04/30/14 09:46AM
It's about time the bot is fixed.
(feel like I'm the only person who actually says anything about this...)

So yeah. The auto-upload bot is broken like usual, and has been broken for the past 2 or 3 weeks. I know Furry says to contact slayerduck about it, but I'm nit entirly sure how to do that. Anyways, hope it's fixed soon.
04/30/14 02:35PM
slayerduck's e-mail: admin[at]slayerduck~dot~com

Now as I said I don't know how the bot works and why it seems to be broken, but I wrote to him like several times now that the bot is broken. The thing is that the problem comes back after some time. Idk what the reason for that is. I would guess that has to do with some changes in the e621 (the site we are mirroring of) code. So if it is that the code for our bot needs to be reworked and adjusted from time to time, which means that I have to report the problem and he needs to take time to fix it.

I'm sry that it doesn't work right, but for now I think we have to live with it.
05/16/14 08:12AM
Any word on such subject?
05/21/14 10:00AM
I'm just gonna go ahead and say it's probably going to be fixed some time between now and when half life 3 gets released.

05/23/14 06:56AM
It's back up, for now.
12/20/14 09:58AM
Dunno if it really matters at this point, but it's been down again for quite some time now.

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