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>> #18234
2018-03-17 21:42:52
>> #18233
(X-posted from original fa post)
.it looked like Jake wandered too far into the woods, for he came face to face with a big brute of a werewolf. His heart raced, thumping in his chest. His eyes widened, almost like dinner plates. He stammered, trying to say something...anything. The werewolf leaned down, his hot breath hitting his face. Jake squinted, looking him in the eye.

"Well well, look what we have here.." the werewolf chuckled, his voice deep, yet smooth. He rose a brow and smirked.

Jake gulped, admiring the wolf's features. He was quite the stud..he attempted to say something again. "I-I must've gotten lost..I'll be on my way now..don't want no trouble.." But his attempt at escape was blocked, the wolf grabbing onto his shoulder before he could take another step. He leaned in and breathed hotly in the coon's ear, licking his lips.

"Got a nice ass on you, boy.." He reached out and groped it menacingly, digging his claws into it a bit, making the coon wince. "It'd be a shame if a big, thick werewolf cock were to tear a new one into it.."

Jake panted, his loins stirring, his cock beginning to throb. This had to be a dream..there was no way this could be real! He gulped in response, nodding slowly. He could only imagine how big he was...

He let out a soft gasp, a warm, throbbing sensation rubbing against his backside. The skirt hiked up on either side from the tenting erection of both males.

"You want Daddy's big dick, baby?" He smirked, lashing out his tongue and licking long and slow along Jake's cheek and ear, making the poor coon shudder in lust. His ear twitched. His saliva was warm and wet.

He bit his lower lip and closed his eyes for a brief moment, nodding. "Y-Yes...Daddy.." He finally answered. "..Please.."

The wolf grabbed his ass again and ground hard against the fabric-covered pucker, pushing on his back onto a nearby pumpkin, where he laid comfortably. The beast growled and bulged his muscles, tearing some of the fabric.

Jake looked back and watched as the beast's cock sprung free. It was huge....massive! It looked to be about a foot long, knot and all! He gulped, his eyes bulging at the mere thickness. How could he be able to fit all that? Was it even possible? He didn't have time to think of an answer, the wolf distracting him. He got on his knees and tore off what covered his rear. He buried his muzzle into the young male's plump cheeks, growling softly as he began to lap, slickening Jake's hole as he moaned and shuddered, trying not to move, but pushing back a bit here and there.

The tongue seemed to have slipped inside a few times, making Jake's tight ass clench and cock throb harder, pre escaping, becoming one long stream. He rolled his eyes in the back of his head. That tongue felt so riveting! The wolf pulled away before he could fully enjoy it, making him whimper in protest.

The wolf smirked and slapped his ass once more, his cock planting between those luscious mounds. Jake looked back and felt it...its heat. He gasped again and moaned, grinding without hesitation. The big, veiny dick throbbed with anticipation, pre dribbling as he ground against him, teasing his hole.

Jake whimpered again, wanting much more, and he was about to get it.

"Get ready, boy. Daddy's going to fill you with so much cock that you'll be begging to come back. You wouldn't be able to resist me!"

He knew too well that that had already happened. He swayed his butt slower, watching with anticipation. The wolf drew back and aimed that tapered head against his entrance, pushing in slowly, expanding it farther...farther.. Jake winced and moaned in pain, but knew he had to bear down, digging his digits into the pumpkin below him as the wolf began to thrust, slipping in more and more cock each time.

He growled and grunted as more slipped inside, Jake's ass clenching but starting to relax. He rolled his head back and moaned into the night sky. He felt those massive jizztanks smacking against his taint and own balls, with a powerful force. SLAP. SLAP. SLAP. He jolted forward each time.

The wolf leaned over him, growling in his ear again, his thrusts becoming more powerful by the second! "Take Daddy's fucking dick, boy!" He shouted, his growls mingling with Jake's eager moans.

Jake opened his eyes, seeing yellow eyes looking at them...were they waiting for their turn? God, he hoped so.. He felt a slimy tongue lick at his throbbing, aroused dick. He couldn't see, but the pumpkin was somehow enchanted, getting in on the action, having a nice taste of him. His ass was getting more and more sore, that big lug pummeling as deep as he could. He could feel that fat knot smacking against him, threatening to slip inside if he relaxed any more. Jake was scared, worried that he wouldn't be able to feel the same way again.

He didn't care, that wolf. He only had one thing in mind: to breed. Breed through the night, to empty his aching balls with the vast amount of seed that they contained. "You fucking ready?" He asked. "I'm gonna breed you like a bitch...I'm gonna fill up so!" He reared his head back, howling into the night sky, his knot finally slipping in, making Jake shout out in agony, hips thrusting, shoving it as deep as it could go, pummeling his ass harder...faster..harder..faster.

And before he knew it, Jake felt his his cock erupt, almost expanding before shooting out a thick, fat wad of wolf cum, white and sticky as it felt like liquid fire, filling him up to the brim over and over. The wolf growled as loud as he could, chomping onto Jake's neck in dominance, keeping up his thrust as cum was unable to escape, filling Jake's belly. He would soon cum, himself. Rocketing his own jizz onto the pumpkin, who got a taste of that pent up seed. Jake shuddered and quivered as he rode out his won orgasm, clenching his ass around that fat knot with each blast he made.

He had no idea how much there was, nor how long they were there for, but he didn't care. he wished this could go on forever. He panted and moaned, feeling the cock tapering off and throbbing lightly now.

The wolf panted hard in his ear, holding him tight and nuzzling, lost in the afterglow. He nipped his neck again before rising slowly. "Hope you don't have plans, because we're going to be here for a while," he chuckled.

Jake nodded and smiled weakly. "I..I don't.." He wanted to say more, but couldn't think of anything else. He did have one question. "What's...your name..?"

2018-03-15 10:14:49
>> #18231
guess he likes flashing a lot more then i thought lol
2018-03-14 06:44:35
>> #18229
Handsome character ^w^
Looks very cool and nice
2018-03-08 04:16:08
>> #18223
How Lovely puzzle is Beautiful
2018-03-07 07:35:21
>> #18221
So hot. Little one is enjoying :3
2018-03-06 10:14:01
>> #18220
Soooo cute :)
2018-03-06 10:05:30
>> #18218
Wish I was the boy on Fizz ;) Sooo cute
2018-03-06 06:10:33
>> #18217
Epic I hope to see way more at this level

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