06/16/21 09:02PM
aight so I was looking for some Suspended_Congress or what ever as it's dictated on Gelbooru. I couldn't find it, and I didn't notice the Tags button on top until literally right now.

Anyway, I searched for "Congress" tag, because maybe there was some other variation that wasn't suspended_congress.

and... well I found images... but.... there are like... 103 pages worth of "200AccountsLol" plus some seemingly random numbers and letters

I just thought I should let yall know, because last I checked its not hentai, and not relevant at all
06/16/21 09:28PM
We are aware of the bot using crybaby, but thanks for the report.
08/10/21 02:08AM
they got the Dog tag aswell

I just wanted dog pussy :(
08/10/21 02:13AM
aight so from what I can tell, 200 accounts actually means '5 accounts"

so if you're searching things just copy and paste this

-user:Yourmadlol -user:oijidfhjfgh -user:fgjokfhs -user:opidfghfgh -user:sdfgjidfg
08/10/21 08:20AM
Shouldn't you just be able to put those users in the blacklist, too? Or does the Blacklist only work for tags?
08/17/21 03:46PM
Coder Cleaned the basic cringe tag spam in a second, please report basicness to staff via [email protected] or on the R34 discord.

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