion's leaking cocks behind her quickly drove them to orgasm. Their balls tightened, and the stallions erupted onto her enormous haunches.

Spurt after spurt of their thick splooge blasted free of their twitching lengths, and splattered onto the hefty cheeks of her jiggling ass. When they were finished, the stallions fell over and passed out, leaving her bountiful backside covered in their musky seed.

Chrysalis removed her lips from Shining Armor's twitching rod, turned her head and glared at the unconscious stallions behind her. She cursed them inwardly, deeming them lightweights for passing out from one orgasm. She made a mental note to have them trained properly, as their stamina was thoroughly lacking.

But for now, Chrysalis turned her attention back to Shining Armor, grinning at the thought of what she had in store for the well-hung Captain. Her horn glowed once again, and the white cream covering her backside vanished.

She gave him a lusty smirk as she turned around, making him gaze upon her titanic ass once more. Her green aura surrounded his erect stallionhood and pointed the stiff flesh towards her enormous posterior. She backed up, biting her lip in anticipation as she positioned the massive globes right above him.

Without warning, Chrysalis slammed her massive haunches down onto his lower body, and made her tight asshole swallow his throbbing member down to the hilt. Shining Armor screamed in pleasure as his entire lower body was buried under her mountainous ass. The bountiful black cheeks squished into his groin and engulfed his throbbing length in pure bliss.

Chrysalis panted deeply as she felt the swollen head of his stiff erection leak his precum into her squeezing pucker, knowing that the white stallion was already close himself.
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