03/09/14 03:57PM
Clean up a bit
So I cleaned up all the forum topics, deleted a ton of pics which were crap art or non-furry pics and took care of all the reported post and comments. I'm tired now .-.

I want to thank everybody who reported posts and comments and helped out here and there with the tags.

I actually wanted to set up some rules for the forum and a little information wall, since a lot ppl dont know how to report copyright infringements and stuff like that, but as I said above I'm just too tired. I'll eventually do it in the next time. If you have some topics I should cover in the rules or the information wall, then please consider posting them below.

Thank you all. :3

03/10/14 05:17PM
Thank you.
03/11/14 02:21PM
I actually wanted to do that before you :v
03/11/14 03:39PM
ProfessorGenki said:
I actually wanted to do that before you :v

Well I had some free time left ^^.
03/11/14 03:40PM
kessamessa said:
Thank you.

No. Thank you! :D
03/14/14 04:44AM
Wat in the fuck happened to my work?!D8<
03/14/14 09:10AM
Wait, are you saying you went through pretty much the WHOLE site, deleting things that didn't meet community standards?dang, that's some commitment.
03/15/14 06:37AM
The bot is down again :p just letting you know. Yw, btw. I've done a lot of tag edits, lol. Happy to help.
03/15/14 09:28AM
That bot breaks down more than... Something that breaks down a lot.... Sorry, no clever sayings today.
03/15/14 05:14PM
No Jerry I didnt went through the whole site. This would probably cost me a year. I just deleted all the pics which took my attention and went through pics posted by users who are likely to post shit stuff. That's actually why it is so important to report posts, because it makes it a lot easier for us.

As I already mentioned I'm not the one handling all the technical difficulties here but if theres a problem I'm reporting it to slayerduck who's also an admin here. So if there are any problems pls just send a little pm to him. I think the bot is working, but it just updates all the posts in a specific time span. (Don't know how long the time span is though)

@PrincessBLARITY: Ehm... So what do you exaclty mean? I just deleted all the open forum topics which weren't updated by others anymore or didnt had any relevant content.
03/15/14 05:15PM
Oh and yeah thank you for your help CrazedGunmang96 ^^
03/15/14 09:19PM
@furry all those wonderful forum moments with me and all the others i thought it was gonna last forever through the internet!
03/16/14 01:18AM
@PrincessBLARITY: Well there was a lot of spam in it. I'm sry, but I just wanted a fresh start. Will you forgive me? <:3
03/17/14 11:30PM
furry said:
@PrincessBLARITY: Well there was a lot of spam in it. I'm sry, but I just wanted a fresh start. Will you forgive me? <:3
yesh *gives you a ginger snap cookie*
03/18/14 02:42AM
It looks so bare on the forums now lol.
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